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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making up for lost time!

With the exception of one night where I made my hubby PROMISE me "no sex!!" because I was SO sore, we have had sex every single day since we reconciled, sometimes twice a day! We have been definitely making up for lost time! It has been wonderful. After all these years, I realized the difference between "making love" and "having sex", and I think for a long time, all we've really had is "sex".

I always thought merely by having sex with my husband, it was "making love", and having sex with other people was the opposite--just "having sex". If I loved my husband, I was "making love" to him, and if I was just merely "fond" of my other sexual partners, I was "having sex". Until this happened, the INFIDELITIES, this is how I thought.

How wrong I was.

I can't remember my hubby ever being THIS passionate! His kisses are MORE tender, his gaze more focused on making eye contact with me while lovemaking. It is more than sex. It is primal, fulfilling, emotional, intimate. I feel a connection with him I don't think I've really felt in a long, long time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have always loved having sex/making love with my husband, but it hasn't been this deep emotionally since, well, maybe our honeymoon......19 years ago???

Why now? Why is it suddenly THIS GOOD??? It may be because we've just gone to hell and back. It may be because we have back that feeling of new romance that everyone can identify with. When you first fall in love and you can't get enough of each other. Everything is magnified: lips softer, eyes bluer, skin more sensitive to the slightest touch. Candles flicker warmer, music seems more hypnotic, the fabric of the sheets more sensual. Everything is magnified.

And we have the luxury now of time. Our kids are teens, and are often at friends' houses overnight, or out with their friends or one of our kids has a job. We have more "alone time" than we have had since we were first married. We can finish conversations we start without interruptions, we can watch a TV show without having to get up 16 times to feed/diaper a child; tend to; /answer questions/fix a meal/go look at a bug/wow the cat just brought in a mouse/there's a spider on my wall/etc. etc. etc. It's been awesome!!!!!!

It feels good.

1 comment:

~neighborhood milf said...

I'm so happy for you, sweetie. AND I think you just talked me out of ever adopting children! lol