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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11 reasons why your next girlfriend should be a hotwife

This is for all my lovlies out there! I've been writing this in my head all day.

I'm sure you've heard of the term, "MILF" (Mom-I'd-Like-to-Fuck). When you think of a MILF, you think of the hot married soccer mom who doesn't have a clue how hot she really is. She's oblivious to her hotness as she does her maternal, parental duties, as you, the young hunk, masturbates at home wishing she saw the way you looked at her. And most likely, she's married to an Alpha male who would see the way you look at her and punch you in the face for it.

Now, imagine that married MILF being your girlfriend.

That's what a Hotwife is. 

That's what I am.

A hotwife is really just a MILF whose husband not only "allows" her to have sex with other men, he gets off on it. Sometimes, said husband will want to either participate as a threesome or just watch. In our case, it can be either of those, as well as me being alone with another guy: in our home, at his place, or on a get-away alone with him. Sometimes, the husband won't want details, but rather, a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Either way, a Hotwife is the MILF of your dreams, because you can have her.

I wasn't always a hotwife. I was a MILF first. Of course, MILF's don't usually know they are MILF's. When Mickey gave me that first long gaze back in 2004 was when I became aware I was a MILF. He was 19 years old, and I knew I was old enough to be his mom. But that didn't bother him in the least; in fact, he'd confided in me he'd always wanted to fuck a much-older woman. In time I began to realize how many really young guys love older women, and in fact, PREFER US TO THEIR YOUNGER COUNTERPARTS. 

I thought it would be fun and informative to write about why YOUR next girlfriend should be a hotwife!!

1. She's great in bed. She loves sex.  A hotwife is not going to be shy, coy, or a cold fish in bed. She is proud of her body and can't wait to show it off to you. She will tell you what she likes and what she doesn't like. She loves to please and speaking for myself, I LOVE to give blowjobs. My young guys tell me these girls half my age suck their dicks for like 30 seconds and they're done cuz they just don't know what to do "down there." She has a variety of toys and isn't embarrassed to use them in front of you. Or on you. Or go to a sex store and get more to play with you. You bring out the kink in her she never knew existed. She will be the best lover you've ever had, and you will be hers. 

2. She can't/doesn't want to get pregnant. A Hotwife usually already has kids of her own. The LAST thing she wants is more! She's getting her groove on and more kids would cause her now exciting sex life to come to a complete halt. Think about all the carefree fucking you can do and never worry about making a baby. 

3. She doesn't want to marry you.  All the young guys I've been with tell me the same thing over and over--these young girls expect a ring if they sleep with them. A Hotwife is already married. You get all the benefits without any of the responsibility. It's what you've always wanted--JUST SEX. AND LOTS OF IT.

4. She's got time for you. A hotwife's kids are usually in high school or college and she's got all day alone in that big house of hers to see you. Want to take an impromptu trip to Vegas? Her hubby won't mind! She can afford for both your plane AND hotel room tickets.

5. She's got the money to take care of herself. And this translates into, SHE LOOKS HOT AND SHE KNOWS IT. A Hotwife has a membership at the most expensive gym in town, and actually goes. OFTEN. She will get a boob job, Botox, designer jeans, expensive facials and mani-pedis, and probably Brazilian waxes too. She is unabashed about this and she'll be the one showing you her new tits in the bathroom. You know already she ages well; she's had babies and still has a flat stomach and a firm butt. Can't say the same for your millenial co-workers. 

6. If she likes you, she will shower you with more than affection. I have been known to pay for airline tickets, concerts, dinners, money, shopping trips, gifts, you name it, to one lover in particular. A hotwife will never forget your birthday, and since money is no object, expect to receive something you've been wanting but think you'll never be able to afford. And since she's already married, you don't have to worry about who-visits-who on major holidays. You know she's going to be too busy for you, BUT with some planning, she WILL make time to see you. And you'll get your present all right. Naked. 

7. She will be discreet. Unless my guy sends ME a friend request, we won't be Facebook friends, but we will be Snapchat or KIK friends. If we are more than that, than we two have a relationship that is very special indeed. I was always Mickeys' "dirty little secret" which was fine for the first 8 years then it was like, "really?? Still pretending you don't know me?" And this was after he met my kids and stayed in my guest room for a week. It began to hurt my feelings. Then I felt less like a hotwife and more like a whore. A hotwife is proud to be your lover and doesn't mind if the whole world knows, but respects that maybe your mom wouldn't approve. 

8. Even if she says the "L-word" (love) she loves her husband more. I tend to fall in love with the guys I have sex with, which is why I'm so picky. I have only been with a handful of guys in the 12 years I've been a hotwife, and I love them all. When any of them call/text and want to see me, I drop everything and squeeze them into my life. And I would do anything for them. They know this and it's reciprocal. My lovers are some of the best friends I have. We can talk freely about anything and everything, since I am the least judgmental person they know. And since we have no mutual friends, I am also the least threatening person they know. I feel safe with them, and they feel safe with me.

9. She's fun to be around. Because there's little or no expectations, you can be yourself around her. Like number 8 above, you can be as freaky as you want with her and she will not laugh in your face or tell you to "grow up" or "that's weird" or anything like that. She sees a side of you no one else gets to see, and that's the ultimate thrill for a hotwife. Seeing your "O" face is what she lives for. That, and, number 10.

10. She's multi-orgasmic.  Since she's so comfortable with her body (read "no hang-ups") she knows what she likes. I've had my young guys tell me the young girls they've been with "hate oral sex" and worse, hate giving oral sex to THEM. They worry about the way they look; they obsess about the way their breasts bounce or if their stomach is flat enough, while I'm obsessing over your sexy, naked body and making sure I don't miss an inch. I'm ready to go, and once you've recovered, I'm ready to go again. A hotwife doesn't get tired of fucking and will NEVER get bored and want you to "hurry up and cum cuz I've got stuff to do today." A hotwife focuses on YOU. She's not thinking about her grocery list while she's sucking your dick. 

11. Compliments will get you everywhere. You don't have to text us every day. Hell, once a week will do just nicely, thank you. But make sure you keep telling us how great we are in bed, what you want to do to us next time, and how beautiful/hot you think we are. If you don't, we will lose interest, and like the proverbial bus, there are plenty of hot guys out there in line waiting for you to step aside. Remember, a hotwife is already married. She's just looking for a little fun on the side, maybe someone hot and wonderful enough to stick around and be more than just a side dish. If she's not getting enough herself, she'll drop you like a hot potato and you won't get a second chance. 

Now, go out and get yourself a hotwife and have fun! Make sure you get yourself tested first---she'll want to go bareback--I know I like it better that way. 

Anna XO