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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hotel room fun

If you are one of my Twitter followers, you saw some tweets today that probably left you feeling like, "Poor Anna". Hopefully it did! But last night was fun so I'll tell you about that first. The "Poor Anna" situation that happened today was by the same guy I had fun with last night. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I met this guy on Tinder, I'll call him Brian (NOT his real name), he's a 20-year old college boy, and he has seemed quite enamored of me. He has tried to see me a few times, but it's always "right now" and sorry I do have a life, a very busy one, and need a little more planning usually. I have a child too, I can't just gussy up at 10 o'clock at night and leave for hours--without any planning. So...he really started texting me a lot, then it went to Snapchatting and he just couldn't get enough of me. He begged me to come see him. He is SUPER cute, just my type, light brown hair, blue eyes, and in his pics he looks thin to average body, typical skinny constantly underfed college boy. I always creep on potential lovers to see if they know my own 20-year old son (LOL) and I saw from Brian's Facebook he had a very gorgeous girlfriend. I swear, she looks like a Victoria's Secret supermodel. Tall and thin, not a shred of fat on her, and always in sexy lingerie, posing just like a model, with a beautiful face and long, blonde hair below her breasts. I couldn't believe she wasn't enough for him???!!! SERIOUSLY???!! So, I was intrigued.

He wanted me to give him a BJ in his car. He wanted to meet in some park near his house, which is about 40 minutes from me. I told him, 'Uh, no, that's not going to happen." Who does he think I am, a two-bit hooker??? I was insulted. I just said, 'LOL I'm not 15 that's not my style." He said he lives with his parents (these seems to be an on-going theme here.....) so we couldn't go to his house. And of course my daughter's home so coming here was out of the question too. I told him I'd get a hotel room. He was a bit of an asshole in that he kept insisting I find something near HIM. I thought, "Fuck you! If I'm paying for a hotel room YOU can fucking drive to ME!!" Of course I didn't say that though.

I was having dinner/drinks with my hot mess BFF and she knew I was planning on meeting Brian. I told her, 'you teach people how to treat you. He said I am his first "MILF". I need to teach him that women our age don't give blowjobs in random parks at 10 o'clock at night!!!" LOL Well, maybe after we've been together a few times hehehehhe but not the very first time you meet him!!!!

So, I called around the nice hotels in the area, and they were all $169 a night. For one hour??? Fuck no. He was hot, but he wasn't THAT hot, and if it meant he had to wait for another time, so be it. I just got this over-riding feeling he had some jerk-ness to him. He was adamant that he got off work at 9, could meet me by 9:30, and that he was meeting some friend at the gym at 10:15. So I was losing interest quickly.

I thought too, if he's THAT good looking, and a bit of a self-centered jerk, he's used to girls falling all over him. Let him try a little fucking harder.

I texted him, "IDK babe hotels too expensive. At dinner with my friends right now." I was evasive and making him squirm. I loved it. And I was truly losing interest. He was too much work. I was doing everything and he was doing nothing.

So my friend and I were having a great time visiting and catching up, and he was persistent. Finally he said, "I'll drive there and you give me a BJ in the parking lot?" I was like, well, at least he's willing to drive 40 min each way. BUT I'm still not going to give him a BJ. What's in it for me?? What am I, 15 years old? Jesus Christ.

THEN I REMEMBERED THERE WAS A HOTEL RIGHT BEHIND THE RESTAURANT!! I asked the bartender if she knew what it was, and she said, "La Quinta"! I high-fived my BFF and called and sure enough, I got a reservation and it was only $82! I texted Brian and he was very excited. He said he'd meet me in the lobby at 9:30


He was running about 10 minutes behind, and my BFF and I paid for our dinner and I gulped down most of my third margarita. I drove over to the hotel (hehehe like 50 feet) and went in and paid for my room. Now, Anna has had sex in hotel rooms but I've never paid for one JUST FOR THE PURPOSE OF HAVING SEX. So this was naughty and fun. The slim, young attractive African-American front desk clerk was sweet as punch. I went up to the room to get situated, and within a few minutes, he texted he was "here." I went down the elevator (three floors) and there he was, sitting on one of the cheesy lime green brushed velvet chairs in the tiny lobby. Our eyes met and we both smiled, and he got up and walked over to me. We said our hellos and we walked together the few steps over to the elevator.

He asked what floor as I pushed the number 3 button. I was nervous but had almost 3 peach margaritas in me, which helped my nerves. He was cuter than his pics. Wearing baggy sweats with his high school emblem on it and a tight muscle T-shirt, I was like, "whoa, this guy's a fucking 10!!!" Waiting for the elevator, which turned out to be a very long minute, we nervously glanced at each other, and staring at me, he said, "wow, you're even prettier than your pics!" That made me smile so big!! I said 'Thank you!' and the door opened.

Once we got into the room, we were both awkward and didn't know how to get started. Clearly he was waiting for me to make the first move. I remembered something his Tinder profile said that I thought was very endearing, not at all "jerk-like", and that was, "7th best kisser in (my city)". He laid down on one of the queen beds and made himself comfortable, and he said, "Come here". I LOVE being told what to do and obeyed. I climbed on top of him and straddled him, and just kissed him. He has really full lips and he was a very good kisser! So in-between kisses, "Hmmm, I'd say you're at least 5th best kisser in (name of city)" He thought that was cute and giggled. He slid my panties off and commented that he loved my stillettos and that I hadn't taken them off.

He warned me he hadn't had sex in a long time (probably a few days hehehe) and was hoping he wouldn't come too quickly. I said that was fine, that I would take that as a compliment.He mentioned his girlfriend and said he'd broken up with her. We also had been talking about meeting today after his class at the junior college that's happily only a mile and a half away from me!! So that was the agreement; if he came too quickly, he'd make it up to me tomorrow (today).

