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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Takes one to know one......

FUCK! I'm so sick of flakes!!! "oh yes, I'll definitely call you"; I'll text you later", then the "I'm sorry, can't make it". After 2 days of textual relations that left us both so hot and horny, he says he's in San Diego and visiting family and won't make it back in time after all. Too bad, so sad for him. My sexy hubby put an ad on CL and OMG I had nearly 50 responses within the first 30 minutes! Sorting them all out while I was showering and getting ready for our dinner date, he picked a guy he thought i'd like and arranged for him to text me at 9, if I liked him, he'd come to our hotel, the very swanky expensive place I told you we were staying at. Well, this time it was me who flaked out. Hubby and I were visiting a friend and it was impossible to text. I wrote a couple things, led him on that we'd be available at midnight, then told him a lie to get out of seeing him. I know! Can you believe I ws so rude? Well, it's the nature of the game I guess, cuz as the night wore on I got tired from all the drinking we did and then stopped cuz our friends are teetotalers so we were yawning that last hour something evil. I should've called it a night and met the cute young 24 year old stud who wanted to do me instead but I didn't. I don't really know why, I really don't. Just lazy I guess, that and I guess I really just wanted to be alone with my hubby instead. It was our last night there and I didn't want to share him.

So guess karma got me back. I felt bad cuz I wasted his night and he really was a hottie. I did apologize, but fuck I hope i didn't ruin his night.....I'm sure he got someone else being such a super hot guy.I had fun with my hubby...i don't regret a thing!

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