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Monday, August 31, 2015

My weirdest date ever

I had the strangest experience the other night, and would very much like you sexy readers to tell me what you think of it. It was so bizarre.

Tinder has been a steady provider of hot guys for me, and one in particular I will call Tyler (NOT his real name). We started chatting in June, but it never led anywhere. He would pop in and out saying startling things like, "Can I come over right now? I want to fuck you so bad." No chit-chat like, "How's your day been?" like most guys write. And so there was never any planning, so it was always, "sorry babe, no, I can't see you right now", cuz I'm a mom and have a job so his timing always was off. 

We started up again a few days ago with Snapchatting. He was on his way to a wedding he was going to be in, and had on a tuxedo. He looked AMAZING. VERY VERY handsome. Blonde hair slicked back, big blue eyes, dimples in his smile, and a mischievous grin. Pics taken from inside a limo. He'd been writing me all day begging me to come see him later on in the evening, and I said I would.

He wanted me badly, he said. Would I pick him up from the bar he was at? He said the limo had dropped him off. I figured he was ditching the wedding party to be with me. I said sure. Finally our timing was perfect.

My hubby and I had been having a wonderful date! We had dinner from the 26th floor restaurant at our favorite place, and we were getting tipsy. We bar hopped and between a couple of Cosmos and a bottle of wine, we were flirty and horny, and the night was still young. He loved that I was going to get fucked by my stud. We drove to Tyler's hotel and I dropped my hubby off, and then I drove to go get Tyler. What luck the hotel was only a half mile away from the bar he was at!!! I texted him I was almost there, and drove up outside it. He came out, and I was already creaming my panties. What a fucking gorgeous 24 year old. Still dressed in his tux, looking very dapper, he got in my car. We said breathy "Hi"'s like we'd known each other forever.  We started kissing furiously. We wanted each other so badly. The chemistry was insane. I haven't felt that way with anyone except Jordan and F. It's what I've been searching for.

We were so hungry for one another. We were practically dry humping each other in the front seat of my car. Someone honked and that startled us and we broke our hold on each other and giggled. I don't remember much we said except I told him how gorgeous he looked and he said the same to me, and groped my breasts and kissed my neck while I was (a little drunkenly) trying to drive. It was so fun! I only had to go a half-mile. 

My hubby's plan was to keep an eye on me and make sure I was okay. I was to leave the car running outside the hotel, and walk in. He would let me walk past him then go out and park the car, so that's what we did. I know Tyler didn't see my hubby there in the lobby, but as he and I were walking with linked arms together, I winked at my husband and he grinned at me, got up and went out to the car. Tyler was a little drunk himself, and he couldn't find his hotel room key. Finally he did and like little kids about to go to Disneyland, and we skipped to the elevator! He was confused and didn't know what floor it was, but told me it was room 713, so I said, "7th floor babe!" and pushed the right button. 

We got into his room and as I expected it, there were two full beds unkempt with various men's clothes and shoes scattered. I knew he was part of a wedding party and probably there were more than one groomsman had changed clothes in the room. It wasn't gross or dirty just scattered men's clothes. Very sexy. 

Now keep in mind we were both very tipsy and very horny. We walked over to one of the beds and it was like we didn't need to talk. We both knew what we wanted. I sat down on the edge of the bed and he put my stilleto-shoed legs up and slid my panties off and went down on me. Straightaway!! And my loyal readers know how badly I have been trying to find a guy that will do that like F did!!! I was falling in love. 

After a few minutes, he pulled himself up and directed me, "Get on your knees." It was hot and I did as I was told. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick which was already hard. I started to suck him and lick him when I heard someone knocking on the inside door that conjoins his room with the one next to it.

I got up and he tucked his cock back in and zipped up his pants and went to talk to whomever it was. I couldn't understand anything they were saying. I just wanted him to fucking go away!

Suddenly this guy was in our room! He looked like Tommy Lee Jones and seemed angry. I was standing by the sink, and next thing I know, he tosses my panties onto the counter by me. I was like, "What the fuck???" Everything seemed hazy.

Then the front door opened, and a white-haired, good looking older man that reminded me of Roger Sterling from "Mad Men" walked in. He was wearing a tux too, a different color, lavender maybe? And I was like WTF is going on???!! And I couldn't hear what they were saying. I forgot to mention, I've had a bad ear infection for a week, and even though I've been on antibiotics, I'm almost completely deaf, so besides being tipsy unless they were talking loudly I wasn't going to be able to now what they were saying. Tyler wasn't looking at me, he was looking at the ground and all of a sudden, he was packing up all his things! His clothes, his shoes, the dry-cleaning bag that had held his tux in. He was awkwardly holding all of it and they ushered us out the door! We were standing in the hallway, Tyler looking away and the two men looking at me like I was a cheap hooker. The Roger Sterling guy said to me something about being the father of the bride and something about "ex-something" and nodded towards Tyler, but I don't know what he said. He said, "Young lady, I assume you have transportation home?" I said, "Of course, my car is here." And then it hit me------all I could think of was, OH MY GOD TYLER IS THE FUCKING GROOM!!!!!

That is the ONLY thing that would make sense. Suddenly angry instead of embarrassed, I said to Tyler in front of the other two men angrily, "Are you single Tyler?" He answered quietly, "yes". I said, "Are you hurting anyone by being with me here right now?" and he said, "No". I said loudly and angrily to all three men, ' THEN WHAT THE FUCK?????????!!!" and I turned and started to walk away.

I had no idea what happened.

I got in the elevator and texted my husband. He said he would be pulling up in front of the hotel in a second. Tyler and "Roger", the father of the bride must've gotten into the elevator next to me at the same fucking time cuz as I got out, so did they! They walked right past me and didn't look at me or say anything. It was so fucking weird. Tyler was still awkwardly holding all his belongings. It was raining, and a black van pulls up and "Roger" opens the door and Tyler gets in. My hubby's car pulled up right at that moment and I got in.

My husband confided that he was just outside the hotel room when he saw 'Roger" walk up and knock. He wanted to make sure I was okay, and was too wondering, "what the fuck???" He couldn't hear what was being said either.

Furious, I texted Tyler, "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?? YOU OWE ME AN EXPLANATION. ARE YOU THE FUCKING GROOM????" He answered, but not right away, "hahah no I'm not the groom." Like it was funny???!! 

It's now Monday morning, and I STILL haven't gotten an explanation. I creeped on his FB and there's nothing new, BUT I found out it was his cousin that got married. Her FB pic shows her and her groom and it's not Tyler, thank God. So he was telling the truth, he wasn't the groom. So.....WTF happened?? Why was I being ushered out like I was 15 and got caught by my boyfriends' parents, and why did they kick HIM out of his room??

He wrote me yesterday, "Are you free?" I wanted to say, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??" but I said, "Maybe later tonight". 

Haven't heard back. 



Mike said...

that is fucked up. That asshole owes you an explanation. honestly the only reason to see him again is to get that explanation, and certainly not to fuck him.. he doesn't deserve it.

NaughtyAnna said...

I appreciate that Mike! It just left me reeling. And every day that goes by that he doesn't bother to explain just leaves me angrier. And yeah, I did think of that....make a date with him and just get the explanation and slap him in the face and walk away.....