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Thursday, April 28, 2011

welcome new readers!

Hello!! I am SO thrilled that I've got some new readers! I apologize that I haven't posted anything new for the last 3 weeks, and believe me, it's not because I don't have anything to write about! I have been busy having lots of sex, in fact, last weekend my hubby and I found 2 new partners (a man ANd a woman, but not together ;) and I can't wait to tell you all about it! The kids are off for Easter vacation and I haven't had much privacy. It's Thursday now YAY and so just have to wait till Monday to be able to get my writing time back.

A quick up-date: Mickey and I are still doing great. We texted back and forth for 4-1/2 hours the night before last. It was wonderful. Till nearly 3 am my time, and yes, I was exhausted and dragging the whole day due to lack of sleep, but he's always worth it. I figured out something laying there in the dark texting him--I think we have some sort of an S & M relationship. I'm on Google right now looking up the terms to get an idea if that's what's going on. It sure seems like it. If you read back on our relationship, he repeatedly has broken my heart, he can be very cold, yet I always take him back. Hmmm, no-brainer, huh?? But since he's the only guy that's ever treated me like this, I didn't put 2-and-2 together. I will put up with whatever shit he gives me and it just makes me want him more. It's sick, I know it is, and I want to know what's wrong with me that I want him so fucking badly that I put up with it.

My 18-year old hunk Jake has been texting me too! I'm soooo excited to see him again! YAY once again YAY kids go back to school on Monday! I'm tanning and going to the gym to try to get this bod in a little better shape. He lives 2 hours away but can't wait to drive here and spend the day with me. He is so sweet, nothing like Mickey. He ALWAYS texts me back immediately, never keeps me wondering. He calls me beautiful, gorgeous, actually cares how I'm feeling, very very sweet all the time. I told him I had a little crush on him and he said he has a crush on me too! Yay! We talked about being "regulars", and seeing each other when we can since we don't live close to each other.  I'm seriously considering canceling my memberships to those dating websites since I found him. If we get closer, I will.

Ok, gotta run, I hear the dog so that means kids are up. I'll fill you guys in with our juicy weekend, as well as my sex romp with Jake as soon as I can.

Have a good week and happy sex to you all!!!

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Gina and Chris said...

Thank you for the welcome. That was thoughtful!

Gina and Chris