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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Erotic weekend plans!

I got a text from R. yesterday confirming that he definitely wanted to meet me and my husband in LA this weekend! Whoa I was like, a total 360 from the last time I spoke to him about 3 years ago! He was one of those guys who just enjoyed a little freebie over the webcam and nasty texting but chickened out when it came time to actually meet and get naked. Now tho it seems he's more open to the idea and OMG we had some nasty textual conversations yesterday! I was on a walk with my daughter and our dog and he's telling me stuff like, I wish you could pull my pants down right now and give me a BJ and I'm texting back, I wish I could too! Of course I'm texting my hubby at the same time, telling him all about it and we're both getting pretty hot and horny. This goes on for over an hour, back and forth, and I have to stop cuz my phone's going dead. I left him with a suggestion: "stroke that beautiful cock and think of me", to which he replied, "I will, I definitely will. See you Saturday sexy". Several hours later, after getting the kids to bed and FINALLY getting to be alone, my sexy hubby and I couldn't wait to get naked under the covers. As usual, he let me come first, which took all of like 3 minutes, I was soooo horny, and he took like another 3. What a fucking fun day!!!

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