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Monday, February 16, 2015

Feast or famine...and it's feasting time

Hello dear readers! Hope all you sexy mutherfuckers had a great Valentine's Day!!! From what I've read on my Twitter feed, it looks like there was quite a bit of fucking going on. Naughty naughty!!!

I myself had a new hottie over last Wednesday, a cute guy I met him Tinder. Brown hair, brown eyes, just my type. He came to my door and he was actually a little heavy, but I thought, eh, I'm a little chubby these days so WTF. He was 25 years old. Barely a little more than half my age. He was at the same college where I take my writing class which is only 5 min away. He had said his class ended at noon and he'd come right over after.

I always get so nervous with someone new and since I'd poured out all the vodka in the house after discovering my daughter had been pilfering it, I didn't have any to calm my nerves. I did find an unopened "Kinky" vodka, which was pink and a mix of mango and other juices, not really what I wanted but oh well what the hell. I opened it up and poured some into a rocks glass and started sipping. By 12:15 I was getting loaded (I hadn't eaten..too nervous) and not a peep from him. I turned on my PA and plugged in my mic and iPhone and started singing to pass the time. I haven't sung since our last band rehearsal and I was happily surprised that my voice was so strong! I belted out to "Without You" by Motley Crue and "Down Boys" by Warrant, two songs I always wanted to do but the band didn't want to do. I just sang them over and over till a text from him finally came. He was on his way. I texted my hubby right away and he was excited for me and told me to "have fun!!"

When he finally arrived, it was like 12:40 and I was lit. Wearing a red negligee (the same one I wore for F) I had been singing and dancing around my living room and was in such a happy mood. He came in, smiling huge, happy to see me. I tried to put him at ease and said, "yay! you're even cuter than your profile picture!" He took off his boots and jacket, and clearly he hadn't done anything like this before. It was cute. He started to undress right there so I took his hands and stopped him. I told him what I had been doing and did he want something to drink? He said "sure" and I told him the story about why I was drinking the girly vodka. I got a sense he really didn't know what to make of me. While we were standing in the kitchen, I just got in his face and gave him a juicy kiss and said, 'Sorry!! Just had to do that!! Hope that was okay!!" and he giggled and said, "Of course!" He was wearing the dorkiest said "Wisconsin" on it and had a picture of a mallard duck. I laughed and mentioned how dorky it was but that I love ducks. He giggled.

Within like 5 minutes, I took him by the hand upstairs. He was late, and we only had an hour cuz I had to leave by 1:50 to pick up my daughter from school.  When we got to my room, he undressed quickly and was totally naked and laid down on my bed. He had a huge dick and it was rock hard and he was ready to go. I went down on him first, and he loved it. I worked my way around his dick and balls and he moaned with delight. We had discussed the whole condom thing in texting and he said he was clean; he hadn't been with anyone else for a really long time anyways. (Hard to believe! He was really cute!) I then laid down next to him and he got on top of me and put his dick in me and pulled out after just a couple thrusts. He came on top of me, like 5 seconds after he started. He was so upset. After he cleaned us up, I said, "Here, come lay with me" and he said, "I'm not the cuddling kind" as he put his clothes back on. I was like, "what's wrong?" dummy me didn't really get why that made him so upset. He mumbled something like, "I shouldn't have come here. I have work I need to do for my dad" or something like that. I said kindly, "That was hot. You were so turned on by me you came quickly. Who cares? Let's go for round 2!" But he wasn't interested. He left so quickly my head was spinning.

I texted him right away that I took it as a compliment, etc. and that I would love to see him again. Never heard back.  I don't know what to think. Guess I'd have to be a guy to get it. Maybe someone can explain it to me. 
I'm still obsessed with F and think of him every day. I have checked his Instagram, which he's blocked me from (nice, right??) but I can see it if I Google it. He seems to still be with the ex-gf who cheated on him, but no new pics of her. AND his FB still says he's single. So whatever. I'm really hoping something happens with this new guy to take my mind off him. He's super cute, and I think he's 22, blond and blue-eyed and a snowboarder to boot. I'll call him "K". Totally hot and sexy. And SWEET. We've been writing back and forth for over a week, almost two maybe? I feel more comfortable with him than anyone I've hadn't yet met. We've even sent silly pics to each other. THAT'S how comfortable I am with him. He told me recently he "wasn't ready". He's worth being patient for, and I told him I wanted him and for him to let me know when he's ready but that I was going to see someone else. I can't sit and wait for anyone. What if he's never ready? My heart gets broken so easily. I get my hopes up and get close to someone and then poof, they're gone. I've had this happen too many times.

Oh, and Allen came back into the picture. He texted me a Happy Valentines' day and we've been chatting. He's soooo perfect in every way except he won't go down on me! So I lost interest. But he's patient and maybe I'll tell him sometime that he needs to work on that and that I'll help him. For now, I'm putting him off saying our schedules just aren't working out to get together.

Another new hottie and I have been writing, and he's the spitting image of F, but with tattoos and piercings!!!!! YAY!!!!!! We've been hot and heavy just for a couple days, and as it stands right now, I'm driving to see him Wednesday. He lives an hour away. DAMN!!!!! But where there's a will, there's a way!!! We'll see. I'm used to these guys being all talk. That's what most of them are. When they find out I'm real and really want to get together with them they disappear. I hope this doesn't happen with this guy....I'll call him Mr. S for now.

Feast or famine. It's feasting time right now--- I've got 5 guys writing me and a girl...she's the most persistent of them all and I'm like, back-pedaling cuz I'm not sure that's what I want to pursue.  Since K's not interested I am hoping Mr. S is just what I'm looking for. I need someone to fall for so I can forget F. I've driven by his fire station on my way to work so many times and haven't seen his car even once. All I can do is hope he will think of me and miss me too and text me. I have to move on.

Have a great week you sexy MF's!!!!


JimmyT said...

Poor Girl, You write more when you are getting it so I hope you get what you want out of one of those guys! Can't believe they flake out on you. Keep at it, there are some of us out here pulling for You!

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you for your comment JimmyT! I appreciate you! And yeah the common denominator is ME so...I'm not really sure why I keep getting flaked on....I'm open to any suggestions or advice!!!! Have a great day and thank you for reading and posting!!!

Anna XO

JimmyT said...

Anna, I really don't think it's you. It is kind of the culture the males in our society are being brought up in today. When you look around and see how modern "feminism" is coached in the press and in the media (TV and movies) the message to the younger males in our society is the antithesis of kind of feminist you are. Now maybe males 20 or so years older than the ones you tend to go after would be a little different in that they would desire a FWB type relationship, but the younger set today are really skiddish of the strong female types. Older ones, the ones that know what they want and go after it. Remind you of anyone!!

I hope the best and keep banging away and more importantly, keep writting!!

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you Jimmy T for your comments. You've given me some food for thought. It's interesting because these young guys seem to really drink up my confidence and independence and then somehow get scared away at the same time..? I don't understand it. They want it and then don't want it at the same time...??!!