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Friday, February 12, 2016

My night with Blondie

"Ahhhh....No words right now...Just ahhh :)"

That was the last text I got from Blondie after I left his apartment last night! I have never gotten a text like that EVER. And I have never met anyone like him.

We have actually been Facebook friends for a year! We initially "met" on Tinder and had starting writing on FB messenger. I scrolled back and was surprised it has actually been a year! I wasn't really sure why we had never hooked up. I thought it was something like I'd be his first "MILF" and he was kind of back and forth about it,  so we had become friends. I never thought we'd ever meet let alone do what we did last night!

It all started when I realized on his FB that he and his girlfriend had broken up. I knew he was madly in love and she was his age (23) and very pretty. Just what he needs at his age. She had moved overseas for a few months, and he was so excited for her to come back at Christmas. And then, suddenly, she had disappeared from his FB page. And he had posted something that struck me hard, it was something about hope and faith and all, and I just melted. I decided to write him a PM (it had been months since we'd written) and the rest, they say, is history!!!

He wanted to cook dinner for me! Now that's truly the way to my heart! My hubby cooked me breakfast 26 years ago, and here's Blondie cooking for me. No other guy in all those years ever cooked for me. And I had never gone to a guy's apartment before!!! I was very excited and very nervous. He was SO excited. He wrote me how he was cleaning his apartment and wanted everything to be perfect for me. Lots of texts back and forth about would I like this or that? I liked everything. I told him I'd bring the wine!

He met me at his door and it was like time was suspended. We just smiled at each other, and hugged, and kept smiling. I was super nervous, and he admitted he was too and was drinking a beer while cooking cuz he "needed to chill!" He was as hot as his pics. And there, talking and walking and it was so awkward and fun after just seeing still pics of him for a year!!! He was gorgeous and had a great body, and I just kept staring at him. I couldn't get enough. He has long blonde hair, past his shoulders. I told him he looks like a lion, with that blonde shaggy mane. So hot.

Soon after I got there, I was playing with his cat, crouched down, and he said something and I looked up at him and he said, "you look so beautiful right now!" OMG THIS IS WHAT I'VE WANTED FOR SO LONG!!

So we took our dinner plates and sat down in his living room, and we picked at the food. It tasted delicious, but we were so attracted to each other, we weren't really hungry! I would take a bite, then take a forkfull and feed it to him. It was sexy. And at one point, he just leaned over and started kissing me! It was so fun and he was way yummier than the dinner he cooked, which was amazing by the way. His cute kitty was sitting under the table, looking at him, and he picked up a piece of chicken and licked off the sauce and gave a little piece to him! I was melting. What's more attractive than a guy who's in love with his cat???!! And his cat gave us lots to talk about when there were lulls in the conversation. His cat is so adorable and has such a fun personality. I wished I'd thought ahead to bring a cat toy or two and told him so! I said "I was so nervous coming here I just didn't think of it!"

Dinner was so fun, feeding each other and kissing while chewing. I'd have a bit of sauce on the corner of my mouth and say, 'oops!" and point to it and he'd kiss and lick the sauce off. I sent a few texts to my hubby off and on and I said "I hope that doesn't bother you" and he said "Oh no, do whatever you have to do!" I wanted to make sure he was still okay.

We seemed to be kissing more than eating, and I told him, "I was thinking of bringing dessert, but I decided instead to BE dessert!" He smiled and grabbed me in a big bear hug and kissed me more. I think he liked that idea! So with that, we were done eating and brought our plates into the kitchen, the bottle of red wine I'd brought was empty!

He took my hand and he was skipping down the hallway to his bedroom!! SKIPPING!!! How adorable is THAT??!! He'd given me the tour when I first got there, and it was so hippy-like. So cool. I loved it! He has two tapestries up and I just thought they looked amazing. I loved the colors and I loved that it was all HIM. It is so exciting going into a guy's bedroom!! You really get to know the person they are from the things they surround themselves with. No football trophies here. There was beautiful music playing, soft colors, the teal colored tapestries, a small wooden desk, a brown futon, and a full-sized bed with a brownish-reddish cover. Earthy tones everywhere for this amazingly earthy guy. I felt like I was hugged just walking into his room, so inviting.

I breathed in and took it all in. I was in his bedroom! He took off his shirt first (he said it was his fav shirt, although he loved dressing up and thought about wearing a tie! Isn't that adorable??) He has a great body and he's very very cute. I don't usually go for blondes but that mane of hair and those blueish-green eyes and disarming smile caught my heart.

He helped me pull my dress off over my head and he came over and kissing me, he nuzzled my neck and my breasts and just started to devour me. I couldn't wait to lick him all over.  He laid down on the bed, still with his jeans on, stretched out with arms behind his head and said, "do what you want to me"!! Yay!! So I slid his jeans off, and played with that peeping-cock hiding behind his pale blue boxers. That didn't last for long, cuz I couldn't wait to take it out and play with it! And I did, I slid them off slowly, licking that stiff cock all over, up and down, it and his balls too. He was nicely manscaped and I showed my appreciation! I licked his tummy all over, up and down, up and around and made my way up his neck. I loved his neck and all that hair in my face and bit and kissed and licked his neck while he moaned and grabbed my ass. I made my way to his hungry mouth and he kissed me like he was starving for me.

And when he entered me it felt amazing. It hurt a bit since we didn't have any lube and he's quite endowed, but it still felt great. We kept saying we couldn't believe we were really here with each other.

He loved licking my pussy too!! Yay! Finally a guy that will lick me!!! He said he "aims to please" and he wasn't kidding!! We fucked and sucked and licked and kissed for a couple hours; he came twice and we almost ripped each other's clothes off and went for round 3 but I decided I didn't want to come home late to my hubby. It was hard leaving him, and I loved that he wanted me to spend the night. We took a couple selfies and they are so sexy!! Mmmm. If I never see him again I've got 2 great souvenirs.

We made all sorts of plans about what to do next time, mainly, me staying longer so we can be together longer! Smoke some weed and fuck. Have him come to my place and meet my cats. He said things to me no one but my husband has ever said to me. He said how he felt such a connection to me. How real I was. How he'd never met anyone like me.

And the real test is always the next day: will he still feel the same way? Or was that just sexy talk from being in the moment? And I got texts from him first thing this morning! I guess he meant the things he said and wants to continue seeing me. Why am I always surprised???

Well, I'm not going to second-guess this and just enjoy it and see where it goes.

On cloud nine today!


JimmyT said...

Yeah!! Finally a hook-up that worked out for both You and him. And the day after worked out as well. Good for You, I hope you can enjoy this guy many more times!!

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you so much for your comment! And yes! I appreciate faithful readers like yourself who know the rocky road I've been down. Finding someone who truly accepts us the way we are is one of the most amazing and rare things on this planet. Have a great day!