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Friday, August 6, 2010

Heaven, Part 2 of the first part

Ok I just realized that my last post skipped from one scene in my bed to vodka by the pool! Sorry--I was distracted by Mickey sitting next to me. My heart beats faster just being near him and my breathing is short and quick. I'm so attracted to him I just want to fuck him nonstop. I never get enough! I am soooo sore from all the sex we had in that first day he arrived.

I really must put it all in order eventually; but I want to skip to the juicy parts.

Going back to where we were laying in bed and I was watching him sleep.....unable to fully grasp the enormity of his existence in my bed. The three of us had had some wild sex the night before (I promise I'll get to that later!) and we all fell asleep in our kingsize bed. OOO la la it was delicious being sandwiched in between my sexy men. I truly felt adored, like a queen. It was marvelous.

Skipping to the next morning, after my dear hubby had left, I laid there watching Mickey sleep, unable to fall back asleep myself. He was sooooo beautiful. Long, punkish-styled black hair. TWO lip rings that just made me fucking horny looking at them, and kissing them was even hotter. His pale blue eyes closed and peaceful; his breathing slow and steady. His back was to me, and I realized how small his shoulders were; how slim he was; how tiny his waist was. How big his dick was for such a small guy. Mmmmm I was practically licking my lips fantasizing about what I wanted to do with him--like Sylvester when he sees Tweety Bird!!! (ha ha) I felt a rush of blood surge into my vagina and I was ready to fuck him.

I began to caress him, the outline of his body, his soft skin. He rustled a little and I persisted. I didn't care if I woke him--wouldn't he love to be awakened wtih a blow job? Hubby said he would, so try it. So I did!!!

I slowly peeled back the cover and top sheet, and there revealed his huge manliness. I began to stroke it and wanted him to fuck me so badly. He flipped over on his back and I climbed on top of him, straddling him.

Will finish up.

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