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Monday, April 12, 2010

An Interesting Facebook Friend Request!

I thought I'd never hear from R again, after that naughty naughty night we shared watching each other masturbate on our webcams online. We texted now and again but I think he was embarrassed. So, fast-forward 3 years, and lo and behold, guess who sends me a friend request on Facebook??? Yes, R. I was like, shit howdy, I didn't even recognize his name and had to look at the profile pic to see who it was! So now he's in LA and looking good, we've been writing to each other on FB. Me and my hubby will actually be in LA later this month so let's see if he's up for some fun?! I've never even met him--we just know each other from being on Yahoo Messenger (like how I know most of my boys) LOL

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