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Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Raining Men!! Hallelujah!

WOW When it rains it pours, and baby, yesterday it poured! I realized last night, laying in bed after masturbating on the phone with Sam, that I'm involved with 5 guys (including my hubby). I was supposed to hook up with this military hottie I'd been chatting with on the website, but he never showed up, never called! LOL I didn't even care, I was really more annoyed than anything cuz I sat around waiting for him for like 3 hours and that really pissed me off. He'd texted me he would call or text me when he was on his way and I never heard from him after that. FUCK I was ticked off.

BUT----the 4 other guys totally made up for it! FIrst of all, B, the actor/model extraordinaire was chatting nasty stuff to me on Yahoo messenger. I was like whoa---you're still thinking about me?? Yay! I was sooo thrilled!! I haven't heard from him in months. He gets hotter and more sexier every time I hear from him. You have to know this about B--he is a new but somewhat famous actor on a TV show and is quite young and wealthy, not to mention a model with the most amazing body. He is on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd!!! So anyway, that was definitely a great choice to hook up with him. Too bad he didn't get me pregnant.

Ok, so I'm reeling with joy that B contacted me--and lo and behold, it's Mickey, who starts his IM with, "hi there pretty girl". OMG Mr. I-can't-express-any-feelings-whatsoever-or give-compliments has suddenly gotten very real. It's wonderful.  We wrote on yahoo messenger off and on for 6 hours!! SIX HOURS!!!!  He has no internet now, even sold his computer, cuz he lost his driver's license for a year for his speeding tickets. The only way we can communicate is by yahoo messenger, when he gets free wifi, on his iTouch. Sad, i know. But it's temporary. And I love love love how he's sneaking into Starbucks while he's at work to write me! He said that since he can't deliver pizzas anymore (cuzz he can't drive for a year) he's cooking instead, and occasionally they send him to other stores, and this one has WIFI so he can write me. He said he's going to ask if he can work there all the time---so he can write me!!!  So who is this new Mickey???? Hmmmm idk but I like him a whole lot better!!!

So, while I'm IM'ing B and Mickey, Sam texts me he wants to try phone sex with me. Sounds great to me! So as soon as the kids are in bed, I poured myself a glass of chardonnay, brushed my teeth, touseled by hair, and put on a sexy, lacy red negilgee to get in the mood. I lie and tell Mickey I need to call my GF, her mom's in the hospital (that part isn't a lie, but I didn't need to call her) cuz I don't want to lose our connection while I'm on the phone with Sam.

I'm texting my hubby at the same time all this is happening! B doesn't write anymore, so he's out for now, I tell Mickey I will BRB, and so I concentrate on Sam for about a half hour. It's the first time I've heard his voice, and it's thankfully sexy. I light a candle and turn off my nightstand lamp, and get cozy with my hand on my pussy, and Sam is telliing me what he's doing to that hard cock of his 1500 miles away.  Our voices are thick and heavy with passion as we whisper what we want to do to each other. I cum right away---I was horny all day since I thought Military Guy was coming over for a little afternoon delight. Sam didn't, and he was bothered by it, and he didn't believe I really did cum. I was like, dude, I am always horny. I don't fake my orgasms! Jeez!!! So he was like, ok, I'm sorry. I said it's ok, I get it, it's over the phone so no way to know for sure. We both agree tho that he should buy a fucking plane ticket and cum see me :)

I hung up to let Sam finish himself on his own. I was growing bored and wanted to get back to my conversation with Mickey, which resumed for another hour or so. It was getting very late, so I just said hey, I needed to get some sleep. I didn't want to sign off, I wanted to see what he was going to say, so I just kept the phone close by and fell asleep. Hours later I woke to go to the bathroom, and he'd written, "I've got to go, night sweetheart". SWEETHEART?????  WHEN HAS MICKEY EVER CALLED ME SWEETHEART??? wow so in one IM, I'm "pretty girl", "sexy girl", and "sweetheart". AND he's changing his job location (if he can) just so he can write me?? What's going on???

Who cares?!!!? I'm happy.

My hubby's happy.

Oh yeah. Life is good.

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