He took off his T-shirt, and I gasped. I literally gasped. He looked just like an Abercrombie model. Not a shred of fat on him anywhere. He had the "V" abs. Molded biceps and hairless chest. He was PERFECT. I loved his big, strong arms, and I loved the way he couldn't take his eyes off me. I've fucked a lot of guys who close their eyes and he wasn't one of them. It was really neat. I really liked it.

Then I asked him to take off his sweat pants. OMG he had on those tight boxers I love and had a huge hard-on. I admired his beautiful body, and touched his legs and abs, and told him how beautiful i thought he was. He returned the compliment. I took off my dress over my head and tossed it aside and he undid my bra in the back and took it off. He cupped my breasts in his hands, and shoved them in his face and gave my nipples some hard sucking. I wanted to taste him, all over.

I started with kissing him, then nibbled his neck (I whispered I wouldn't leave marks), and licked and kissed his chest and continued down his torso, to his throbbing hard cock. His hands just glided gently over me and I went down on him. He WAS delicious. He interrupted my sucking and said, "I'm sorry for not shaving down there." I said, 'It's fine, I didn't even notice". And I hadn't. There wasn't much hair. I was too busy being turned on and having a great time. Then he told me what he wanted, and that was to flip around and sit on his face while I sucked his cock.

WOW I had never done that with anyone but my hubby! And I can't remember the last time we did that! Brian put his fingers in me and fucked me with them, and alternatively, licked my clit. He was very pleasantly surprised and said, "WOW! YOU'RE PIERCED THERE?" I said, 'yep!" He dug his tongue in deeper.

Then he was ready to fuck me.

I had brought 2 condoms with me, and had them on the bed with us. I opened one of them, and felt his eyes on me as if I were a one-way mirror and I didn't realize I was being watched. It was really amazing. I felt like he really, really was into me.

I put the condom on him, and helped, and I said how I thought that was a turn-on, putting a condom on. He agreed.

He wanted me on top, and I fucked him for a bit and it felt great. Then he wanted to be on top, and he grabbed his balls and said, "I read somewhere that this stops me from cumming too soon." I said, 'Awesome!! That's hot!!" So he sat there on his knees, holding his balls, this muscled, 20 year old fucking hottie, and I was on  my back, legs splayed out watching him. After about 30 seconds or so, he grabbed my legs and spread them wider and put his juicy big cock in me and fucked me hard. It didn't last long, I was just getting into it when he said, "Want me to pull off the condom and cum on you?" I said,'oh yeah that would be hot!" and he pulled out and tried to yank off the condom but it got stuck on the tip. I helped pull it off and cum sprayed all over my stomach. It was awesome.

It was maybe 15-20 minutes from start to finish. He was delicious and fun, but I was clearly unsatiated and couldn't wait for this morning when he was going to come back. Then he started taking pictures of me. He asked me to stay on my back and he spread my legs and took a pic. I made sure my head was turned with my hair covering my face. He showed it to me afterwards and said how hot it was. I started to get dressed; I put my bra and panties on and he asked for a pic from behind. I posed for him, again, shielding my face. He took a few more pics when I wasn't posing, as if I was a celebrity he bumped into on the street. He showed them all to me, and they were all flattering, and my face couldn't be seen in any of them. He said,'I want to show my friend back home." Why wouldn't I think it was flattering?

We got dressed and he asked where the condom was LOL I found it on the bed and tossed it in the toilet. He got his keys  and we looked at each other, and he said, 'Much better than a BJ in the park" and laughed and I said, 'Definitely!!!"  I grabbed my purse and phone, and we walked out the hotel room door.

When we got outside the hotel, again he mentioned his class was from 7:30-9:20 and he would come over after. I said I couldn't wait!! He started to walk off and I said, 'Hey! Say goodbye!" with a playful laugh and he came back and we hugged awkwardly and kissed. It was more of a peck. Not what I was hoping for but oh well. I walked one way to my car and he walked the opposite.

Soooooooo.......I was signed up for a 9 am exercise class but I chose to miss it to fuck Brian again. After I got home from taking my daughter to school, I started to get ready. It was exactly 7:30. I hadn't heard from him but didn't really think much of it, I assumed since the class was so early, he would be tired and racing to make it to class on time. I showered and got ready, lit candles and had a couple pieces of toast since I was so hungry. I realized I didn't need any alcohol this time, I felt dreamy from it being so early and having had fun with him last night.

So I simply texted him, "Good morning", and then gave my address and directions to my house. I sent a naked snapchat to excite him.

Nine-twenty came and went, and so did 9:30 when I wrote, "are you coming?" At 10:35 when he still hadn't responded, I sent a final text, "WTF". He had opened the snapchat pic of me at 10:21 and didn't respond.

It is now nearly 8 pm and not a peep.


I'm really getting tired of this shit.

I guess I was intuitive about his "jerk-ness".

What about all the pics he took??? Am I just some joke to his friends? Or was he bragging?

Readers? Help me here?

Tell me what you think.

1 comment:

Happy Cuck said...

Hey Anna

I can simply say reading some of your blogs at times does come close to my wife telling me about her exploits in person lol you seem to both have the weakness of younger pups who can be easily lead
Although saying that she does seem to favor the nervous guys more then you do

I doubt you were a joke to him, when a guy finds a gorgeous woman like yourself (even more so with a naughty side) they RARELY risk a repeat performance, and if he did then its his loss!

You and my wife S are proof that married women have plenty of options on tinder

C (the hubby)

P.s you paid for the room? S would of made him do it haha