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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our secret sex lives

Hey! A huge THANK YOU to all you sexy people who took the time to answer my Survey Monkey survey! It is SOOO fun reading everyone's responses. I'm humbled by the sheer number of responses as well as the answers to everyone's favorite sexual position--Doggy-style by a mile!!! Call me old-fashioned but I'm wondering if more guys are taking my survey than the ladies...?? I can't speak for anyone but myself but honestly, doggy-style in my opinion is more sexy for the guys. I personally like a sexual position where we are locking eyes, such as MY personal favorite, GIRL ON TOP!! (which came in second BTW...) Yes.......girl on top. MMMMM....oh sorry!!! I got sidetracked there for a second.....fantasizing.....

Sex is such a fun and secretive topic, and what's interesting also is how many of you aren't living in fear of being discovered for your kinky lifestyle. Maybe many of you don't have children like we do, or maybe you are just one of those free spirits that let's it all hang out. I envy you. I have realized that if we had started our marriage open and raised our kids openly and honestly from day one it would've been better. There's nothing more disturbing for a child than to be aware of his/her parents' sexual activity. (Well, the only thing more disturbing than that I suppose is thinking about one's own children's sexual activity....) But why should it be disturbing?? It shouldn't be. But sex is something we do in secret, and we all have our perversions, and most of us don't have a clue how to talk about sex with our children or our parents. I struggle with this as open as I am!

My mother passed away in April and I never told her about our lifestyle. I'm sure she would've been accepting of it; it's my father knowing that stopped me. He's as conservative as they come. A real Archie Bunker, and I never want him to know. The rest of my family would not accept me and I'd have to hear about it every time we texted or spoke or visited. I never told them about my husband's infidelities either; they'd have judged him and never accepted him back into the family.

I suspect my kids know about our lifestyle; on more than one occasion a text from a guy who's name my kids don't recognize has popped up and created questions. Since we're musicians, we know such a wide variety of people of all ages, I don't get all flustered like I have anything to hide and just say, "oh yeah, he's the drummer from such-and-such, he's the son of a friend of our drummer....." you get the picture. Who knows?? Maybe my daughter has figured it out. All it would take is some serious trolling and she'd figure it out. I have come very close to just sitting her down and telling her. The worst thing would be if she found out and thought I was cheating on her dad. NO SUCH THING. He knows everything. I wouldn't be in the lifestyle any other way but 100% COMPLETE AND TOTAL HONESTY.

I do believe though that teenagers are all wrapped up in themselves. To this day, my son rarely asks me, "SO, how are YOU Mom??" It's all about them. Unless it's IN THEIR FACE and they are forced to deal with it. I've heard from my kid's friends about cheating parents--actually catching them in the act. How horrible would THAT be??? That's abusive. A parent who isn't cheating but instead living the lifestyle has to be a better planner than that and more careful. I always take my kids' plans into consideration. Which is probably why I write about sex more than I actually have it LOL I mean seriously!!! Except for Allen, Jordan is the only other guy I've been with for three years. I flirt shamelessly and make dates but most of the guys are too intimidated to show up. Once my last kid is out of the house (three years) I'm sure I'l turn into the slut I've always dreamed of being!

And with that....happy hump day my sexy friends!!!!