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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Foreplay is my forte!

The boys on Tinder in LA are just hotter than here where I live.....I shouldn't say that but it's true. All that fresh air and it should come as no surprise that no sooner had I landed then I was on the dating site looking for a hottie to play with. It didn't take me long to find some cuties; I narrowed it down to three and chatted back and forth over a couple days to see who would actually show up at my hotel room. The cutest one I'll call Felipe (he's not even Hispanic so don't get your panties in a wad thinking he's your guy ladies) and we exchanged phone numbers. By Sunday he was sending me shirtless pics and yes, nudies. He was GORGEOUS. 26 years old, clearly works out, ripped abs but not overly muscle-y. Very handsome too. A definite 9. Brown eyes, brown hair, a little hair on his lower stomach which super turns me on.

We teased each other back and forth with pics and sexting, but I know it usually ends there. He had wanted me to come to his apartment during the day but I was busy seeing family, but I was going to be alone in the hotel that night so I was letting him know I wanted him that night instead. He was begging me to "come over now, I have a big hard dick waiting for you" but I wasn't available. Besides, isn't the teasing the best part??? The part where they want me SO bad they are putty in my hands.

The evening rolled along and he was still interested. We agreed 9 o'clock would work, he'd just come straight to my hotel room. He was super excited and horny, and I admit, so was I.

I had had dinner with my hubby, and two glasses of wine later (three for him) we were snuggling at the bar. He always gets so excited when I have a date! He had to leave me there to drive 3 hours where he had meetings the next morning, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to have a little fun. He kissed me and left, and I went to my room to freshen up for my new lover.

I put on some sexy music and ordered two vodka sprites for us, and showered and got ready. I had packed some sexy lingerie just for this moment, and tried on a few different ones and sent selfies to my hubby and asked him what I should wear for my young stud. I wore the one he chose (I do as I'm told). He also told me to wear my stilettos for him too.

We said our goodnights and "I love you"'s and hung up. I had an amazing view of the LAX airport, and grabbed my drink and a chair. I put up my feet and watched the planes taking off and landing and waited for my lover to arrive. The last thing he wrote before I sat down was, "See you soon babe!"

Then came this: "God my car won't start!"

I was like, "yep, stood up again." These guys get scared. Another wasted night alone in a hotel room.

He said he'd call Uber. Then he said he couldn't afford it. Then he asked me if I'd be willing to pay one way. I stopped writing him. Fuck that. I'm not paying anything. I am giving myself to you. I'm not a whore. I'm a slut! There's a difference!!

When he realized I stopped responding, he said, "I'll take that as a no hahaha", then, "hey enjoy the pics wish it happened. Safe travels tmrw." It seemed he might've actually been telling the truth. I responded, "Me too. thank u." He said, "If you're ever in the area hit me up" to which I didn't respond, but thought to myself, "yeah, so you can stand me up yet again!!!!"

Then he wrote, "Actually fuck it I'm coming be there in 20"


I said, "you are?" And he responded, "yeah maybe 30 because I have to wait for this uber." I said, "I'm glad you changed your mind" and sent him a selfie to reward him. He loved it. He said, "Get ready baby, I'm on my way."

I did a little happy dance and texted my hubby the date was back on. He said he already had a huge hard on and couldn't wait. Could I leave my phone on secretly so he could hear?? I said I would do that for him.

He didn't get there till 10:40, but he did show up. I had told him to send me a quick text when he got to the hotel, but he didn't! All of a sudden I heard a knock at my door!!! It was him!!!

I said, "who is it?" and he said, "It's me!" I opened the door and there he was, all 5-9 inch, twenty-six years old full of smoldering testosterone. He was GORGEOUS! As good looking as his pics! I let him in and we were both smiling! He kissed me right away and I said I thought he was going to text me when he got here and he said he was so excited he forgot! LOL 

He kicked off his shoes (black and white Converse) and I took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. He quickly took off his shirt and there were those amazing abs...just inches away from my face. I put my hands on them and pulled him close so I could smell him. Mmm I love the way men smell!! It wasn't like full-on cologne scent, it was just "manly" LOL as silly as that sounds. I gave him butterfly kisses and caressed his torso, he was just so delicious. 

My favorite part is the unzipping of the fly and getting to see the hard cock for the first time. I love this part!!! He started to do it himself and I gently took over for him. I love the unbuckling, I love the unzipping, and I love the feeling a guy must get at this point. The anticipation is the best part! It's better than Christmas! It's a gift I love to give myself. 

