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Monday, March 16, 2015

A-Ha Moment

Well, if anything becoming a detective due to my husband's infidelities taught me, it's effective sleuthing! I have learned how to check on people. I can't reveal my ways but let's just say I know my way around the Internet. AND guess what I found??? I found a way to view F's Instagram (he blocked me from seeing it) and guess what?? He's back with his GF, the one who cheated on him. The one he laid in MY bed telling me about. Yep, and not only did I run into him twice in four days, BUT I miss him by sheer hours at the car wash as well! He'd posted a pic of his sports car just hours after I had gone there myself! Is this not the craziest irony??

But here's the kicker: He posted a pic of the two of them together and I can't write what they said (I've been warned about quoting off the Internet here) but suffice it to say they are still quite together. And the vacation he said he was taking? The one where he said, "YES we need to see each other def when I get back from vacation" is a road trip to Florida with HER!!!!!! 

I'm not stalking him because I'm a crazy bitch in love. I have learned that people lie. And the only way to get the truth is to do a little detective work because people who lie leave clues. And he's stupid--just like my husband was stupid---he thinks cuz he blocked me I can't see what he's up to. I CAN. AND I DO. 

And my lovely F has fallen off his pedestal.

I will not be an affair whore. That's not who I am. I know both their Facebooks still say they're "single" which is confusing but I guess we will see when he gets back if he contacts me. He obviously deleted my phone number because that last Saturday when I wrote him his text response was, "(my name) who?" Cuz I guess he knows a number of girls who have the same name as me. When he realized it was me he was very glad to hear from me.

There's one more piece of the puzzle.......guess what????

His GF "liked" another pic of me I posted on MY Instagram!!! I posted a pic of me flexing my bicep at the gym. Now you have to understand, she is not a "follower", but I guess my page isn't private so anyone can comment/follow me. This is the second time she's "liked" one of my pics.

And she "liked" it at approximately midnight Friday night. When she was with HIM. IN FLORIDA. PROBABLY LAYING IN BED WITH HIM. 

I can just imagine how the conversation went.

HER to F:  "Hey! Look at (my son's mom---that's how she knows me). Isn't she hot for her age?" 
She shows it to him. They're laying naked and she's showing him a pic of ME to him and commenting on how good I look.
F: (inside freaking out, dick getting hard, remembering our hot roll in the hay in MY bed) "yeah, I guess so" and acts all non-chalant. 
HER: clicks "like" and thinks nothing of it. 

After all, she suspects nothing. He's all hers. I'm just the mom of his friend who took prom pics of them three years ago. That's the last time she and I saw each other.

I found those pics yesterday on my laptop. I was curious how he looked. And that's when I realized it had been 3 years since I'd seen him, NOT two. He was only 16 (nearly 17) then. No wonder I didn't remember him. I didn't remember her either. I remembered only his dad's red Ferrari and how handsome my son looked in his tux. 

So.....I have all the information now. And as to why he didn't respond about the pic I took of our cars together? I'm guessing he just deleted it cuz he was with her. 

Which doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. I haven't done anything wrong. My hubby knows everything. Of course I tell him!! He knows how I feel about F and how upset I was. He's always picking up the pieces after these guys break my heart. At least now I know the TRUTH so he can't play me anymore.

He's soooo young. He's only 19. And she's only 18. They're so immature. I'm moving on and if and when he decides he wants to see me, he knows how to contact me. Of course I'll see him again. 

He knows where I live. 

And for the record, I'm talking to at least 6-8 different guys, and none of them are close to his looks and charm. He was great in bed and great out of bed too. He's def a hard act to follow.

I'll keep looking.


SEX LIFEless said...

Just started my own blog here yesterday and discovered you too, so I'm glad I joined. Interesting blog, but sorry to hear about the infidelity.

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you and welcome to my blog!! I am excited to have a new reader and I can't wait to check out yours as well! And thank you. I appreciate that. It's been a learning experience for sure. Thankfully we are in a GREAT place now.