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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mickey loves me?!

His exact words were, "I just love the way you are". I was so happy! I said, "yay! Really? What do you mean?" and he said, "It's something I can't describe, I just love the way you are." I don't remember everything that was said after that, I just feel the smile inside still. We had the closest we've ever really come to a genuine conversations (except when he was here). He said that when he comes here "maybe I'll tell you in person" ??? Does this mean he does truly love me back??? He just can't say it?

It all started around midnight (as usual). I was on my webcam with my Washington boy (I'll call him Sam). We were just chatting. He's 24, lives with his parents, and is really the hottest guy on this website so far. I was drinking wine and getting tipsy, and we were having a fun conversation and I started to take my clothes off for him. I was showing off my big breasts and giggling when all of a sudden, there's Mickey, wanting to click on and watch. (of course, he didn't know I was chatting with anyone else). So I allowed him, and suddenly I've got 2 guys watching me. It was so titillating, but confusing! Writing them back and forth as I sipped my wine and teased them visually. It was so fun tho. I was kind of pissed at Mickey so I was kind of ignoring him and giving Sam more attention. Mickey figured it out and asked me. I said yes, I was on webcam with a guy from Washington. He abruptly said, "I guess you don't need me then", and clicked off. I was so upset.Was it over between us? WTF???? Was he jealous?? Would I ever hear from him again? What just happened here?I got off cam with Sam and just fell asleep (thx to the wine).

I woke up a couple hours later, and saw Mickey was still offline. I was panicky, and still drunk. I IM'd him a barrage of, "I love you, next to my hubby, there's only you. You know that. I fucking tell you all the time I love you.  If you love me too just fucking tell me. I write you letters, you ignore them. You never tell me what you feel. I'm sick of the games. You make me crazy Mickey!" Then I lied. "the other guy was Hubby. I'm sorry."

Two hours later he's online, and writes me immediately and I awaken to the little chime. "I'm lost", he said. "What's wrong?" I wrote back, "I drank too much", and he said, "that's ok". I said, "forgive me?" and he said he was on his webcam and for me to get on mine.

It was 5:45 am my time, and i have to get up at 6:30 to take my kids to school! I'm soooo tired but I oblige. I tell him, "I was cuter 4 hours ago. Give me a minute LOL so I get up and look in the mirror and I still look pretty good. 
I go back to bed and flip open my laptop. We talk for about 45 min, during which this time he not only practically professes his love for me too but gives me a tour of his apartment. It was so cute. It was so nice seeing his face again. I haven't seen it since the day he left from his visit. I loved being open with him, and he wasn't as evasive as he usually is. He said he wanted to decorate our new house. I wanted to ask him more but didn't. Instead, we eventually got to talking our clothes off and masturbating for each other. It was very exciting, mmmmm yummy. I loved teasing him and knowing he was getting aroused---cuz I could see him stroking his very hard cock just for me. I actually made myself cum, and I had to get offline to get my kids up for school before he came! LOL 

So, I told my girlfriend the whole story. She's happy he's not as much an asshole as he seems (most of the time).

Mickey loves me.


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