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Monday, March 15, 2010

Lover Number 22

Hello all you sexy people out there! I haven't been able to finish the post I started, call it a mental block if you will. Lots of emotion wrapped up in that true tale so I thought instead I'd tell you all what I've been up to this week.

The well has run dry here in this little town I live in, so hubby and I posted a CraigsList ad to find a potential boytoy for me. OMG how fun that has been! I totally recommend it. I cropped a sexy pic of myself to make sure my face isn't shown, and made my ad as descriptive as I needed it to be to attract the kind of guy I was looking for. My e-mail box became quite busy with responses, and it's been about 3 weeks since I posted it and I'm still getting responses. See, the ads run for 30 days unless you pull them. I'm having too much fun fishing for sexy guys to consider pulling the ad! It's so funny, I got enough penis pics to last me a lifetime! Do guys really think women choose bedmates that way?? Well, I certainly am not THAT hard up. Can you imagine the conversation? "nice penis, long enough, stiff enough, and his face is ugly and he's 800 pounds but yeah, nice dick, I'll choose him". I mean come on guys! Women are more complicated than that. We have to like looking at you. So, anyone who just sent in a penis pic got deleted immediately. (even if they were beautiful penises, and they all were).

So, of all the face pics, and I'd say there were over 50, i liked two. Yes, only two. Guess I'm picky. I can afford to be after all, I AM happily married. So, people, I'm getting sex regularly, I'm not going to choose someone to share my marital bed by penis size! GOD help me if I ever get that desperate!

Ok, so of the two, one guy is so delicious looking we've been chatting online. He is scrumptious, and everything I'm looking for in a boytoy, and I'm meeting him this week. I can't wait! We haven't spoken much, just the basics, like what am I looking for, what do I like in bed? And sending pics of ourselves back and forth, each time the pictures showing more skin and less fabric.

My husband is out of town on business, and meeting D. is his idea. It turns him on to think of me with another man, and I'm happy to fulfill his fantasies.

I plan on wearing a sexy sundress and no panties, just in case we like each other and want it to go further. He lives in an apartment with roommates, oh, and did I mention he's half my age?? He said he works nights as a bartender and his roommates are gone during the day, so we can have the place to ourselves. I have my condom stash and keep a few in the little zipper section in my purse just for those moments.

He'd be my 22nd lover. Yes, I'm counting. My husband was my 12th on the day we married.

I've been busy.

And I've never, EVER cheated on my husband.

I'll let you know what happens.

Anna XO

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