Once opened, I gently pulled his jeans down and allowed him to step out of them. Standing in front of me is one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever laid eyes on, and he's all mine. Also discovering what kind of boxers/undies they wear is another favorite of mine. He had on the stretchy kind that hugs his package, and it was apparent I had gotten him all worked up! I loved rubbing his hard cock while it was still inside. Like I said, the anticipation is my favorite. Foreplay is my forte! I put my mouth on that huge bulge and nibbled it till he couldn't stand it another second. I grabbed his ass and squeezed it hard. What a nice tight ass he had!  He was running his hands through my hair gently and then grasped my head to lift me up to his mouth. He kissed me hard and sensuously, his tongue so hungry. It was juicy and so delicious. I love being kissed!!!!!

He lifted me and put my on the edge of the bed, and pulled out his big hard dick. Mmmm I put my mouth around it and started sucking it just like I'd texted him I would. He then pushed me gently onto my back and hovered over me, that big dick bouncing up and down in my face. I giggled and took it in my mouth and kept sucking it. 

I pulled off and said, "come lay down", and he did. I got on top of him, took a big long drink of that sexy man laying there in my bed, and took a mental picture. He was happy and smiling, his hands leisurely behind his head, just splayed out for my pleasure. This is where I feel like a kid in a candy store, I just can't decided what I want to do first! Suck him? Lick him? Fuck him? Reverse cowgirl or just climb on top? I decided to straddle him and continue the BJ I'd promised him. He was DELICIOUS. He moaned and stiffened and grabbed my hair and writhed in delight. It wasn't five minutes when I tasted his pre-cum and I always let a guy know I've tasted it. He loved it. 

It was the quietest orgasm I'd ever given anyone! He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all completely seamless. It just went down so easily and I never had the gag response like I've gotten with other guys. It was like, "SHIT HE JUST CAME!! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN???"

And as pleased as he was, he was done!

He pulled me down next to him, and he cuddled me. He said, "give me five minutes, I'll be ready to go again." I said, "no worries! You can play with ME!" and coyly took his hand off his dick, which he was slapping around to get it hard again, and put it on my very wet and excited pussy. He fingered me for a little bit and just as I was ready to come he stopped and went back to slapping his dick again and I said, "I'll make you excited again by making me come" but he seemed so focused on his floppy dick. Then he said he had to go to the  bathroom, so he got up and went (I was hoping he'd leave the door open....and I contemplated following him in....but I chickened out and he closed the door....

He came back to bed but he was done. He was very sweet and kept apologized but the truth was, I didn't care that his dick wasn't getting hard! There was a lot he could do that had nothing to do with his limp penis! I asked him if he'd go down on me and he said, "sorry I don't do that" and I was like, "oh....okayyy...." and was really disappointed. He was sweet and shy, he was embarrassed about his limp dick and really didn't get that I didn't care. I wanted him to touch me and please me, but he didn't have a clue even though I was doing my best to communicate what I wanted him to do. I couldn't convince him sadly, and he looked at his phone and said his cab was there.

He started to get dressed, and I picked up my purple satin robe and put it on. He sat down on the bed to put his shoes on, and I told him I loved his Converse shoes and told him I collected them. He said he did too, and we chatted about them for a little bit. Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me and thanked me for a great time, and that he'd love to see me again next time I'm in LA. I said I would definitely call him. We walked to the door, he kissed me hard again, and smiling, left. I watched his sexy ass walk away and closed the door. Then suddenly I heard a knock, and it was him again! He said, "I left my phone!" and we laughed and he went over to the bed, grabbed it, and kissed me again on the way out. And again, I watched his sexy ass walk away out into the hall, smiled to myself, and closed the door.

I took out my contacts, and called my hubby and told him how the night went. He was three hours away in another hotel room and he was still as horny as I was. We masturbated to each other and it was super hot. We pleased ourselves as we pleased each other and said our "I love you's" and goodbyes.

Laying there in the dark, feeling quite dreamy, and texted Felipe, "Thanks for coming (pink heart emoticon) you're very sweet and sexy" He wrote back immediately, "Thank you! I had a blast!" That was awesome.

I slept very well that night.



Mike said...

That's kinda bullshit on his part. Really? "I don't do that." asshole...

JimmyT said...

I don't get that so many young guys don't go down on their women. I always felt if the woman was brave enough to go down there was no reason not to on my part.

Too bad he was a single pop kind of guy too, I don't get that at just 26.

And finally, wow you do a lot of work to get your action. I can't believe guys are not lining up outside your door, a hot blooded and willing woman and you really got to work to get them into the bed. I just don't understand it, seems like a lot of jaded men out there.

Great story just the same, keep up the writing.

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you JimmyT for your comment! I really appreciate it!!! Yeah I think part of the problem is I like them young and they really just don't know who they are or what they want. My friends tell me to go for older guys and I won't have these problems. I will keep trying! Thank you again and sorry for such a late response.

Lola said...

I'm glad he showed up and was up! Good job!