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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Falling hard for someone new

Two Saturdays ago, I met someone who has temporarily made me completely forget Mickey. And I mean, COMPLETELY. Who, by the way, has been Snapchatting me quite a bit. And I am finding myself so annoyed because it's not this new guy. I'll call him Jay.

I met Jay out with hubby and friends at our favorite watering hole, a dive place on a lake that just is super fun. My friend's band was playing, so we went to support the band (we fellow band people do this for each other). They played all those cheesy 70's hits like "Brick House" and shit. We had just gotten there and were standing around drinking and chatting when this REALLY HOT GUY comes over and takes my hand and asks me to dance. I looked up at hubby and asked his permission (super sexy, and respectful) and he gave me his blessing and off we went. Jay and I burned up the dance floor. He was like fucking "Dancing with the Stars" type of dancer. Spinning me around, tango-ing and dipping me like a chip in hot sauce. It was FUN!!!!!! Too many songs in a row to count later, sweaty and thirsty, we went back to our group of friends. I don't know who he was with, but he came over and sipped out of my drink by mistake. Turns out we drink the SAME DRINK--GREY GOOSE AND RED BULL! It was a cute moment. Our eyes met at this realization and knew it was fate. LOL well I did anyways!

It was too loud to really chat, but we did take some selfies. I HAD to have a pic of him. I then said, "Give me your phone number. I'll send the best one to you." He said, 'Do you want to just send me the pic or keep texting me?" I looked up at him and said, "Keep texting you!" He smiled and gave me his number. I sent him one of the pics of us. I don't remember much of what happened next, but next thing I knew, hubby had grabbed my hand and was saying "bye" to everyone, "We gotta go!" and I looked at Jay and kissed him right on the mouth. It was short and sweet and I said "bye" and hubby dragged me out. I guess it was getting late and he was trying to keep me from getting too drunk.

Jay called and texted me for the next several hours, asking me to come meet him at yet another bar. I loved seeing his desperate calls for me while I fucked my hubby hard. Jay's texts finally stopped and they picked up first thing in the morning, and kept up all week. One night he asked to Skype and I was hesitant; told him I didn't feel comfortable being "that intimate" with him so soon and he laughed and said we could just text on it. I said I didn't know that cuz I've done the video chatting before! 

With hubby out of town, and me taking a bath, we chatted on Skype for about 2 hours. We said a lot, I got to know him a little bit better and vice versa. I didn't say too much about my past other than hubby and I were currently monogamous but had been talking about opening the marriage again. He basically said he'd been "owned" by a married couple for 2 years, being their "sub" and would my hubby and I like that? I said "OMG absolutely sounds wonderful." He told me some nasty things they did and would I like that? We left it on a great note and he continued to text me all week.

Then Saturday night came.

I texted him at 10:30 am that I was free that night and that I'd like to get together for drinks. We didn't make definite plans, but agreed to meet. Some friends wanted us to meet in city X but he said "too far", so hubby and I got everyone to agree to go to city Y which was right in his neighborhood.


He had been texting me all afternoon/evening, saying he was already drunk. He last wrote around 9 pm saying he was going to try to sober up so we could "have some fun."
I never heard back that night from him. 

Sunday morning, he texted first thing and apologized. I was SO glad. We chatted for a little while back and forth. Nothing big. Just the weather and that as it's getting nice I like to wear sundresses. "without panties?" he asked. "Yes" I answered. We chatted a little more and then lastly I said, "Let's get together soon" with a kiss emoticon.

I haven't heard from him since.



Why do you guys do this to us?????

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