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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

B is coming to visit, Mickey calls me, and a new boytoy shows me his stuff

Since we moved to this new frozen tundra, I've had a hard time meeting new people, not just possible lovers but girlfriends too! I'm lonely a lot of the time. The website I've got a profile on has been a lot of fun and very good for my ego, but I still haven't hooked up with anyone yet!! I know I'm picky, but I have found a lot of attractive guys, given out my cell number, yahoo messenger address, etc., but something always happens. I've been stood up twice; but most of the time texts fly back and forth, nasty pics sent and received,  but when it comes time to actually meeting me, there's always an excuse. I feel like I'm sooo forward sometimes, jeez, like I'm begging, but it gets old. I just want someone to show up!

I'm happy to report that B has come back into the picture suddenly! He is writing me as I write this. I love how he hasn't forgotten about me! He's gotten to be an even bigger star, for those of you new to my blog, I met this gorgeous Johnny Depp lookalike in Hollywood over the summer. He is a model and an actor--he's on a popular TV show (can't say the name) and his face is on billboards all over Hollywood. I found him thru Craigslist ironically, my hubby and I were on a weekend getaway and put an ad on CL for a 3-sum and he answered the ad. I got over 200 replies and his pic was too good to be true, but he was for real! We ended up seeing each other without my hubby (I don't remember why actually...) but it was so fun. (See my detailed sex blog about our encounter--titled "Meeting B--a fantasy fulfilled" in my July 2010 archive).

The big thing with him is, yes, he is full of himself LOL guess he has good reason to be! If I wasn't happily married I'd be in love with him. He was a great fuck too, the biggest cock I've ever had. Even bigger than my hubby, he was at least 10 inches. And honestly, aside from the "WOW" factor, bigger isn't necessarily better. I'm petite, and damn, that thing hurt, as great as it felt it was like "SHIT THAT COCK IS GOING TO KILL ME"!! hahaha but he was the most beautiful man I've ever seen, and he is 25 years old and is totally into ME!

So, ok, B is writing me, that's totally awesome. He still wants me to have his baby LOL he didn't know I moved clear across the country and is trying to figure out how to see me! (I don't want to tell him I can't have kids anymore---it's called menopause---I look 20 years younger than my age so he thinks I can get pregnant. Sadly, I can't). It'll never happen, but if he actually contemplates getting on a plane, I'll tell him the truth.

Mickey is making me crazy. He actually CALLED me a few days ago, it was soooo wonderful to hear his voice. First time I've heard it in 6 months. I loved it. He was at work, and thinking of me :) yay! We had a nice talk. He told me he'd move here in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the snow. He said he hates snow! I didn't know the weather would keep him away.  I get so nervous talking to him--I feel like i'm in high school again, the boy I have a crush on finally calls me and I'm completely shy and tongue-tied. It didn't help that my son was right there, I couldn't say what I wanted. I wanted to tell him, Come here. Leave it all behind and let us take care of you. We love you. You can go back to school. (I did tell him that). You don't have to pay rent. You can cook and clean for us, get a new life for yourself. I love you enough to do that for you. Tell our kids about you. Yes, we both care about you that much. Stop the whoring on that website, and living with someone cuz she owes you money. Where are your morals boy?? But I couldn't say any of that. It was awkward, but I was happy he called me. Happy he wasn't content to just text.

I always come one too strong. We had such a pretty morning yesterday, I took a few pics with my iPhone and sent them to him. Pics of the guest room--"Mickey's room" I told him--our dog running in the snow, and pics of the house. I never heard back. I just texted him, "is everything ok? It's not like you to not text me back." hahah that is the biggest joke of all---he is SOOOO like that!!! (thought I'd try reverse psychology). That was 11 minutes ago and no response. Fucker.

OMG B wants me to fly him out here! HOW COOL IS THAT?????


I found a very hot, 20 year-old rocker-type on the website yesterday! For me, it was lust at first sight! I got wet just looking at his profile pic. I wrote to him immediately and we exchanged yahoo messenger addresses. I gave him my phone number right away so we could text instead, and we texted all day off and on, lots of sexy pics going back and forth. He wanted to get on the webcam and damn I did too---but  my hubby gave me a better option!! He was horny just hearing about my new crush and we had the hottest sex we've had in a long time! I got Mr. Rocker so hot he sent me a video to my phone of him jerking off. It was sooo exciting to watch! He lives in a neighboring state, about an hour's drive, and wouldn't you know it, he doesn't have a car??? So I told him I'd drive out to see him. He had a zillion excuses. Roommates there. Then he has "things he has to do". I said how about next week? It's his birthday and he's going to be busy all week. Oh well, another hot guy who's all talk. What's up with these guys anyways??


Still no answer from Mickey. So what else is new.

Guess I gotta get ready for a visit from B! WHOO HOO!!!

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