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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still no sex--going on 9 weeks now

Well hello everyone, sorry I've been AWOL for some time now. Things have been really shitty with me and my hubby, but I think I've turned a corner this week. Thank you to those of you who've written and asked about how I'm doing, how we are doing. I do have another blog I've been devoting my time to, and I need to keep that just for me. It's how I process what I'm going through and for now this really isn't that platform for that. I don't want the focus of this blog to be that kind of pain LOL

It's been a little over 5 months since I found out my hubby had cheated on me with one woman, and after leading me on for three months that "that's all, I've told you everything" he finally came clean with affairs with two other women. It's been hell. I don't want to go into any more detail here, but suffice it to say, when he did, I wanted badly to kick him out but I just couldn't. I don't know why. But I did kick him out of our bedroom, all his clothes and everything and he's still living in our guest room down the hall. No sex, no intimacy of any kind. I have hugged him twice and gave him a peck on the cheek at bedtime a few nights ago.

But I do miss him. He is a sexy motherfucker. He is looking better and better to me every day.

I am just about ready to take him back.

It's been a long road to get here. Marriage counseling, both of us in individual counseling, and thousands of hours talking, yelling, screaming, and more talking.

We plan to resume our open marriage when he has practiced not lying longer than he's practiced lying. I am going to delete the posts that included threesomes with two of these whores as I found out he had had one-night stands with them prior to including me in threesomes with them. Not good. I don't want to re-live those experiences on paper, it's bad enough they are in my head. They don't turn me on anymore, they turn my stomach.

Thank you for your concern and patience. Hope if you're reading this you are actively honest in your life in every way, and holding yourself accountable for all your actions.

AND USE CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna XO


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Dear
I am glad for both of you and hopefully things will work out great for you, after all you live an open life where lies has little to acheive for both of you ,,,, hope to see more blogs soon and good luck ,,,,

Southern Swinger said...

Just found ur blog today and sorry to read about your current situation. I bogged for several years about our swinging lifestyle. You are correct NO LIES. I'll keep checking back hope things work out. I have not blogged for about three years and deleted all post except for the last one. Have not decided if I will post or just comment.

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them. I feel like I've been swooped up in a tornado for the last 5 months and have just been dropped down from a mile above the earth into some strange land where I don't speak the language. This has been hell and I'm so lucky to have such great readers like yourselves out there to cheer me on.

Thank you again.

Anna XO