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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Los Angeles, B, and me

I texted B that I'm going to be in LA next weekend. "Fuckin' awesome!' he replied, like the totally awesome dude he is. I said, "You're not gonna flake on me, are you? Now that you're a big star and all." See, he's gotten quite popular lately with the TV show he's on, he's even got a fan club now that started a Twitter account on his behalf! He already has an ego the size of Texas. "Of course not!" he answered. "I can't wait to shoot my load all over your tits!" Ahem, wow, he's descriptive! I laughed and said I was going to give him a blow job like he'd never had before.

My handsome hubby has to be in LA for business and invited me to tag along. How could I say no? We always have a blast in LA. It's such a fun place. Great food, great music, lots of clubs, lots of bars. Unfortunately, B wants me alone, but my hubby gave his OK. I'll call him and let him listen in ;) Damn I'd really rather have them together, they don't even have to touch but I want two cocks in my face at the same time. I got to do that once and that's my ultimate favorite. I'll let you know what happens.

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