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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Preamble to Valentine's Day

I want to tell you about my Valentine's Day yesterday!! OMG it was so hot! BUT first a Blondie update. He is still single according to his FB, which he's on 24/7, so I poke him now and then. I thought Valentine's Day was a great reason to poke him and I sent him a cute meme of an orange cat like his inside a pink heart. He responded immediately!! Wished me same back and we chatted off and on. Oh, I forgot, actually we started texting the day before. He'd posted on his fb he needed rehab for his binge drinking and he had almost 50 comments so I just PM'd him mine. It went from there. It was very interesting--he'd been hungover that Monday he came over and had gotten sick. AND when he drunk-dialed me that sexy convo where he said he "craved" me he was drunk. Putting pieces together. And it's interesting bc when we were together last year he never drank at all. He loves his weed. So this must be new behavior, perhaps getting dumped by Piggy Face??? Hmmmm. He was having chest pains and I was going to take him to the ER but he ended up deciding to "ride it out". He's only 24. I'm sure he just had anxiety.

Anyways, I decided to just ask him out! He's the kind of guy that likes romance. He seems offended or something when I'm too sexual. So I said, "how about $5 movie night? It'll be fun!!" He responded it sounded like fun but he couldn't tonight, something about having to get a hair cut (on VALENTINE'S DAY??? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICK HE WAS TALKING TO AND COULDN'T TALK TO ME....?!?!?!?! HE ALONE ON V-DAY??!!)  and had to "take care of some other stuff". I believed him. He doesn't lie. If he had a date he'd have said so. He's clearly unbalanced right now. But we are talking daily again and I'm so happy to have him back in my life. I know, he wasn't ever really "out". But when he's dating someone else, I'm in the friend zone.

Yeah. Blondie broken like New Guy, but omg they handle their brokenness completely differently. Blondie doesn't "shut people out" and ghost them into thinking they're done anything wrong.


I matched about 5-7 cute guys and sat back to see who'd pursue me the hardest. The winner was a guy I'll call JL. He's 24-years old, tall and lanky, a ginger with light hazel eye. And awesome eyebrows. I agreed to meet him for coffee last Friday. Again, another hottie without a car, so I went to pick him up where he lived, which is a ramshackle house along a busy freeway about 20 minutes from me. Perfect tho, bc we'd be unlikely to run into anyone I know.

He was cute and I liked his look right away. We drove to a nearby Starbucks and he bought us both a coffee. It's always awkward being in public with someone who most people would look at us and assume I'm his mom. We sat at a bar-type table facing a window and chatted for about an hour. I realized he's probably one of the most intelligent people I'd ever met-completely knowledgeable about politics (at least we are in agreement on most everything!!) He's an activist and a former vegan who still eats mostly only organic. He spoke so softly I had to lean in several times and say, "I'm sorry??" He also started doing this head twitch which seemed like hiccups, or possibly, Turrett's??? I had mixed emotions. He was super cute, dressed like a total skaterboy, had a sexy deep voice, inviting eyes and then tics. It was a bit scary and off-putting.

As I got talking to him, he told me about a bicycling accident he'd had three years prior that resulted in a brain injury and "micro seizures". It was a bit frightening and I told him so. He put me at ease and said he's used to it. We talked for an hour and he filled me in about it and I was still conflicted about any chemistry I was feeling with him.

When I drove up to his house, he asked me what I was looking for. "FWB essentially" I responded, and he said likewise. I felt safe and at ease around him once his "micro seizures" stopped (they weren't bad, like I said, like hiccups) and I liked that he reached over and just kissed me. He was a GREAT kisser, and very respectable, he didn't just dive into my groin. I liked kissing him and grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer. He invited me in, but I said I wasn't ready for that, and had to get going.

I wrote him at a stoplight on the way home, "you're a great kisser". He flirted back, and we made plans to see each other the following week.

And that's the blog post I wanted to write about initially but had to get all the other shit out of the way first.

Next up--I fucked him yesterday.

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Mike said...

So do you have an age range that you stay in? Is there some max age that you won't go over? I know this sounds all "judgy" but you seem to put up with a lot of nonsense with these young guys who don't have cars. What is the appeal? They all seem broken and don't have their shit together in the slightest.