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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yahoo messenger fun

Mickey's name is on 24/7 on yahoo messenger, and it drives me crazy. How can someone be online all the time? Guess he just stays logged on. It's so hard to resist writing him. And sometimes I can't LOL No matter who I'm instant messaging, or if I'm just on my e-mail, there it is. Fucking distracting.

Because of my Craigslist postings and replies, of which there are many, I sometimes forget guys or get them mixed up. Especially if they sounded good until I saw what they looked like, and sometimes by then they'd be IM'ing me (instant messaging). So that happened last night; Javie wrote me after midnight, when I was ready to go to sleep. I was like, Hello, and who the fuck are you? (I didn't actually say that tho, that wouldn't be nice). So then it was like, can you send your pic again? Cuz I don't actually remember you. And when I saw his pic I remembered why I'd forgotten him in the first place. We chatted a little while and I clicked off.

I was horny by then and called B. He's always glad to hear from me.

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