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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No sex=no fun=who cares???

Hey everyone, sorry to be such a debbie-downer these days. Life sucks. My life sucks right now. It's been three months I've been in hell now and it doesn't look like I'll be out of it anytime soon. Hubby and I are in counseling and things are not going well. I am not going to go into details here; this isn't the forum for it (I actually have started another blog about this touchy subject) but suffice it to say, I ain't having any sex these days and actually don't even miss it. Have you ever gone on an abstinence kick, self-induced or otherwise, and found you really didn't miss it?

This fact actually surprises me. Between my lovers and my hubby, I'd say I get more sex than most people. We have had a VERY active sex life. Like bunny rabbits. So, we've gone without sex now for over 2 weeks, and it would've been longer had I known he was still lying to me about some things he shouldn't have been lying about. He's in the dog house for sure, and he ain't getting no pussy for awhile. He needs to be punished and that's what I'm doing --punishing him. He's not even sleeping in our bed right now. I should get a whip and whip his ass till it's black and blue. Make him cry out he'll never cheat on me again. Maybe then I'll be ready to forgive him and get back together.



JFBreak said...

I hope things get better. Care to share the other blog link?

petunia said...

Yikes. How can you make things right with a liar? I can see how counseling wouldn't work if one of the parties isn't being honest.

~neighborhood milf said...

Sorry about your personal troubles, Anna. I've been enjoying reading your hits close to home at times for me.

Best hopes & wishes for the future. <3


Polyamorous Couple said...

I am sorry to read this news Anna. I hope you and your husband can reconcile and put the issue behind you. Please keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, and that when viewed through the broader lens, you will see that your marriage has many more "ups" and "positives" than this transgression can weigh against.

Anonymous said...

Good day,
I was following your blog and hope you would return to vent out on line like before ,, I miss you