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Friday, February 3, 2017

Hairy Guy saves the day

My hubby was in another state for work last night, so I wanted to make the most of my solo evening and wrote New Guy that I was free and would he like some company?? I assumed since he'd invited me over several times (which I'd declined bc I wasn't "ready" yet) would def want to get together. After all, we'd just had this awesome video sex, and he was calling me daily, texting me non-stop.

And I think I wrote yesterday that I knew something had changed when he hadn't opened my snapchat from the night before, and hadn't texted back either. Finally he did, three texts in a row, something about how he couldn't find his phone "until just now." I've used that line before so I knew it was code for, "I didn't really want to respond, but I'm an asshole if I don't".  So imagine my humiliation now having basically thrown myself at him and he still has not even responded. And it's not like he "can't find his phone", because he's posted shit on his Facebook! He's just fucking ghosting me! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!! SEE???!! THERE WAS A REASON HE NEVER GOT A NAME FROM ME!!! I'm pissed beyond pissed. But I am always right about chemistry. I had to work too hard at it, but when I finally felt it, guess it was too late for him. Big fucking deal. I don't give a shit. His loss. I'm done. If I hear from him it had better be good bc I don't plan on responding. And I'm not going to humiliate myself further by sending "???'s either. 


I wasn't about to sit home tho. And ironically, Hairy Guy was in town, literally just for the one night! So we Snapchatted back and forth all day, and I lied and told him I had plans with girlfriends and wasn't sure I could get out of it. Truth was, I was holding out for New Guy. I wrongly assumed he was just at work, because he DID write me "good morning" as usual and a few scattered texts, so I had no reason to believe my plans with him would fizzle. By 4:30, I was beyond pissed off, and decided to see Hairy Guy and if New Guy wrote me, I would tell him sorry he took too long to respond so I made other plans.


Hairy Guy was all in. I made a hotel reservation, the same one I met Abercrombie at that has a cute bar adjoining it. I could hardly get ready bc he kept sending me sexy snapchats. We were both getting ready for our date and he was getting so excited he sent me a video of himself jerking off. What a fucking hottie!!

He was staying with family literally a mile away from me, and since he lives in Florida, he didn't have a car, so I went to pick him up. He was as adorable as his snapchats. He's got hair longer than mine (he even agreed it was!) and he's the complete opposite of Blondie except for the length of their hair. Oh, and they both have blue eyes. He's called Hairy Guy for a reason LOL he's always got some sort of 3-4 day stubble on his face, long black very curly hair, and a very hairy chest. He doesn't "manscape" at all. Which is usually the complete opposite of what I'm usually attracted to so it kind of surprises me I'm so insanely attracted to him!

Shortly before I let to pick him up, he backed out of meeting me entirely. Said something about how it was "immoral" bc I have a husband and kids and a house and all. I was like "whoa whoa whoa" and had to explain my sitch to him all over again. He also mentioned something about a girl he was seeing who wasn't really his girlfriend but he was "holding out for her." I was annoyed and probably should've cancelled our date, but by then I was all dressed up and very horny and damn if I wasn't going to get some attention!! I cancelled the hotel reservation and told him we would just have dinner. That if I ate I wouldn't want to fuck anyways. LOL He softened and said, "YEAH!!"
I should summarize that we've known each other for almost 2 years! We "met" on Tinder and after nearly hooking up, I did a little digging and saw that he was FB friends with my DAUGHTER!! I was like no no no no no this can NEVER happen.

So we've been friends ever since. We really are. I feel like I know him pretty well. He sends me snapchats all the time, and I to him. We discuss my daughter and her possible pot smoking. He swears he has no idea who she is, or my son for that matter. They all went to the same high school and kids know kids and friends of other friends is all. Having known him this long I believe him. So I just thought, this will be fun to finally meet him. No pressure.

In the car on the way to the restaurant he let me pick. he was telling me a story that included the information that he was only 19!! I freaked and said, "WTF??? WHY DID I THINK YOU WERE 24!!!!!" He laughed and said, "Anna you know how young I am! I was barely 18 when we first started talking and that's why you wouldn't meet me!" He said everyone thinks he looks 24-26. He said he's even a bar-back where he lives in Florida and that's why they let him keep the job even though he's under 21. He said his fake ID is so legit looking, and I laughed and told him that I'm sure they'd serve him anyways bc I'm sure they'll just think I'm your mom!!

We had a great time together. He's super ADD and talks a mile a minute and hardly stops to take a breath, but he always had eye contact. He never once looked around the room at anyone else, he was focused on me and only me the entire time. We had 2 margaritas, and nibbled on the tortilla chips and guac, and I thought, "well, this isn't going anywhere" which was the plan, so I tossed my credit card to the bartender and asked for the bill. After I signed it I told Hairy Guy I had to use the bathroom. He gave me the sweetest smile, and for the first time, I saw dimples, peeking out from all that stubble. I stopped and said, "I'm having a great time. Are you?" And he said, "fuck yeah!" I said, "I don't have to leave. Want another??" and again he said, "fuck yeah!" I said, "ok awesome! I'm going to go to the bathroom. Order us another round?" He said, "sure!!!"

I was like, oh Anna, a THIRD margarita??? That spells either trouble or sex. Hehehehe

As we were talking he started putting his hand on my knee or thigh when he gestured. I didn't mind at all. We had crazy chemistry, and we were such good friends, I was relaxed and not at all nervous. I ordered food when I got back bc I was afraid I would end up quite sick as i hadn't eaten anything but a few chips. I barely touched it bc I was getting hornier and hornier for this hottie.

Finally it was time to leave, and we just simply walked to my car. Non-plussed. Just good buddies. With all this crazy chemistry that wasn't going anywhere. After I started driving, we got about 2-3 miles in and he said something about wanting to park somewhere and "make out". I said, "you sure??? I don't want u to do anything your uncomfortable with. That was the agreement." He said, "you're so hot baby and I've wanted you for almost 2 years. I'm so stupid. We should've kept that hotel room." I said, "oh well!! Maybe next visit!!!" By now his hand was up my dress and fingering my pussy and I was panting. I had no idea where to go and we laughed as we tried several different parking lots and found a dark corner finally. He pounced on me, he couldn't wait.

Kissing me ferociously. His fingers all up in my business, I took his man-bun down and grabbed a fistful of that sexy Jesus hair. He said all the young girls he dates tell him to cut it bc he looks too much like Jesus. I laughed and said I was agnostic so for me this is def going to be a religious experience!! He laughed too. And I wasn't nervous at all, and I felt so safe with him, he's so sweet. And a tiger and passionate. I found his hard dick and he undid the top of his pants and I sucked him off. He moaned like an animal and came so fast and tasted so fucking delicious. He kissed me more and fingered me until I came. It was fucking awesome.

And he goes back Monday, so I think I'll tease him today and see if he has changed his mind about fucking me.

Have a great weekend my sexy readers!!


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