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Monday, September 21, 2015

Craig'slist jackpot!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, just for fun, my hubby posted an ad through the Craigslist ads "casual encounters" and without a pic of me, he had over 100 responses in his inbox. He gave me his phone and I scrolled through the emails responses, and it was truly amazing. I began to delete any emails that didn't have a face pic, and deleted the ones I wasn't attracted to. By bedtime, I'd say there were close to 300 emails, and they just kept coming. I was having so much fun reading them! Girls, you should do this even if you have NO intention of meeting anyone!!! It is SO good for the ego!!!

So, it boiled down to three guys who I wanted to meet. The first I mentioned (I think) a few posts ago; a 25-year old whom I went to meet him at his work and I just wasn't attracted to him. That was a case of a really good pic that didn't really look like him anymore. He had long, sexy brown hair in the pic, shirtless, looked SO much like "F" I was so excited to meet him. He actually resembled Freddie Mercury more. I love Freddie Mercury and would've def slept with him (gay or not) but this guy just didn't do it for me.

The second guy who calls himself "Sammy" (NOT his real name) is a 24 year-old long, blonde-haired model that lives near me. We have been Snapchatting back and forth but every time I try to see him he has some excuse. 

The third guy I'll call "Kris", and we've been texting back and forth since I got his email. I think he said he was 29, I don't remember actually, but he had 2 pics and he looked the same in both, tall, thin, black hair and blue eyes. Very very good looking. His texts were really like none other I've ever had with these young guys. He actually didn't WANT me to send him sexy pics! He said it was "too soon" and that for him, if a girl starts sending those right away he loses interest! I thought, WOW. THIS GUY IS DIFFERENT. When we'd suggest seeing each other, and our schedules weren't working out, he would respond immediately. He wasn't playing games. It was soooo refreshing!!! So......Friday night, hubby and I were out and decided it would be fun for me to see if he was available. HE WAS.

So we finished our drinks, and my hubby dropped me off in front of his luxury condo. He lived on the 10th floor overlooking the city and the lake, and it was gorgeous. It was raining lightly, and the streets were pretty empty for a Friday night. My hubby parked and went to a bar right across the street, and I pushed the security number "Kris" gave me to enter his building. I went in, and texted him I was at the elevator. When the doors opened, he peeked his head out of his door, and I smiled and we both shyly said "Hi!"This was a new experience for me, going to a guy's house!!!! I mean, yes, I have done it before, but only once, and that was that cute guy who lives an hour away. That was hot yes.....

So I went in, and it was a nice, bachelor-ly looking guys apartment. Black leather furniture, big screen-TV, and a cascade of magazines on a glass table arranged as if it were a doctor's office. Nice touch. Who keeps their magazines like that? I was impressed.  He asked if I'd like something to drink, and I said sure. I asked what he was drinking, and he said, "vodka 7-up" and I said perfect! Then we sat on the half-circular black leather couch and chatted, getting to know one another. I had set my phone alarm to a half-hour to make sure I remembered to text my hubby and let him know I was safe and fine. It hadn't gone off yet when my phone rang; my hubby was concerned as I looked at the time and it was 2 minutes from my alarm going off. It had been almost a half hour! I apologized and said we were just talking. I couldn't say it aloud, but I wasn't sure I was attracted enough to have sex with him. I was sizing him up.

He looked a bit differently in person than the pics, and that's always the danger of meeting someone vs falling for them in 2D format. He was tall, he was somewhat thin, and did have black hair. I think his eyes were brown, and he was a little fluffy. But he was so sweet, and I felt all warm and fuzzy about him from all the texting we had done, and how differently he'd been treating me from all those stupid 20 year olds. And I had been stood up just two days prior, and my ego needed some massaging. As we were talking, I started to get turned on and decided to get things going. I knew my hubby was across the street waiting for me. 

I suddenly just stood up and went and straddled his lap and sat on him, and started kissing him. He was happy and responded. He had really full lips and he was a good kisser. I lifted his t-shirt off him and I was a little disappointed he didn't have rock-hard abs like the Abercrombie guy from Wednesday, but it was okay. I wanted to see his cock.

As we kissed and groped, I was getting very turned on. He slid my panties off and then undid my bra. Next he slid his pants off. This is my favorite part!!! It's like Christmas!!! Ooooooo the unzipping of the pants and letting the penis out. Oh. My. God. It's like unwrapping the last gift behind the tree, the one you really wanted that was first on your list. Mmmmmm and he didn't disappoint. It was big and hard almost fully erect and I wanted to get right to fucking. I pulled my dress off over my head and I took that thing in my mouth and started sucking on it. He slid my panties off and undid my bra, and except for my stilettos, we were both now naked. I was tipsy and giddy and having fun, and next thing I remember, he led me by the hand into his bedroom.

The lighting was perfectly dark, and his bed was soft and cozy. I think the first thing he did was put his head between my legs. Damn was it nice to have a guy know what the fuck he's doing down there, and stay down there longer than five seconds!!! I just knew he was going to be good. What a difference being with someone who truly was ravishing me for MY enjoyment as much as for theirs!! After I went down on him next, he reached for a condom.

We fucked in every position I can think of. We just kept going at it, flipping over on his back, riding him on top, sideways, you name it. Then finally he instructed me to bend over. Ooooooo I love being told what to do, so I obeyed. He gently grabbed my hair and held it, and rammed his cock into me and fucked me hard and came inside me. It was so delicious.

Afterwards, we laid there together, it was really nice. I reached for my phone right away to let my hubby know we were done, and that I'd be ready for him to pick me up soon. We didn't lay there long, because I wanted to get back to my hubby. I knew he had a big hard-on for me and wanted to fuck me.

Soon I was dressed, and ready to go. I was smiling and happy and felt like a queen instead of a two-bit hooker. We kissed goodbye and I walked out to the elevator.

I saw my husband's car pull up right then, perfect timing! I got in and we made out, and headed home. He couldn't wait to hear details, and went right down on me and licked me till I came. Then like a hungry wolf, he pulled up my dress and ripped off my panties and fucked me hard.

Oh, and Kris's age?


Fuck the younger ones. I'm going older!

Oh, and lastly, he texted me THE VERY NEXT MORNING.



Lola said...

This is a wonderful story!

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you so much Lola!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•glad u enjoyed it!!

JimmyT said...

Good for You Anna!! I hope the two of you hook up some more!! I think there is a whole generation of Boy-Men out there that don't understand the basics of how to treat a Lady. They simply want to "nut in them" and go. They are looking for a hook up with more flesh than using their hand, but not much more than that. You deserve better.

Anonymous said...


The young lad wanted a one off, once he got what he wanted he was gone. Instead of being straight up (mature) he lead you to believe he was coming back...the downside to screwing hot young men I guess.

But you do have nice memories....

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you so so much for your comments! I need the reality check from you guys. I swear I'm nothing but a novice.

Anonymous said...