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Monday, August 11, 2014

Snapchat fun

I love Snapchat! It's the latest app the young guys I love are using. It appears they use it the way the rest of us text. It's really silly if I think about it, because texting does the same thing--it's instantaneous, you can write to each other and send pics, just like texting. The only difference is, all of is vanishes just as instantaneously UNLESS you take a screenshot. And, you've usually only got anywhere from 5-10 seconds to do so. And, if you take a screenshot (which means that X-rated pic has been saved now), it sends a notification to that person so they know you've saved that pic. Which isn't a big deal really, in fact, I've learned it's a compliment when the person you've sent a pic to takes a screen shot and saves it.

Which leads me to my conundrum.

I currently have four delicious young hunks I'm juggling on Snapchat. One, my 3nd favorite hottie, takes screenshots of every single pic I send him (love him for that!!) My #1 hottie takes them off and on. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason. It makes me think HE'S thinking, "I don't need to keep them. She'll keep sending them." Whereas my #3 must adore me SO much he wants to keep every single pic I send. Guys #2 and 4 have been taking screenshots too.

My BFF thinks I'm insane to send naked pics of my womanly body parts to these guys, three I've never met. My face isn't in any of them. They could be anybody, and it's FUN!!! And they send the same back to me. Yesterday alone I got 4 different dick pics, one from each of them for my collection. I told my husband that yes, I will scrapbook in my old age--I will print out all my cute guys and the pics they've sent me.

OMG my #2 favorite (behind Jordan) is a guy who lives in fucking Arkansas! Shit he is so perfect and adores me so much it is on my bucket list to go see this hottie! (he's only 19!!!) OMG and he likes my hubby too. He's got blue eyes and dimples and a perfect body. He says all the right things. WTF does he have to be so far away??????

OMG what a fun week it's been!! Jordan has been Snapchatting me nearly every single night. He must get lonely around 1 am cuz that's when the Snapchats start. I wait until he sends one first, and then, I wait a few minutes (that's hell in Snapchat land, waiting to see if the person has "opened" the pic and looked at it) then I look at it. Usually he wakes me up, but do I mind?? HELL NO!!! One night, it was a pic of that beautiful face of his, with the words written across the bottom, "I want to see your body." Mmmmm. OKAY BABY!! And click click click of the iphone I go. I take the most flattering pics of my body in the dim light of my bedroom for him. Since I leave my face out of them, he doesn't see I have all my makeup off and my night cream on LOL

Two consecutive nights, he sent a pic of himself holding his very erect penis in one hand, his face behind it (a selfie if you will) with the words, "oops!" written across the bottom of the pic. Do I screenshot my guys naked pics?? YEP!! Every single one of them. It's a compliment. It means, "I want to look at this again and again, and not just for the 10 seconds you've allotted on here."

I have found that OKCupid is a wonderful place to find sexy young hunks! I did find #4 on Tinder. He is close by and I think I may have to meet him.

My hubby has someone after him too; I don't know if I've mentioned her here but I have on my other blog. She's married and isn't a threat at ALL, so I'm really glad that I'm not jealous. I want him to have her so he can have his fun too and I can deal with the painful feelings that I will have and get past them. I truly believe she is a safe sexual partner for him. She's happily married, we have gotten to know her and her husband and he is always there when she has sex with another guy. She's never alone with them, and I would be there too. I am working myself up to allowing him to have her. It will be good for him and good for our marriage. It truly would be "just sex". She's Mexican, tiny, about 100 pounds and stunningly gorgeous. Fake boobs and a perfect ass. (Yes, I've seen her naked..we have played with her about a month ago). I didn't realize how badly she wanted my husband until yesterday.

We were at their house, they were having a birthday party for her kid (from her first marriage) and her hubby sent my hubby to retrieve a plastic kids' bat for the pinata. She followed him  into the storage room and they came out giggling. The door was open the whole time and nothing happened, she just whispered to him, "let's fuck" and she let me know ASAP what she did and I was fine with it all. I truly felt happy for him that this smoking hot 29 year old girl wants him that badly! I mean, my hubby is almost 50. I know our looks are going, and he deserves to have some fun if I'M having fun, right??

Guess who came back into the picture over the weekend!!?? J. Called me out of the blue Saturday morning. I didn't pick up. He didn't leave a voicemail, and he didn't follow it up with a text, so I ignored him until yesterday. I just shot a text to him and he wrote back immediately. He said he was at the same ballgame I was at, and we chatted a bit about that. When I asked him what he was doing that day, he answered, "not sure yet", so I left it there and never responded. I'm not going to beg him to see me. I am over him. I waited for him to say something like, "I've missed you. How have you guys been? What are you doing tonight/next weekend? I want to see you." None of that. So I just never responded after that.

I've had too much partying all week and gained back 4 pounds. I'm annoyed with myself. I also had a huge falling out with my hot-mess BFF. She's absolutely crazy. Certifiably crazy. Loony.  Got to deal with her today.

Have a great day dear readers!!!