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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finally meet New Guy!!!!

I couldn't wait to sit down and write about meeting this new hottie yesterday! I have been thinking long and hard about what to call him on here: his real name is the same as my hubby's, but he himself goes by a nickname and I've told him, "I haven't decided what to call you yet!" He's so easy going and laid back, and he said he's always high. He stopped drinking and doing drugs a few years ago but loves his weed, and clearly, he functions well on it. He's so easy going. Nothing riles him.

Not even when I accidentally sent him a screenshot of our conversation to my BFF, and my subsequent follow-ups texts that were supposed to go to her. Where I said I though he was acting like he has a lack of respect for women by suggesting repeatedly for me to just go to his apartment and "chill".

I was horrified. He was at work when the texts went through, and we were supposed to meet up after. I sent a barrage of texts once I discovered my flagrant errors. I thought, "well Anna, you're an idiot and ruined it!" I actually Googled, "how to recover from sending texts/screenshot to the wrong person". It said basically just to send a GIPHY. So, I'd already send about 5 texts apologizing, then sent a GIPHY of Homer Simpson doing his slap-to-the-forehead signature, "DOH!!!' And then after almost an hour after we were supposed to meet, when I still hadn't heard anything, fearing the worst, I just wrote, "I'm all showered and dressed if you want to still meet." And I was surprised and relieved that he wrote and apologized to ME!!!!!!! And then said how he'd just gotten off work and yes, we can go anywhere I wanted.

His handling of that showed me he was worth the effort. And that maybe, just maybe, calling someone on their shit, even if it's accidental, has value. And to his credit, during the entire date, he never ever brought it up.

He doesn't have a car, and offered to wait by the curb for me. I liked that. So that's what he did; and when I drove up to his apartment complex, he was sitting in a rickety old chair outside of it. He waved and got up and walked over, and I opened my car door for him. He was taller and thinner than I thought he'd be which was a positive! (I didn't need him to be tall, just thinner than how he appeared in his pictures). He had on a red knitcap, and had hair long enough that it was almost shoulder-length, which I liked very much. Another blonde. What is it with me and blondes all of a sudden????!!

And the crazy thing is, he's sooooo much like Blondie it's uncanny. Similar in looks, although Blondie is way hotter. I felt crazy chemistry for Blondie instantly, and I didn't feel it yesterday with the new guy. They're both young, living in crappy apartments, working hard and making little, no car (although Blondie's got his running again), and both so hippy-like, pot-smoking, easy-going, laid back guys. The biggest difference is, New Guy is a great communicator. He tells it like it is constantly, and doesn't play games. I don't have to guess where I stand with him, and there's something about him that forces me to be brutally honest with him too.

Like just now he wrote, "Cum over today". I answered back, simply, "I'm not ready for that yet". Instead of making up an excuse like I'm busy or whatever, I am getting better at knowing what I want and not being so much of a pleaser. This is big for me!!

So, you want to know if I kissed him???

I DID!!!

Or should I say, he kissed ME!!

I could tell he wanted to, and he was trying to figure out how to make a move and still be a gentleman.

I drove us to this cute coffee place near his apartment, and I ordered a coffee and he ordered a strawberry smoothie. He doesn't drink coffee either! I chose a table in the back by a window, and I sat across from him. I was so super nervous! This was the first first-date I'd been on in over a year! And I wasn't in a bar, wasn't drinking, so no liquid courage. I could see he was nervous too, his knee was shaking just sitting across from me. I cradled my coffee mug in my hands as we talked about our family histories, how I moved here from California, how he was a high school basketball star but got injured and that's when things got hard for him. He wanted to talk politics but I wouldn't let him!

We had a nice visit, and a couple times he'd gently touch my hand, and glide his fingers across, and then pull back when I didn't reciprocate. I enjoyed just sitting with him, the conversation flowed easily and well, and he totally disarmed me when he was describing his roommate to me. He's known him 5 years he said, and that he's a "total disaster", but like a brother to him. That he just got his second DUI and that they were sharing his work van, which now has been confiscated by his job, so now he himself has no car. BUT when he was describing him, he said, and I quote, "he's adorable. Absolutely adorable." I have never heard a guy talk about another guy like that, especially his buddy! And he went on to describe the first George Bush as "adorable" too, and did an impersonation of him describing how he thought he was so cute and small and adorable he just had to vote for him. I thought he was charming and funny.

After about an hour or so, we left and when we'd gotten in the car, he made his move. He just came close and started to kiss me. It was nice, it wasn't amazing, I wasn't really feeling it, but I kissed him anyways. I wasn't sure how I felt. I was very uptight. I said afterwards, "Glad we got that first kiss out of the way!" and he laughed and agreed. The first one is always the most nerve-wracking.

He suggested we stop at Wal Mart bc I'd been telling him how I needed to buy a new coffee pot as I'd broken ours the day before. OH!! And I forgot to tell you, Blondie lives about a mile away from him. And we stopped at the same Wa lMart I went to with Blondie previously. So it didn't escape me the fact that I could possibly  run into him there. And as we walked through the store, I linked arms with New Guy, fully aware of this fact. Did I want to run into Blondie and have him see me arm-in-arm with another guy?? I think I did, and that's why I was the one to link arms with him, not the other way around.

I didn't see Blondie, and I found my coffee pot, bought it and we left and I drove him home. When I put the car in park, of course he wanted to "make out" as he'd put it. I giggled and didn't stop him, even though I wasn't really feeling it. He is so self-aware: he said, "How was that?" And I said, "It was nice!" He said, "Nice?? That it??" And I said, "Yeah! Nice!" and we both laughed. And he kissed me more, and rubbed his hand on my thigh, and I moved so he would kiss my neck. He had asked me when we'd talked on the phone if I liked my neck kissed, and I did, and I wanted him to stop kissing me on the mouth. I liked having my neck nibbled and he caressed my hair as he did. Then he kissed me some more, very passionately, lots of tongue, but I was hesitant. He felt it and asked me about it, and I said something like yes I liked it. I didn't say much more. We talked about when we'd see each other again, and he finally got out and walked to his apartment.

I drove off to a spot around the corner to let my hubby and BFF know I was fine and on my way home. And when I got home, I was relieved I was alone, and suddenly felt so incredibly tired. I turned off my phone, laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. I fell asleep immediately, but was awakened soon after by one of my cats that jumped on the bed and came close and meowed at me. I said hi to her and started petting her, and suddenly burst into tears. I laid there sobbing, trying to understand what I was feeling.

I still have no idea.

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