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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New boytoys for me! yay!

My girlfriend agreed with me that accepting Mickey's crumbs is pathetic---but she understands how I feel about him. BUT.....I had to face facts. Mickey is now 1713 miles away, and as much as I want him here, he's non-commital about coming to visit. Hubby said we can buy him a plane ticket--yay! but he hasn't said yes yet. I'm not going to keep asking. (I mean begging). SO......I got on a cool website and I've found three hotties I've been IM'ing and texting! One guy lives in Washington, damn he's 24 and super hot. He got his webcam and we just chatted. What a doll!! So, we know we probly won't actually hook up cuz of the distance between us he is good for my ego. So young and so hot!

The second guy is cute too, just 23, but his first pics were much better than the recent ones he sent. I'm kinda ignoring him right now cuz someone ELSE is writing me---a very very hot 24 year old Latino with juicy full lips just like Mickey (sans the piercings).  I gave him my cell # and we started texting yesterday. He sent some more pics and I'm happy to say I like all the pics he sent, and he liked all of mine! He's the epitome of "tall, dark, and handsome"!! YUM!! I'm hoping to meet him soon!

When it rains it pilot called me last night, he's in town tonight and wants to hook up.  He's only here tonight and I can only get together during the day so that won't work. BLEH! But he sent me his schedule so we're going to hook up his next trip out in a few weeks :) yay!

So, yeah, Mickey, I'd rather have you. I've told you that time and again. Open invitation to live with me, come here and I'll make you happier than you've ever been. But I can't wait around anymore. It's too hard on me. When he writes me, i'm up. When he ignores me, I'm down. I need to move on. I will always drop everyone else if he decides to take me up on my offer!

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