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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another boxboy for me!

Just as I have been wondering where all the hot guys are in this city we just moved to---I found him.!!!!!!Where else??? A GROCERY STORE!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many grocery stores here, seriously, like 5 or 6 nearby. But my favorite isn't the closest---I can't say the name of it but anyway, I go out of my way to go there cuz it's really huge, got everything. And I mean everything!!! I was in last Friday, a huge cartfull, and I was eyeing the lines to see which was the shortest.

And there he was---a checker, not a boxboy-----he reminded me of Mickey!!! Short, punk-y black hair, diamond stud earrings in each ear, about 5'9" and Mickey's build. A beautiful white smile. He looked young---I thought, hmmm, well, he's a checker, not a boxboy, so he must be at least 20.  I was instantly smitten. I caught my breath and pushed my cart into his line (which was the longest, of course).  When it was my turn, he started the conveyor and he was grabbing my bags of salad and all and scanning them. He looked at me and said something like, "hi Ma'am, how are you today Ma'am?" I was so smitten I couldn't talk. I hated the "ma'am's" and cringed everytime he said it, but I couldn't breathe let alone correct him!!! He was SO fucking cute, my heart was pounding. Thank God I looked good!

He messed up my checkout--I was halfway out to the parking lot and he called after me, "ma'am!" I turned around and was surprised to see him running towards me. He said he forgot to charge me for the greeting cards he'd put aside for last and did I still want them? I said I did so I followed him back into the store. He apologized profusely and I was SO smitten I couldn't even talk. I just quietly stood there smiling at him! What an idiot!!!

BUT---- I honestly couldn't stop thinking about him! I got all dolled up in my best jeans and tight-Tshirt and Converse and went in hoping to see him yesterday--and yes! There he was again! My heart leapt and I had an instant smile on my face. I didn't want to buy too much--it would look like I had an army back at my house LOL so I just got some salad things and a couple bottles of wine (to make me look fun and loose LOL). His line wasn't too busy, just one person ahead of me. Good! I thought---I was determined to talk to him and let him know I was interested in him.

When it was my turn, he looked at me with that amazing smile and bright brown eyes and said, "hello ma'am" I said, "please call me anna". He smiled and said, "ok Anna, how's your day going?" I said bravely,' better now that I see you!' he stopped scanning my groceries and looked up at me and said, "wha--wha--wow-really-oh wow!" he was stunned. I was smiling too. And shaking like a teenager I was so smitten with him! My heart was pounding. He said he'd just come on his shift, came straight from school. He told me he was a senior---"last year of high school". I was sooooooooo bummed!!! I wanted to ask him if he's 18 yet but it didn't segue well enough to ask.

We had a nice chat--I told him I'd just moved here from California and he said he moved from California a year ago too!!! He's from Newport Beach! I was like wow....we talked about the cold winters here and I asked him if he missed the beach. He said yeah, he misses surfing. I was so horny for this gorgeous gulp-probably 17 year old, all I could think about was him in a wetsuit, carrying his surfboard, walking out of the waves, his gorgeous black hair all wet and mussed up, his white teeth and amazing smile, all tan and muscular. That's what I was thinking as he was talking. Oh, and imagining kissing his full soft lips. And riding him, my hands on his shoulders as I fucked him hard. Holding that thick gorgeous hair in one hand, the other around his tiny waist, straddling him and kissing him.

I will have to wait tho till he's old enough!!! I will continue to shop there on days he's there, get to know him. I will ask him when he turns 18 (hopefully SOON!!!) I remember I met Mickey when he was 17. I knew he was off-limits....I actually didn't have a crush on him then, that came later. But this guy--his name is Jon---is worth waiting for too.

I will fantasize and keep working out......I hope he likes older women cuz I want this hottie!!!

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