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Friday, January 11, 2013

Jake's back!

Totally out of the blue and back in my life. Jake texts me every day. Sends me sexy pics and cute face and full body pics (in clothes). I feel like I'm his girlfriend. He says the sweetest things. He is amazing. We had a date for tonight--he said since I drove to Chicago to see him the last two times he'd drive here to see me. This is what he said: "I will absolutely drive out to you baby. You drove here twice for me. You can bring your hubby if you like." WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But hubby and me had a bad night last night. Read the other blog if you want details. Suffice it to say, I cancelled my date with Jake and just told him I had to work late (partially true). I re-read what I'd written about our first night together just now and I really hope we can get together soon.

BTW did I mention my H found a girl he wants to have sex with (threesome) on AFF? She's really adorable. I may really be ok with this.


Lola said...

Where's "the other blog"?

NaughtyAnna said...

THank you for asking! it is

Lola said...