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Thursday, March 31, 2016

It takes two to tango

I met my husband in a swank bar we've been to before that's inside of the poshest hotel where I live. We drove separately for a couple of reasons: he was coming from work (it was closer than driving all the way home and back) and I needed my own car because I was meeting Abercrombie at 9:00 o'clock at the same hotel where we first met, which was about halfway on the way home. Just easier.

My hubby got there first and was sitting at the bar having a glass of wine. To his left was a very beautiful tall redhead. There was an older gentleman to her left and she appeared to be with him. I greeted my hubby and he got me a glass of wine and he offered me his barstool but that was too awkward so we both stood. Soon the older gentleman left (guess he wasn't with the pretty redhead) and she offered to move down a chair so I could sit down. Well, that's all it took to start a conversation that ended with her and my hubby naked in her room!!

But I'm getting ahead of myself!

After a few thank you's we sat down and she pretty much was into her phone and my hubby and I were chatting, catching up with our day. We ordered an appetizer and soon we were chatting with the redhead. I'll call her "Kallie". She was telling us she's a nurse for a spinal surgery center in Florida, and was here on business. That led to talking about medicine in general (our son is pre-med) and she was just so lively and intelligent and fun to talk to. The three of us had a great time chatting.

As our collective second glass of red wine became our third, the conversation got more personal. We began really sharing ourselves, all three of us, and she is just a dear, sweet, intelligent and incredibly beautiful just-turned-30-year old! We laughed and laughed.

She told us her side career is a high-paid escort!! She charges upwards of $1200 an hour!! We were like wow!! So she told us stories about the kinds of guys she'd been with. It was fascinating. I told her about my blog. It was fun.

Then we were talking about the cool bar on the 30th floor and the great view, and my hubby said, "let's go have a glass of wine!" and he sold her on the view and the chocolate covered strawberries.

Next thing I know we are having a 4th glass of wine (mind you, I barely picked at the appetizer) and was getting pretty drunk. We had a nice chat, and I was texting Abercrombie the whole time bc I was totally late! It was way past 9, in fact, it was way past 10 and I still wasn't ready to leave to go meet him. I was having a blast!!! I finally said, "I have to go! I have a date and I've kept him waiting almost 2 hours!!!" Turning to look first at my hubby, then me then back at him Kallie said, "you have a DATE??!!" To which my hubby replied, "yep, she does." and she said, "I KNEW your guys were like that!" He then started to tell her about Blondie--"she has a boyfriend" and then I corrected him and said "HAD a boyfriend, I haven't heard from him in two weeks." So I told her the guy I was going to see is someone I've known for about a year. We are just FWB. I have no feelings for him other than a casual fondness. I never care if I see him or not and never miss him. The sex isn't that good; the only thing is he's only 20 and has the most amazing body I've ever seen. He's very good looking too--pretty blue eyes and brown hair but nowhere near as good looking as Blondie. It's just pure, raw sex and it's usually over in less than a half hour. He's good for my ego and that's really about it.

I jumped up from my navy, velvet chair and said, "I gotta go!" I know they said goodbye but I honestly can't remember if I even kissed my hubby goodbye. I really had no thought about what Kallie and my hubby might or might not do. We had made plans to take her out tomorrow night to the casino, so it was a kind of "see ya later".

I shouldn't have driven, but I did.

I made it to the hotel before Abercrombie, but not by much! I had just gotten to the room when I heard him knock. I opened the door and he had a big smile for me. I said, "wow that was fast!" and he said, "I've been ready!" He came in and we chatted a little as it's been since October since I'd last seen him. He's a baseball player for his college so we chatted about that and how he's turning 21 soon. I just talked about the gym and my band.

I put on some music and we got right to it. I love kissing but found that I didn't like kissing him anymore! All I could think about was Blondie and how much I miss kissing him. He's the best kisser I've ever had and it just brought a flood of feelings I didn't want to feel. I mean, that was the whole reason for getting together with Abercrombie in the first place!!! To soothe my wounded ego and broken heart!!! Fuck!!!

Abercrombie stares at me almost like he's looking through me. I used to like it but this time it bothered me. I know why. Wrong guy.

BUT He is super hot. I can't deny that. Not an ounce of fat on that boy. His abs are why I call him "Abercrombie" bc he could be an Abercrombie model. He is THAT good looking.

