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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saying Yes to Mickey

Ok, so you're probably wondering about this guy Mickey. I started writing about him and never finished. It's really a long story.... I met him 8 years ago when he was only 17 and a boxboy at the grocery store I shopped at. I was instantly smitten....he told me he was engaged and as he unloaded my cart into my car, I found myself staring at him as I was congratulating him on his engagement. I thought he was waaaayyyyy too young to be engaged, but it's not my nature to preach or give unsolicited advice. This was during my self-described frumpy-mom stage, and I honestly thought of him more like just a troubled young man who needed someone safe to talk to.

By the time he was 19, I found myself thinking about him a lot, and I found myself hoping he'd be working when I planned my weekly shopping trip. I found myself choosing my makeup and clothes carefully, and it got to be the highlight of my week if I saw him. I was nervous as a teen myself, stumbling over my words and wondering, am I flirting? Eventually we'd hug in the produce section (he'd gotten promoted to fruits and vegetables LOL). His physique is small, and I loved how I could wrap my entire arm around his waist. I wanted more than public hugging.

He's the guy who opened up the door for our swinging lifestyle. My husband and I invited Mickey over one night; over vodka and laptop computers we flirted and held hands as we sat on the couch. He was sooo cute, black hair, eyes as blue as the sky, and a super sexy lip ring. I'd never kissed a guy with a lip ring before, and more than those incredible blue eyes, I was turned on by that lip ring. I couldn't wait to kiss him. Our fingers caressed and as the vodka relaxed my nerves, I was getting soooo turned on by this young stud. I hadn't had anyone except my husband in 12 years, although I'd had plenty of action before we'd met. I really didn't know how I was going to feel or what this meant to our marriage. I was sooo infatuated with this Mickey, and I was being egged on by my hubby so I didn't waste any time analyzing it. I just wanted to enjoy him.

Soon we made our way upstairs. Mickey was reluctant at first but soon joined in (the boys didn't touch, to my dismay). I was drunk but having the time of my life. I'll never forget the moment I climbed on top of him, my arm completely around his waist, and put his enormous cock inside me. I loved kissing him, I loved fucking him. I was completely hypnotized. He came inside me, and once,while he was fucking me, I was giving my husband a blow job. Talk about a great experience! And it wasn't even my birthday! He was ready to go again right away and I was too.

We got together one more time after that, and actually, it's been 4 years now and I don't remember the details. All I know is, we had a blast, and I remained very infatuated with him. I was getting worried I was falling in love with him, and I don't know that I didn't, because when he moved away without saying goodbye a few months after we had sex, I was devastated. I realized I thought of him constantly.

After awhile of no contact whatsoever from him, I had to let go. I moved on, and my hubby and I began to look for new lovers. We had sex with all sorts of people: couples, single guys, one single gal, and lots of sex with each other. Mickey had unleashed a wild girl I had forgotten existed. For that, I thanked him.

I would hear from him every now and then, almost always in the middle of the night, and it made me so happy. Finally I wanted to go see him. Fortunately for me, my hubby encouraged me. I was hoping for a reunion threesome but he wanted me alone, and my hubby said it was ok. I really wanted them both but oh well. I always have more fun if my hubby's there. At this point, I'd never been alone with another guy in 15 years.

We flew to see him almost a year ago, ironically, the same day Michael Jackson died. I know this because Mickey had just told me he had to make a phone call, and was stepping outside the hotel room. I had no reason not to believe him, and wondered after about 10 minutes if he was going to be on the phone long. I suddenly got a bad feeling, as I sat there naked, awaiting his return. We'd already had sex and were having some pillow talk and I was under the impression we were getting ready for round 2. It dawned on me suddenly that he was indeed gone, chicken-shit style. I put on some clothes and clutching my phone, saw the "key" under the door that I had given him to get back in and I just knew he was gone. What an asshole! Couldn't he have just kissed my forehead and said, "hey love, that was fun, gotta go"?? My pilot never would've treated me so horribly. I was stunned, absolutely stunned. I ran out of the room, ran into the puny pathetic "lobby" (it wasn't much of a lobby) and no Mickey. I ran out to the parking lot and looked for his car. No Mickey. I called him, and of course no answer. I left a pathetic voicemail he ignored as well as about 10 texts. Horrified, I slunk back to my hotel room, and got a text from my brother that Michael Jackson was found dead. I felt nothing. I was numb.

It didn't talk long for the tears to start. I couldn't stop. I was so angry. Angry at myself for letting myself get so vulnerable again in the Mickey department. Of course, I was angry at him for being such an asshole. I was stuck there without a car, my hubby had it to go to work in another city, so I couldn't even drive after him. We left the next day, me with a heavy heart. It didn't exactly go the way I'd planned.

After a few days, I realized what I'd wished I'd done--go to his work and just him a slap in the face as hard as I could, turn and walk out. I wished I'd thought of it while I was there.

Most girls would've written him off, right then and there. But not me. I don't know what it is about this guy but I just can't say no.

It was about 6 months later I got a yahoo messenger IM from him. "Hey", it said simply. Of course I was happy to hear from him. We started up again, and the other day we had our most sexy flirting yet in a year. OMG We both said we hadn't gotten enough of each other.

I don't know what it is we feel for one other, but it's lasted 4 years so far. I think he takes satisfaction in knowing I'm the girl who won't say no to him. He knows I won't leave my husband, so that makes me safe. I think he's a commitment-phobe but maybe he's just young and horny. He texted me he can't get away right now, after saying he would. He makes me insane with his mind games but I just can't tell him off. Is that love? Or stupidity? Maybe both.

I should say no to Mickey. But no matter how much time passes, I always think of him and fantasize about the next time. Right now I've offered to fly him here and spend a few days with me, and he's offered to be my sex slave. I fucking can't wait!

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