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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Blondie in my bed

For almost eight months, there was no contact between Blondie and me. I left him completely alone while he was with his GF, which was sometimes hard to discern bc they broke up at least 7 times in those 8 months that I'm aware of, bc you could see it on their FB. I did send a couple messages to him during those break-up times, but he never responded. So I just went back to leaving him alone.

And finally, on Oct. 2nd, the texts I'd been waiting for came.

I was in the middle of band rehearsal, and I was SO excited I couldn't even barely sing. I showed them to my hubby who gave me a big smile. He knew how happy it made me. And to make a long story short, he wanted me to come over that night but I couldn't. We agreed to get together the next night, and he sent me a very sexy pic of himself. The next morning he cancelled, and they got back together.

A couple weeks later, he deleted his FB and so did she, and they both went completely AWOL. And then, weeks later, both re-emerged, broken up for good it seemed. He'd started a whole new FB, and bravely, I sent him a friend request, which he accepted! I was hopeful. I saw on his page he was looking for someone to cut his hair! I thought oh no!! Don't cut off your mane!! So I wrote him a PM and he responded he wasn't going to chop it all off, just a trim.

Which led to a couple messages here and there, and finally, he wanted to come see me.

I didn't know he'd bought a car! He was mobile! And it was a couple days before Thanksgiving, and he was heading out of town to visit family in another state and wanted to see me before he left. I had the house to myself but I had tennis first so we wouldn't have much time together.

I rushed home from tennis and showered and got myself dolled up. Sexy dress and black stilettos.

And shots of peach vodka as I was getting ready!!

I was so nervous. I had waited so long for this moment, and as much as I had fantasized about him, I wasn't ready for it, and yet I was. I had no plan of action, I had no idea what was going to happen or how I was going to feel, except I knew I was excited beyond excited.

I opened the garage door for him, and he parked in my husband's spot. I met him at his car, and I closed the door and wondered if my nosy next-door neighbor had seen him drive in.

He looked just as adorable as I remembered. His long blonde mane wild as he is. He looked so good. He had a red knit hat on, flannel shirt, khaki pants. And those black glasses, and a big smile for me. He got out of the car and we talked about the car for a bit, and then went inside.

He stood in the doorway for a few minutes, I have no idea what he was talking about now, but I stepped back to invite him in. He looked around, and said, "I miss this place. I miss being here." He went on to tell me all the things he missed. And I took him by the hand and invited him upstairs.

He told me how much he missed being there. Missed my bedroom, missed being in my bed. And with that, he took off all his clothes except his boxers and white gym socks, and flung himself onto my bed, his hands behind his head, legs spread, a huge hard dick poking up, stretching those boxers tight. It was a marvelous sight. I was tipsy and getting a bit slobbery from the vodka, and I regretted having had any. I straddled him, we were both smiling, and I said I just wanted to take it all in. I lightly touched him all over, just in such disbelief he was here in my bed again.

He was like fine china at that moment--I wanted to touch so badly, but afraid of the mess I might make. And it was going to get crazy.

I knew he had to leave at noon. It was almost 11:30 so it was time to get busy.

I was straddling him as I pulled my dress off over my head, and I had on an off-white and peach bra and panty set I'd bought just for him and had worn previously for him. I had on his fav artist on my Bluetooth speaker, and was wearing my $600 bottle of perfume I'd worn for him before. I wanted to make things as familiar as possible.

I rubbed my pussy on his hard dick through his boxers. I love to tease. He was squirming. It was such a turn-on. The eye contact was piercing right through my soul. He sat up, then picked me up in his arms and gently flipped me over. He stood before me, and I slipped his boxers off and showed my appreciation. I scooted to the edge of the bed and took that big throbbing dick in my mouth and sucked it and licked it. I looked up at him while I did it, and he was thoroughly enjoying it. His long mane hung down and tickled my face while I sucked his dick. I said I wanted to suck it dry. He pulled me up gently and said, 'next time".

He spread my legs apart and buried his face in my pussy. That long blonde mane tickled my legs, and I love when he flips it out of the way. So fucking sexy. I played with his hair while he licked me. AND Oh. MY. GOD. I came right away in his face. I had so much pent-up desire for this man. He was surprised too!