I pulled off his sweatpants (why is he always wearing sweatpants??!!) and he pulled his red college T-shirt off over his head and tossed it. I was wearing a dress and did the same. I don't do much to him other than sucking his dick and fucking him. It's really not passionate at all. Nothing like Blondie. Abercrombie fucks. Blondie makes love. There's no comparison.

"Abs" loves the way I give head and he always wants me to start there. Which I do. Then he got on his knees, pulled my legs apart, and buried his head. It was hot but he didn't stay there long enough for me to get really aroused. And remember, I was pretty drunkie.

It wasn't long before he was reaching for the condoms. I love watching him put them on. Kneeling, kind of sideways, his dick was super hard like his muscles, and it's a beautiful thing to see. I love when a guy touches his own dick too, and seeing him holding it with one hand and very skillfully sliding the condom on with the other made me super turned on.

He grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me fiercely towards him. His hands still on my ankles (my stillettos still on by the way) he pushed them into the air and held them by his head and penetrated me with that hard cock. It felt pretty damn good. He wanted me to suck his dick some more so he pulled the condom off. I gave it a good sucking, and soon he was digging in the box for another condom.

He wanted me doggy style. That's his orgasm MO. Same every time. I obliged and got on my hands and knees, and after less than a couple minutes, he came. He took off the condom and put it in the toilet and we laughed because it wouldn't flush! We joked about what the maid would think when she finds it and what an awful job that would be to be a hotel maid! We joked about all sorts of disgusting scenarios and he kept flushing it and finally it went down. We laughed and came out of the bathroom and started putting our clothes back on.

We chatted a little more and he asked if I was going to stay there overnight. We had talked about spending the night together and he couldn't and I was relieved. I didn't want to, but I would've liked better sex. I didn't come and I wanted to! I said no, I was going home, so he said we should leave together. I said okay, so we did, I gathered up my few things and we walked out to the elevator together.

We kissed a quick goodbye outside the lobby, and that was it. I got in my car and finally looked at my phone, and my hubby had sent about 8 texts. Apparently, he had gone to Kallie's room and they were about to have sex! He was a bit drunkie too and his last text was, "I'm afraid I'm going to end up paying for this." I thought he meant that I was going to be angry at him but he was worried since she was an escort that she was going to charge him $1200!! I quickly wrote back, "on my way home. hope you're having fun!" I really wasn't jealous at all. I was too drunk and sad to feel anything else.

I got home before my hubby and fell right into bed. He texted me soon he was on his way and that he didn't fuck her. Apparently they did everything else though! I was happy for him. He said he felt too uncomfortable to fuck her and was worried how I would feel. He came home and fucked me hard and then we crashed.

I really don't know how I feel about anything. I don't know why Blondie hasn't contacted me in two weeks, and I am sick about it. I miss him, and the unknown is making me insane. Fortunately, there are plenty of hot young guys willing to take his place.

Hubby and I are taking Kallie out to dinner tonight and to the casino. Although I'm not into having sex with women, she is a doll and I wouldn't mind having a threesome with her tonight. I'll mostly watch, which is fine with me, and she can play with me if she wants.

You can be sure I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!


Lola said...

Fabulous story, though unfortunate about Abercrombie's lack of generosity.

Mike said...

can't wait to hear part 2 after the casino. Hope everyone cums hard and often!

JFBreak said...

After reading the events of your evening, I can't for the life of me understand how people could possibly frown upon this lifestyle. You guys have it all.

JimmyT said...

I hope your casino date worked out for all three of you guys, you especially. Too bad that Abercrombie is so self-centered. A little more attention to You and there is no telling how much you would give back. Young'en mind set, I'll never understand.

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you so much for all your comments! JFBreak you have no idea how much that comment meant to me. It is so hard being a "FREAK" in this world, because that's how people see us. And I think that's what's going on with Blondie--I mean, I have no idea since he won't talk to me but everyone assumes that there's "the one" out there in this whole planet of 9 billion people that's just waiting for you and once you find them you will never want to be with anyone else and you will live happily ever after, forsaking not only all others but your own mental health as well!

Sorry, I get on my soapbox and can't get off LOL

Everyone, thank you so much for the feedback! I swear I feel safer sharing here with you than with anyone who actually knows me.

Take care and love always,