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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sex with Mr. S

I did something I've never done before...and that's drive an hour to fuck someone I'd never met before. Mr. S, who I mentioned last post is who I was driving to go see. He's 21, the prettiest green eyes I'd ever seen on a guy, brown hair, pierced ears and a beautiful musical chest tattoo. YUM. 

Mr. S didn't cancel on me, in fact, we texted all evening Tuesday and he confirmed yes, he definitely wanted me to still come Wednesday morning. I had to lie to my boxing coach why I wasn't going to be able to make my lesson (fuck! I HATE missing boxing!!) BUT I was really excited to meet Mr. S. He had come on so strong, and the chemistry was almost as intense as it was with F. I couldn't wait to get naked with him.

He texted me his address, and I put it in my GPS. He lived 63 miles from me, which meant I'd get there in 45 minutes hehehehe I actually left late since I had a hard time deciding what to wear.

I got to his city and exited the freeway and pulled over to a fast food parking lot cuz he'd written, "my roommate is still here. Can you wait a little bit?" I ended up waiting about 20 minutes, which was fine. It gave me a chance to take a breath and answer all my texts and emails (which I'd been neglecting--driving). Then he gave me the green light and said, "Get that sexy ass of your here ASAP!" so that's what I did!

I got to his house, a cute three-bedroom in the city that he shared with two guy roommates. The entryway was strewn with old, unread newspapers still wrapped in plastic bags and at least ten pairs of shoes thrown everywhere. He then came to the door and greeted me and kissed me. It was nice, but not magnetic like F who wouldn't STOP kissing me. He led me through the living room to the stairway, which was the cliche bachelor pad. It cracked me up. To the left was the leftover beer pong game complete with red Solo cups everywhere. To the right was the big screen TV with the Guitar Hero drum set right in front of it and clothes everywhere. I couldn't see the carpet.  I followed him through the kitchen, which continued the cliche with a sink full of dishes (as well as on the countertops) and to the stairway which had no railing to hold onto. I was in boots with a small heel so I was fine. 

His room was at the top of the stairs to the right, and it took was young male cliche. It was so fun though. I felt so naughty just being in his house. I followed him into his bedroom and he'd made his bed so that was cute! We chatted while we walked through the house and up to his room, I was teasing him about his "bachelor pad" and we giggled and finally we were in his room. I took off my coat and scarf (winter here) and put my purse down and took off my boots. He came up to me and helped me take off my top and started kissing me. It was sensual and so sexy. I had worn a burgundy velvet minidress with a plunging neckline over black leggings. Underneath I wore a new bra/panty set, pretty lacy white on grey. I had never worn it before so it was just for him.

I personally think it's sexier to keep some clothing on and work around it, so I didn't want to just strip right away, but he held me close and worked the clasp on my bra. He had a little trouble with it which was totally sexy. It meant he had to hold me close longer and I loved just our skin touching and getting really close enough to smell him. I'm a big scent person and he smelled manly and delicious without being over the top.

I told him, 'mmmmm you smell good" and he answered, "so do YOU!" He slid my bra off, tossed it to the floor and proceeded to lick and suck my nipples in delight. I loved it.
He made his way up to my neck and that's when I really melted in his arms.

He was gentle in his movements and I loved that. It felt reassuringly safe and made me want him more. I couldn't wait to get my leggings off and they came off next. He was just in his skivvies and it was fun seeing his big hard dick trying to get out. I wanted it in my mouth so badly. But he wanted me more.

As he pulled off my leggings, he next slid his fingers under my panties and spread my legs apart. He buried his head in my pussy and gave me a good sucking. He stopped, pulled his head back for a moment and said, "Mmm you didn't tell me about your clit piercing!" I said, "I was saving that for a surprise!" He giggled and went back to pleasing me. My back arched. I grabbed a handful of that gorgeous hair and held on for the ride. I didn't come but I wanted to to suck that dick first.

So guess what I did next??

I pulled down his boxers and he stepped out of them. I had him lay on his back so I could sit on my knees and admire his body. He was the perfect size in every way--not tall so I knew we'd fit perfectly together. Mmmmm. I just drank up the beautiful, naked man laying in front of me. He stared at me intently while I licked him from the balls up. Mmmm he was delicious. I don't know why but I just love a man's balls. I love to lick them (as long as they're hairless!!) I go all around them and suck on them and make my way up and down the shaft of his penis and back again, sucking and licking till he almost came. He held my head in his hands and moaned the whole time. I could've spent all day down there.

I stopped when I knew he was almost ready to climax, and smiled up at him and licked my lips in anticipation. I climbed on top of him, and as I eased that huge dick into my vagina I kissed him. Nothing makes me wetter than deep, slow, juicy kisses. He wasn't that big into kissing and I instantly thought of F who loved them as much as me. I hated comparing them but they look so much alike it's uncanny. Without even using any lube, I eased his dick inside me. It took a little tugging, and he held onto my hips and said, "Mmmm, tight pussy." His was probably the biggest girth of any dick I'd ever had. I loved it. It did feel so tight. Like our bodies were locked together like the way dragonflies fuck in the air. 

I fucked him like he'd never been fucked I'm sure. I'm no cold fish. I don't just lie there. I move my body and I could tell he was surprised and loved it. He had his hands on my hips and moved with my body and we rocked and fucked and I nibbled his neck and his nipples and chest and tummy. Then he slowed me to a stop, smiling at me and said, "give me a sec" which I realized was him slowing himself down so he wouldn't come. After that disastrous romp with Tinder guy last week I was very impressed!

After a few seconds, he had me pull out and asked me to get on all fours. Mmmm. He'd texted me this moment in explicit detail--how he was going to pound me from behind and shoot his load into me. That's exactly what he did. He kissed my back and held me while he fucked me doggy-style, which I thought was sweet and loving. He came so hard and I loved hearing him call out in ecstasy as he came. I had my hands wrapped around his pillow and my face to the side and after he came he laid his head on my face for a few minutes. It was warm and sexy.

We broke apart, and he had a roll of paper towels on his bedside I hadn't noticed before and he took a few off and handed them to me and did the same for himself. Of course they were rougher than I'd have liked to use but I giggled and said, "Convenient! You keep them there for all your girls?" and I think I embarrassed him cuz I think he hasn't gotten laid in a while and it's for all his masturbating. I still thought it was hot.

After we cleaned up, he laid down again and pulled the covers over him and turned on his TV. He asked me what should we watch? I was so turned on and needed to come so badly still, I took his hand off the remote and put it on my wet, pulsating pussy. He seemed surprised and didn't know what to make of it, and touched me a little but I could tell his was "done" so I faked a small orgasm to let him off the hook and took his hand off. We laid there and chatted for about 20 minutes then I wanted to leave and not overstay my welcome.

We chatted about his job and dreams and all, it was nice but I didn't feel connected to him at all. I really thought, "I'll never see him again" and realized I didn't care either way. It was fun, the sex was good, but not mind-blowing. I did think, "mmm, I'd like another chance with him" but eh, we'd see. He is an hour's drive away.

We kissed goodbye and I left. It was definitely anti-climatic!! I was so wet and turned on the whole drive home and as soon as I got home I stripped my clothes off and masturbated. Damn I needed that! I had been texting my hubby off and on and he said he was so turned on he couldn't pay attention at work and was coming home early! I told him I needed to be finished off. He said he couldn't wait.

And he did. Mmmmmm two guys in one day. 



Lola said...

Very very hot! Good for you!

JimmyT said...

I love that you hunt out these men, and then go out and fuck them. What a woman. Not many women like out there. Glad you write about your escapades!!

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you!!! Glad you liked it!! :)