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Thursday, March 10, 2016

For Blondie

One of the most precious moments of my life was the moment about four weeks ago when Blondie said to me, "I want to ask you to be my girlfriend, but you're married. So what do I do about that??!!" I responded enthusiastically, "I can still be your girlfriend!!" He answered, "you CAN??!!" And I said, "YES!! I CAN!!" He then asked me what was my definition of a girlfriend, and I said, "well, she's someone who hurts when you hurt. She's happy when you're happy. And she will do anything in her power to make you happy". He responded with the most beautiful smile, sparkly eyes, and a passionate kiss.

During our date last Friday, as I was driving him home, he asked me about my husband and how this all works. I was unprepared for the question, and I was driving, and having ADD I can't really do two things at the same time well LOL and I think my answer was inadequate. I wish I'd explained it better to Blondie, because I care so much about him and wish I'd given him a better answer. And being that I'm much better at expressing myself in writing than talking, I thought I would answer his question completely here today.

The answer is, "easy". I don't have to "do" anything differently if I wasn't married.

To me, being Blondie's girlfriend means what I told him. That when he hurts, I feel his pain as if it were my own. When he's happy, my world is sunnier. It's really that simple.

It also means I always have his back. It means I never stop thinking about him. And I never will. I will always want to do whatever I can to make him happy. I want to give him everything and be everything to him. I want to go places with him, laugh with him, lay with him. Cook for him, take care of him, buy him things, make him things, and just plain BE with him. I want to be a part of his life. I want to meet his mom, his friends (I've met his roommate!! And he's totally sweet to me!). I want him included at Thanksgiving and Christmas. He makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him.

So, the real question he might have really been asking me could've been, "Do you have enough time for me? How do I share you with someone else you live with?" The truth is, sharing me is really about time management. We all lead such busy lives. We have jobs, friends, families, hobbies, all sorts of responsibilities. We juggle constantly.

Being Blondie's girlfriend, to me, means he has moved to the top of my list. He is a priority. He is right at the top with my husband and my kids now. Because of the way I feel about him, that's where I want him to be. I can't imagine him being anywhere else. Does he feel this way about me? I don't know. I think he does, since he's the one that asked me to be his girlfriend. I know he's never dated a married woman before, so I know he's not certain how this will work. All I know is, he makes me super happy and all I want is more!!!

Maybe he wonders about our sex life. Do I still fuck my husband? How is it he's really ok with this? I hope that if he wants to know anything, all he has to do is ask. 

I wish I could go on Facebook and click, "In a relationship with Blondie" the way other people can, but I'm sure it wouldn't let me. Maybe someday Facebook will progress to allow someone to be married and "in a relationship" with someone else at the same time. I want bragging rights too!!

But it all comes down to this: All I really want is for him to truly know that yes, I am honored to be his girlfriend, and I want the whole world to know he's my boyfriend. 

He's amazing! 


Rob said...

Well, I don't know if this helps you (re you relationship status with Blondie) but Polyamorous relationship status is on Facebook.

NaughtyAnna said...

IT IS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?