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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sex with two guys

The guest bedroom door had been pushed slightly ajar and I knew at that moment my hubby was watching me fucking Adam. The glow of the candlelight revealed our naked and very sweaty bodies pounding each other, out bodies slapping with each of his thrusts. It had been a long six months since we'd been together and he had actually not been with anyone since our last time together! I wasn't nearly as horny since my hubby and I have been fucking like rabbits, but I had missed him and had thought of him when he texted me from time to time.

He's only 26. Nearly half my age.

And he's super hot. Beautiful long chin-length blonde hair, straight as angel hair pasta and great to grab onto while I'm riding him. Pretty blue eyes, tall and slim, and awesome balls. (did I say that out loud???) He's kinda smallish on the other topic but it's still fun. I can take the whole thing in my mouth and not gag.

The evening started with my hubby and I sitting in a bar listening to a cover band that kinda sucked and which of course made us miss our own band and compare us. We had had a weekend with no kids! They were both out of town with their friends so we had an empty house! We started to get a little sauced which led us to want to get a little saucy hee hee so I texted Adam, thinking full well he works Saturday nights so it would just be fun texting him. He had a new work schedule and was off, and home, and bored, and my text came at a great time! He agreed to come meet us and hang out, which meant end up back at our house fucking me. Were we ready for that?????

What the hell. Why not?

Next thing I knew there he was, just as good looking as the last time I saw him, and he greeted my hubby with a very nice handshake and smiles on both guys, and a hug and kiss for me. He sat between us; it was a two-top table and we were sitting in bar stools. Very cozy. He doesn't drink alcohol because of his job; he gets random testing so he just had a Coke. My hubby ordered his fifth beer and I was on my third Grey Goose and Red Bull. It was the perfect drink combination for a night of sex.

We chatted over the band for about a half hour I think, then it was time to leave and get the party started. I asked him if he remembered how to get to our house and he smiled and said, "of course!", gave me a kiss on the mouth and we parted towards the parking lot.

I drove since my hubby had had more to drink than me. I was fine ironically; I think the adrenaline (and possibly the Red Bull) made me feel quite alert. It was about a 20 minute drive home and it was exciting knowing my "boyfriend" was following us there.

My hubby and I got home first and we kissed passionately by the front door, waiting for Adam. He whispered to me, "have fun with your boyfriend--don't forget about me." I said, "thank you babe, and I won't, don't worry!!" and he went up to our room and got in bed to wait for me. Adam was here right away and it was fun letting him in again. He took off his shoes and left them by the door, and we went straight upstairs to the guest room.

My hubby had lit some candles for both rooms, and I had brought two into the guest room. For me, nothing sets the mood like flickering candles.  I don't even remember taking off our clothes, I just remember him being in his boxers (so fucking cute!!!!) and me in my bra and panties. My hubby had given me the cutest bras when we reconciled and I was wearing one of them for my boyfriend. How sexy is THAT???

He is a fun lover. He's very silly and doesn't take sex seriously. When our bodies were slapping against each other, we were totally into it and moaning and grinding, and then he'd giggle cuz the sound was funny. I like it; I'm totally 100% comfortable with him. The only thing I don't like is he won't go down on me! I am determined to make him like it! I don't know what his problem is and I plan on addressing it eventually. Right now, I'm happy to just enjoy sex with a hot 26 year old guy who's totally into me!!!

I was conscious of my hubby watching from the doorway and it was so hot. I knew Adam didn't know he was being watched and I didn't let on. I did glance my hubby's way several times to make eye contact with him even though it was pitch black in the hall and I couldn't see him--I knew he was there watching us. I'd have preferred to have had us all in the bed together but Adam wasn't into that unfortunately.

So...I had some fun with Adam for about 1/2 hour, 45 min or so then told him, "I'll be back...I'm going to go see my hubby." He was adorable and perfect, laying there so sexy, and he said, "the most important thing is you take care of him and don't have any problems between you." HE IS GOING TO REPLACE MICKEY IF HE HASN'T ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made me SO happy!!! He truly cares about both of us. That's just what we've always wanted. I wanted it to be Mickey, and it was for a time. That chapter is over and done with.

I left him there, sweaty and naked, laying on his back, and went to my bedroom and got in bed with my hubby. His dick was hard and ready for me, and he was full of passion. He took me in his arms and held me tight and entered me immediately. He loved the feeling of my already wet vagina and I loved having a bigger dick inside me. I loved the connection we have between much love. We made love for just a short while and he told me to go finish off my boyfriend and come back. I did what I was told.

I walked back into the candlelit guest room and my sexy boytoy was still laying on his back, waiting for me to come back to him. He turned and looked at me and smiled, and I went to him. He got hard so fast and within minutes we were back at it fucking like escaped jailbirds. I love all the different positions we get into, just like with my hubby, we are acrobats in the bedroom! My favorite thing he does is fuck me while holding me in the air, my legs wrapped around his torso and he holds my ass. It always makes him giggle and then me too as we realize how ridiculous we look. He finally came fucking me in the missionary position; he commented he was surprised he lasted so long after not having had sex for so long! I teased him, "I just can't believe a guy as hot as you hasn't had any in six months." He said he just doesn't like the young girls he meets; says they're all so immature and terrible in bed! He said I was worth waiting for. Just what I loved to hear.

I didn't bask in the afterglow too long cuz I was eager to return to my hubby. We cleaned up and kissed and I said he was welcome to spend the night, but he said that was ok, he should get going. I was fine with that. I thought it best too; I wanted to focus on my hubby and our relationship and I'd had my fun. I always said the reason the open marriage worked for me was I never spent the night with anyone; I'd fuck them and leave them. I told him, "thank you, that was awesome, hope to see you again soon," and he responded, "oh you will sexy, you will," and I left him there and walked back down the hallway to my hubby.

He greeted me again under the covers with his big hard dick and passionate kisses. I was happy to be back in his arms. He got on top of me and fucked me hard, then pulled out and went down on me since my boytoy hadn't wanted to do. I came right away; it felt so fucking good. He licked me up and down and tasted him and it was so fucking hot. He grabbed me hard and entered me again and fucked me so hard I screamed, he screamed and came so loud and forceful our dog started barking his head off! We laughed then and it was so awesome. Sweaty and exhausted, he flopped onto his back and we just panted like dogs ourselves.

What a fun night!

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~neighborhood milf said...

Lovely, Anna. What a nice arrangement! Thanks for posting about it in such nice detail.