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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Guys in One Afternoon! That's what noontime wine will do

All it took for me to decide, Yes, I want to have sex with you, was that picture in my mind of me 20 years from now, all wrinkled and saggy. What would that future Anna have to say about it? Would she regret saying no, or regret saying yes? Only time will tell, but at that moment, I decided Future Anna would regret saying no. Cuz the day will come when guys like him won't be thinking "She's hot! I want to have sex with her!" when they see me. Soooooo.....until then.....the answer is yes.

I told him to forget meeting at a restaurant, just come straight to my house. I liked him already. We spent so much time texting I felt like I had gotten to know him well enough. I loved his sense of humor and self-deprecating way. That's always a huge turn on for me. Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

He showed up early, and I was barely ready. I had on a sexy black lacy thing with stockings and garter, black spike heels. Hair and makeup all done, a pearl choker. He was cute, with these really full lips that got my motor running. He was sort of preppy-looking, a yellow button-down shirt, dress slacks and shoes, short blonde hair and really cute nerdy glasses. Very pretty blue eyes. Holding a glass of chilled chardonnay, I offered him one but he politely declined, as he had to go back to work soon.  I felt myself relaxing with each sip, and we stood in the kitchen making chit-chat. My dog sniffed him out and gave his approval LOL I glanced at the digital clock on my stove and quickly calculated that if I was going to get naked with him I'd better do it quick---I had a little more than an hour before I had to pick up my kids from school.

I had given him a tour of the house except for the upstairs, so I slyly suggested, "would you like to see the upstairs?" and he smiled and said, "sure!", knowing exactly what I meant. I took off my high heels, since I'm a klutz and knew I'd trip trying to climb the stairs wearing them. I quickly (and I mean quickly) showed him the rooms upstairs and then went into our bedroom. That is, mine and my husband's bedroom.

He didn't waste a second.  He took my face in his hands and started kissing me with those luscious full lips. And you know what kissing leads to.....unbuckling of belts, unbuttoning of shirts, and hands grabbing and groping body parts. It was fast and furious and I loved that he took charge. It wasn't long till we were both completely naked and he was gently kissing my breasts, his hands roving all over in a way that felt soooo good.

I was so pleased to see he was shaved. There's nothing worse than a mouthful of hair during a blow-job. I licked and sucked his cock while he held my hair in a tight ponytail so he could watch. Then he fliped me over. And I mean, literally, flipped me over. He picked me up the way you carry someone over the threshhold, and ever-so-gently flipped me over. He flicked his tongue all the way from my breasts down to my pussy, and stayed there till I almost came. Then he reached over for the condom, and put it on and flipped me over again. He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me close to him and thrust his big cock in me doggy-style. Damn it felt good. Then he flipped me over again, holding my legs in the air and shoving that big cock right in. My stupid dog was outside the bedroom door howling and barking the whole time--guess he thought I was in danger and he was trying to protect me. It was funny and annoying. 

He was great in bed and I am SO glad I said yes! We laughed when we were done, cuz let's face it, sex is hilarious, all that grunting and groaning we made my dog go crazy---making eye contact with our clothes back on was a little embarassing. We made more chit-chat and I walked him to the front door. As he kissed me goodbye, I said something like, "we should do this every Wednesday" and he said, "only Wednesdays? How about every day?" and I laughed and said how fun that would be. As he walked down the driveway, I wondered if my next-door neighbor saw him and what she'd think of it. 

I didn't have much time to think, cuz my hubby was right down the road. We'd texted each other a couple times while E was here, and my hubby had a great big hard-on waiting for his turn with me. Fortunately, I still had 20 minutes so we took full advantage of it! He was so turned on, and I was too, especially since I hadn't had an orgasm. My hubby took good care of me, and he gave me a full load doggy-style. What a fun afternoon!