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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hot virtual sex with New Guy!

The same day Blondie dumped me yet again, I had a visitor in the afternoon that was just what the doctor would've ordered----New Guy. He stopped by on his way home from his work break. He works like 2 miles from me! How convenient is THAT?!?!? Now remember, this is only the second time I've ever seen him in person. He caught me off-guard--I hadn't showered (I typically don't if all I'm doing is housework) so I was like eh, gimme 5 minutes to make myself somewhat presentable??! He was like I'm sure you look beautiful.

Awww.....yesssss. Thank you. I very much needed that today mister.

He's a chef in an Italian restaurant and primarily makes a lot of pizzas he was telling me, and therefore, that explained the flour on his Converse shoes. He looked adorable. Same red knit cap on, jeans that are way too baggy, and a jacket bc well, it's January. He came in and he was SUCH a gentleman. I believe I hugged him when he came in, but otherwise, he kept a good distance between us. I have to tell you he wasn't just there to see ME. He was buying pot off me. I buy it like once a year and forgot I even had it, and since he's a huge pot smoker, he offered to buy it from me so I was like, "sure, if I can find it!!" I knew I had it hidden from my kid somewhere in my closet. I found it and had brought it downstairs for him.

He didn't stay long, I'd say maybe 15-20 min. He told me it was "great shit" and how I was over-charged for it but that it was def "great shit". We talked about his work, I showed him what I'd been doing (working on the band's set list) and my dog approved and the two of them bonded. I was nervous as a schoolgirl (how cliche is THAT??!!) but his smile melted me. When he walked to the door to leave, he gave me that smile, and next thing I know, we're kissing so passionately, and as I press my body up against his, I feel his hard cock up against my groin and I realized I was instantly wet for him. I wanted him. It wasn't forced, it was genuine.

When we broke apart, it was awkward and fun. I'm sure my face was bright red with embarrassment. But it was awesome, bc I finally felt the chemistry I'd wanted to feel for him. He's worming his way into my heart. AND my pants LOL

Speaking of pants....

The next day he called me (he calls me almost every day! I love it!) and he wanted to video call me and masturbate together! I was like SURE!!!! OKAY!!! I said I wanted to shower first and get prettied up.

I did, and put on a pretty red push-up bra and red thong, and texted him, "Ready!" And my phone rang immediately.

It was the first time I ever even saw him with his shirt off and without a knit cap! There was so much skin suddenly. It was a bit shocking but he was very pretty. He's lankier than he seems in clothes (must get him to get rid of those baggy jeans!!) and he's very sexy! A truly beautiful and hairless body (the way I love it!), long blonde hair but not as long as Blondie's. A small hoop earring in each ear. Blue eyes and full lips, and tattoos on his arms. He seemed very skilled at holding his cell phone while masturbating! The view was scrumptious. Beautiful big stiff cock and a wicked smile on his face at the same time. I posed for him and he'd purr, "mmmmm you're soooo beautiful" and "show me that pussy". It was fun pleasing him, and as he stroked his cock, I masturbated at the same time with one of my vibrators. He mostly complimented me while he stroked and moaned, occasionally giving me directions on what he wanted me to do. It was so fun. He started to cum and then I came with him. It made me def want to be with him as soon as possible.

The next day he wanted a repeat performance, as we still couldn't get together, and we were all set when my daughter came home unexpectedly early from school. Thank God he wasn't HERE!! I told him, 'you're on your own today I'm afraid mister" and asked if he'd like some sexy pics to assist. He said, "please???!!!" So I obliged, and posed for maybe 5-6 pics and snapchatted them to him. He screenshot nearly all of them.

And I'm pained to report, I've hardly heard from him since. I know that was only 2 days ago, but there's an obvious drop in his attention. He only texted me a couple times yesterday, and gave me the, "I lost my phone till just now" excuse, which I have used myself when I feel guilty at not writing back someone I don't really want to talk to. Then after a long lag time after my response (which I made light of it) he wrote, "I'll text you after work." My BFF said, "Don't respond for at least an hour. Find out if he really wants to talk to you. He'll double-triple text if he does." Which is what he usually does! He'll send 5-6 texts back-to-back. 

He didn't, and I took longer than an hour to respond, which he'd just written, "how are ya" (no punctuation ever, drives me crazy),  and I'd just said, "I'm good hun how's your day been" (no punctuation either). 

That was 6:16 pm last night. It's now almost 9 am and nothing. I sent him a silly snapchat last night of my dinner and he hasn't even opened it! So I'm sad and hurting and trying to decide, "do I text first again??? Do I wait? Do I send him another snapchat?? And while I'm thinking all this, I actually do nothing. If he misses me he will write me.

And lastly, I got yet another snapchat from Blondie yesterday. Two videos. He sends them to me and then also posts them to his "story". Which is bad snapchat etiquette, but he doesn't know any better, and it makes me happy so fuck etiquette!!! It lets me know he is thinking about me and wants to make sure I see it. I honestly don't know why he is so attentive now that he's dumped me. Maybe bc I didn't react the way he's used to girls reacting??? I don't make him feel guilty or get all cray. Or beg him to change his mind. Hmmm.. I am thinking he will date this new chick but like with Piggy Face, he thought of me the entire time he was with her, and still wanted to talk to me and fuck me.

I just have to be patient, and keep looking elsewhere. I would love to fall for New Guy, but this sudden lack of attention makes me feel like I need to get back on Tinder. 


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