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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cat and Mouse

That's what my girlfriend tells me Mickey does--he plays cat and mouse games. Chase me, I'll run away, catch me, i'll slip out of your paws (or mouth) and run away again. He's the mouse, I'm the cat. It makes me fucking crazy.

Since I last posted, I decided I needed to back off and try to get some space from him. I'm in way too deep. I alternated between leaving myself online and available in case he wanted to write me and signing out to leave him wondering what I was up to. I decided to play "mouse" and let him be the cat for a few days. While I was in Mickey withdrawal, we had fun as a family.....we went to the movies, went to a major league ball game, we went to a great Mexican restaurant, and shopped till we dropped. We got a lot of unpacking done, hung pictures, and the house is looking amazing. 

I also got a text from Jimmy, our first lover from our first threesome. He's a hot 23 year old who is just what I needed while I was in Mickey detox! OMG we texted off and on (mostly on) for about 5 hours. He was just what I needed! He was a great distraction. He is straightforward-- tells me how he feels all the time. I personally hate games, I hate how I second-guess myself all the time with Mickey. He makes me crazy. With Jimmy I can just be myself, it is really stress-free. We have gotten closer ironically since we moved here. I love talking to him! We talk about Mickey and he's helped me see things. I do really like him----I'd love to have another threesome with him and Hubby. He fuels my self-esteem with compliments, and I am just an endless sieve when it comes to that. I never ever get enough.

I was thrilled to see Mickey had written me overnight! He simply said for me to message him when I can, that he'd be home for the day. I wrote him hello, he wrote back hi, and I realized it's 2 hours earlier where he is and asked him what he was doing up at 5:15 am? haven't heard back so he probably fell asleep.

I think today's going to be a great day!

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