He was so ready for me. There's nothing like a hot guy with a hard dick for me. He stuck that dick in and fucked me hard and he came so fast. I loved kissing him while he fucked me. I hadn't a care in the world. He was my world.

After he came he flipped off me and onto his back, flipped his hair again out of the way, and I went and got a towel. He apologized for having to leave so quickly and I said oh it's fine I knew before you got here you weren't going to be able to stay long. I suggested he rest for a bit since he had a long drive. And within seconds, I was on top of him fucking him again. We couldn't get enough of each other. And I got to see that O-face of his again, so fucking sexy. And I came again fucking him. I licked his neck, I kissed him, I licked him everywhere. And he almost came again. I love how he stays hard even afte an orgasm. He just stays hard and keeps right on fucking me.

We chatted while we got dressed. I'd forgotten to take him into my bathroom and show him the Minnie Mouse framed pic he'd given me was up on the wall! He was telling me how he wanted to "take baths" with me. Plural, not singular! I said, "I want to wash your hair". It was hot and sexy.

We went downstairs, and he wanted a drink! I was like okay hmmm thought your have a long drive. He wanted a Bloody Mary and ironically, I had all the ingredients, they just had never been opened. So I made him one, and he sat on a bar stool in my kitchen and I half-sat on my lap. He told me all about what happened with the GF (she was kind of seeing her ex behind his back). He told me about a new friend of his that lives in his building, and it was so awesome, he was really sharing a lot about himself with me. I felt so comfortable with him, and he seemed to feel the same way. I was a big slobbery in my talk and I think I gushed a little too much. I said something about how a GF should  make you feel "adored", and she didn't make him feel that way. I said, "I adore you".  I also said something about feeling like you're number one with someone. That they should make you feel that way, and I said something stupid and blubbery like "I could be your number one", to which  he responded something about not wanting a relationship right now (and I agreed with him!) and he said what he has with me he "didn't want to define." I loved it. I felt like he'd made a lot of progress in his thinking since we were last together.

It was so nice sitting on his lap and listening to him tell me about himself and his life. I felt like no time had really passed; it was more or less just catching up.

He wanted to roll a joint before he left, so we went outside and sat down on the patio chairs while he did. It was pretty cold out, so I had grabbed a coat. He loved watching my dog and cat frolic in the grass and we chatted. I don't remember what about.

Eventually, it was time for him to go, and it's funny cause now it was almost 1:30. We couldnve fucked more! But it was awesome just hanging out with him. AT MY HOUSE.

I walked out to the garage with him and we kissed bye. I opened to door and he drove out, andI stupidity blew hm a kiss, and walked back into the house. I didn't watch him drive out, and I waited till I was sure he was going before I closed the garage door.

I was still horny and drunkie and felt a little stupid, worried I'd behaved stupidly because of the vodka. And because I was so nervous.

I haven't heard from him since, so I have no idea what he's thinking or if I'm worried for nothing.

I am writing other boys, and one in particular has been after me for a year but he lives in Florida! Indiana will be here in two weeks, and we've been snap chatting sexy videos to each other. I will go fuck him this time he visits.

I told Blondie I hadn't been with anyone else since he and I were together. He'd only been  with his GF. I told him I'd had lots of opportunities but didn't really want anyone else. It was the truth. And I still feel that way, but I have to have back-up since he's not exactly beating down my door to see me again.


Damn he was worth the wait though.


Anonymous said...

Your story telling is getting better. Must be the passion you feel for the subject matter. ;-) K-

NaughtyAnna said...

WOW!!! Thank you for your comment! You totally made my day!! XOXOX

Mike said...

Does your hubby get concerned about the emotional impact he makes on you? I mean fucking to get off is one thing, but you seem like its much deeper than that.

NaughtyAnna said...

I'm glad you asked Mike! And as we've evolved through the open marriage over the last 14 years, we have come to accept that feelings can and do develop. We understand that loving others doesn't diminish the way we feel for each other. Its complicated and deserves more of an answer than these short sentences, and it's certainly not for everyone, but we feel we are so lucky. It definitely works for us!