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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cyber-stalking to find out the truth

My BFF says it's all Mickey's fault. His refusal to text me back and return phone calls (or even answer when I call) causes me to do the kind of cyber snooping that I do. He refuses to be honest, to tell me, "hey sweetie, I've gotten back with my girlfriend, so we're gonna have to cool it for now." NO MICKEY IS AN ASSHOLE. He wants to string me along so that I'll come running back to him LIKE I ALWAYS DO when he drops her.

So...this unease of mine and fear (and I'll admit, too much time on my hands) led me to google her. I found some very interesting things out about the two of them. I found some amazing poetry she'd written about him from 2009. He'd very much broken her heart (surprise, surprise) and she was very eloquent.  I couldn't believe what a good writer she is. I felt her pain in her words, mostly because we are in love with the same guy, and he has broken both our hearts more than once.

I found her video channel, where she lays on her stomach and flips her hair constantly for up to an hour, talking to hundreds of watching strangers about her stupid dog and-----her boyfriend. Mickey.

Her, to her online watchers: "Yes, I have a boyfriend".

"Where is he? He's not here. He's at the pizza place. Where he always is."

"I work with him. I help him out in his pizza business."

"Yes, we live together."

That did it.

So, he's not writing me back BECAUSE NOT ONLY IS HE BACK WITH HIS GF, THEY LIVE AND WORK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an asshole.

She can have him.

Oh, and by the way, this video was recorded May 9, 2011.

Three days ago.

I'm done.

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