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Friday, July 13, 2012

What to do about our not-so-open marriage??

Sexy Adam has not forgotten me. He has been patiently waiting for me for over 5 months now. He's been texting me and wanting to hook up. My hubby has encouraged me to do so, but I am wary now. Being that we almost divorced, I think we need to give our relationship some time before we start jumping into other people's beds (or others jumping into ours!!!) Much as it worked for me, clearly, the open marriage didn't work for him, and I'm not about to risk it.

I am wondering what is up with Mickey. Haven't heard a peep out of him. I've been on Yahoo messenger, I've sent him emails. I've tried texting and calling, and discovered he's changed his phone number AND deleted one of his email addresses. BUT---his Facebook is active, adding new "friends" all the time, even though it's set to private it does show when new friends added. Also, his GF has a really touching picture of him on her page, it's her "wall" pic, and he's standing on a deserted dock, holding a dog leash in his left hand, her stupid little dog on the other end of it taking a crap. The pic is from behind, and he looks stunning. Fuck them both. Whatever.

My BFF tells me, "he's done it before. Just relax. He'll be back." Yeah, maybe. We do this dance all the time. Whatever. I do find myself missing him a lot lately.  I know he was quite upset that my H and I were separated and I wanted to tell him our good news that we are back together, but he is AWOL.

Gotta run, hubby almost home. It's Friday and it's happy hour somewhere!

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