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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Abercrombie boy comes back!

Tuesday mornings are my favorites, because I don't have a single thing on my schedule. I usually just have breakfast and go to the gym and run errands.

Today was completely different.

"Abercrombie" texted me and said he wanted to come by after his class.

Now you may remember right here I got a hotel room and fucked him and he took a bunch of pictures of me. He was the hottest guy I'd ever been with and nicknamed him "Abercrombie" because he looks like he could be one of their models.

I was having my coffee and grapefruit when that familiar chime rang on my cell.


He was in class and wanted to come over after!

I said, "that would be hot".

He was here 20 minutes later. I didn't have enough time to get gussied up. I took a quick shower and slapped on some foundation and ran the flat iron through my hair.

And then he was here.

He was so much nicer and sweeter than that night in the hotel room, where I felt he was kind of a jerk. This time he seemed so much more into me, calmer and unhurried, direct eye contact constantly. He was so complimentary too. He said I "didn't need any time to get ready" because I was already beautiful! That was all I needed to hear.

When he came in, he was at ease and smiling. My dog came and approved right away LOL and he was sweet to my dog. We said our hi's and I made the first move and gave him a quick kiss and a hug. I did say something to him about being surprised to hear from him.

I said something about how I wasn't sure if he was going to come or not (given that he stood me up last time) and he said, "Oh, I got in trouble alcohol-wise, I'll tell you about that" so, it wasn't me!!! I just wonder why these guys can't just fucking text the next day (or that morning, or that evening) "hey blah blah blah happened I'm really sorry. Give me another chance?" He must've known I was the forgiving type, or just thought, "wtf might as well try her", and he did, and he struck gold.

He kind of hung his head ashamedly as he spoke, and I softened. As I led him up the stairs, he spanked me and I giggled. Despite having only had 15 minutes to get ready, I felt confident and excited to see him. His texts had really caught me completely off-guard. I had all but forgotten him.

When we got to my bedroom, he sat on the edge bed and waited for me to make the first move. He just stared at me through these cute dorky glasses I hadn't seen him wear before. He never took them off! Guess he wanted to see well :)

I started kissing him and unbuttoned his button-down shirt at the same time, while kissing him. I undid the last button and opened it up to reveal that rock-hard body of his. So fucking gorgeous. He pulled himself out of the sleeves as I pulled down his sweatpants. Such a cute college boy. Did I tell you he's only 20????!!!

All that was left was his boxers, Hanes stretchy, dark blue, with his totally hard, erect penis poking through. I could see how excited he was; the pre-cum had soaked through. It was so exciting. I couldn't wait to let it out but I love the build-up. I lightly scratched him with my fingernails up and down his body, admiring my Abercrombie boy. As his cock throbbed for my touch inside his boxers, I smiled at him and as he stared at me, I touched him all over, admiring his muscles. I told him I was "drinking him up" he was so delicious. I remembered how fast he had cum that night and knew once we got going it would be all over, and I didn't want it to be.

He was laid back on my bed, sort of a half-sitting up position, with his legs spread wide open for me. Nice big balls, nice nice nice big erect penis, his handsome face staring at me, his arms behind his head just totally vulnerable to me. I wanted a picture so badly and asked him if i could take one. He shook his head no, and I asked him what he did with the pics he took of me. He said they were "snaps" (Snapchat) and they were gone. I said okay, good, alright, hoping he was telling the truth.

I love the anticipation of seeing a guys' cock, and I like to delay that moment as long as possible. I loved how badly he wanted me. I began by kissing him, then kissing his neck and biting it gently (reassuring him I wouldn't leave marks), then worked my way over his chest, his nipples, his torso, his six-pack abs. Yes, just like "F", he's got a six-pack. I licked them and sucked and kissed his tummy and made my way down the "V" (yes, he's even got a "V") and when I got to the elastic of his boxers, slowly turned it down and let that huge cock out. I slid them off him (he helped) and I began by licking the inside of his thighs and up and around his balls, taking them in my mouth.

He squirmed and moaned, lightly rubbing my arms while I gave him a nice BJ. He told me at one point how good I was at "giving head". I answered that I was good at things I enjoyed doing ;) I loved to stop and just admire this perfect specimen of a man. At one point, I was caressing him, and said, "nice quads!!!" and he giggled and said, "thank you!" I'm sure all the girls go gaga over his abs but leave it to me to be different and compliment him on his thighs hehehe He hasn't an ounce of fat on his body. He is YUMMY.

He said if I kept it up he was going to cum, so I stopped and smiled and he asked where the condom was (we had discussed it earlier--I said I had some). I reached over to my nightstand, where I'd taken out two and had set them on top. I grabbed them both, tore them apart and proceeded to tear one open and I placed it on the tip of his penis. I said I wasn't sure if I was doing it right LOL and he said "oops, it's backwards" and helped me put in on him. AGAIN, SUPER HOT. I love it when a guy touches his own penis. Mmmmmm.

Soon as it was on, he lifted me up onto it and I started fucking him. Mmmmm. I loved the look of ecstasy on his face. He watched me fuck him and he said, "you have great tits". I thanked him and pushed them in his face for his to suck on them, which he did.

It seemed he was letting me call all the shots and I really love a guy to take control, so I said, "I love being told what to do.....I follow direction well", and he responded by telling me to "get on your knees, doggy-style", so that's what I did. I pulled him out of me by lifting myself off him and doing as he told me. He got behind me, grabbed me by my hips, and thrust that big cock into my vagina and fucked me hard. It felt hard and good and I was the one moaning by this time and all of a sudden he pulled out and said he'd cum.

He got up and stood there with the cum inside the condom, looking so sexy and vulnerable. He held it in his hand and of course, I was still so turned on. I wanted him to stay but he didn't offer and I wasn't going to say anything to be rejected. He took it off and I took it from him and flushed it. We got dressed together, chatting about what he's studying in college, and it was really nice. I felt good with him. I loved the way he was so nice to me, not dismissive like he'd been that night.  So calm and centered, so sweet and comfortable being with me. I felt like it was the beginning of an ongoing thing.

We chatted all the way downstairs, and walked to the front door. He said something about how "close I live" and that "Tuesdays are good for him", so that made me feel good. We kissed and hugged and said our goodbyes, and he walked out the front door.

Mmmmm I can still smell him on my hands.

I think I need to go finish myself off now.


JimmyT said...

That is one lucky man, you being so magnanimous and giving him another shot. What lucky charm. One thing I don't get is the blatant suggestion of going at you twice when you pulled out two condoms. I would have taken that as an invitation to hang around, recharge and go back at it with you. Makes me wonder. Maybe he is still wet behind the ears when it comes to the little hints women give off. Still he is one lucky bastard!!

Glad you had fun, hopefully he will call again next Tuesday!!

Mike said...

Hi Anna..any new adventures to report?