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Monday, August 2, 2010


I woke up this morning sandwiched in between my husband and Mickey. What a fucking awesome way to wake up! My hubby had to catch a plane, poor guy, and was up at the crack of dawn while Mickey and me stayed in bed. I couldn't fall back asleep though, I was soooo horny laying next to him. I just watched him sleep, amazed he was in my bed. How many nights I laid there in the dark missing him. Fantasizing about seeing him again, fucking him again, and here he is, next to me. I actually took a picture of him sleeping, I knew I wanted to remember this moment long after he left. I tossed and turned for almost an hour and could stand it no longer. I knew my kids would be coming home soon and I had to have him again.

OMG as I sit here right now, Mickey is right next to me. He's got his laptop computer on as I do. I couldn't wait to get on here and tell you about last night. I'm going to skip the boring stuff and get right to the juicy stuff.

We were having vodka by the pool, and Mickey went in to refresh his drink. As he got up, he turned around and said, "Better be naked when I get back". So, that's what we did....hubby and I ripped off our clothes but Mickey beat us to it! He was stark naked by my pool and jumped in. I was tipsy and happy. We splashed each other and it wasn't long till I was in between my sexy beautiful men and they were ravishing me. I had a dick in my mouth, and one of them was kissing my neck and breasts. It was wonderful. The water was so warm, and the air too, the stars in the sky twinkling down on the three of us, the alcohol loosening us all up and enjoying each other's bodies.

I'll finish the rest later. Mickey's getting curious what I'm writing about.

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