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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day with with new Tinder guy

Valentine's Day really had nothing to do with the reason for our date--it was more it was a Tuesday, which just happened to be the best day of the week we could get together. He's free during the day and so am I! 

After our meet-and-greet coffee date on Friday, I thought about all the books I've read about "what men are really thinking" and that sort of shit and how they like to "do" for women, so knowing that JL is a sous chef (on disability right now, so P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!) so I suggested, "I'd love for you to cook for me!" He loved the idea. And most of our texts between Friday and yesterday involved decision making about what to cook for me. Not sexual flirting but everything else. I loved it. He always responded, never ghosted or went long periods of time without communicating. 

I got there soon after tennis yesterday, with a condom just in case. I wasn't really sure I wanted to fuck him or not. He was growing on me with every day that passed, he seemed so genuine and easy to be around. Not having a car, he needed to still go to the store and buy everything. So, we stood in his kitchen for about 45 min while we tried to decide what to cook. I swear I was hungry and so horny, I was ready to just say, "let's order a fucking pizza and fuck while we wait for it to get here!!" 

It was awkward going out in public with a much-younger guy. He actually got a shopping cart when we got out of my car and rode it into the store. I was so embarrassed. Mickey used to do that after he'd help me put the groceries in my car. I had a flash-back to those days and chuckled to myself. In the store, he'd ride it too, from aisle to aisle. I finally let him go off without me bc I was so uncomfortable. I'd said I was looking for truffle oil, and by the time I'd found him he was at the self-check out.

I've GOT to remember to bring my own booze when I got to these young guy's places! They never have anything remotely like what I drink. We stood in his kitchen, a cluttered kitschey place his mom owns. Yellow kitchen and bathroom tile, pink walls, little figurines everywhere, very claustrophobic. I hated it. It was offset by lots of sunlight coming in and many scattered houseplants everywhere, and of course, that hot young 24-year-old who was now wearing a black apron and cutting vegetables for me. He'd put on music from "Vengo" (hadn't heard of it) and he chatted endlessly about everything that came into his head while he chopped and sauteed. He was making "sliders" with chicken since I don't eat red meat. It was frozen and it took forever. I got there around 12:30 and we didn't eat until 4:30.

I was texting my hubby off and on while I was there, reassuring him and also giving him a play-by-play. He said "He's shy. You're going to have to make the first move". I realized he was right. JL was respectful and never once assumed he was going to get laid. He genuinely enjoyed cooking for me, and it was fun talking to him. He's so fucking smart!!! I LOVE smart guys! I realized tho I needed some liquid courage and asked him to make me something to drink. He offered me water, orange juice or soda. I was like, "eh". Then he said, "seven and seven?" I blurted out "SURE!!!!!" I have never actually had whiskey but I needed something to loosen me up. I was so uptight. There was no place to really sit either, so I felt so awkward just leaning on the kitchen counter the whole time. There were barstools, but when I'd sat down on one of them, they were too short and the counter was up to my chin. Oy. Hence the standing.

Finally, watching the chicken sauteeing and taking forever (I was STARVING) the whiskey hit me fast. He'd mixed it with grenadine and Sprite, but alas, no ice cubes LOL. He was sitting up on the corner of the counter, arms crossed, looking so fucking adorable. I just waltzed over to him and took his hands in mine, spread his legs open with mine and he leaned in and he kissed me. I let him just kiss me and kiss me and kiss me. He bit my lip and sucked it and then made his way to my neck and nibbled and kissed it and back up to my mouth again. It was SO HOT. I love making out. Sometimes I don't ever want it to lead to sex bc then they stop making out with the goal line of fucking.

It was so fun. He went back to cooking and I went back to my post and we kept chatting. Then another time I did it again. Just went over to him and started kissing. This time his hand started to roam and I let him. He moved my hand to his dick, which was quite hard now and I was getting very turned on. I let him slide his hand into my leggings where he quickly found my wet pussy. He fingered me, found my clit piercing. He pulled away from kissing me with a chuckle, "I should've guessed." I found that to be an insult of sorts somehow and pulled away from him and said,"What?? Why's that?" He just closed his eyes and smiled and kissed me to avoid answering. 

It was getting pretty intense. He cracked me up when he said, "I remember you said you liked appetizers!" and put my hand on his dick! I laughed and said, "indeed I do!!!"  I undid the button to his khakis and unzipped his zipper, but caressed his dick from outside his boxers. I love the anticipation. That's my favorite. I think he wanted me to give him a blow-job but I didn't want to, not there in that crazy-lady kitchen and not before I got my pleasure. I said, "Where's your bedroom?" And we went there. 

It was upstairs, a cute loft that badly needed upgrades, but the sunlight coming in was spectacular. He didn't really have a bed-just a mattress on the floor with a mirrored headboard on the ground leaning up against it. It looked like a teenage boy's bedroom and I caught myself actually asking him if he was "really 24" bc he could pass for 17. He assured me he was, but part of me was a little afraid the cops were going to bust in and arrest me at any second. I am not kidding. I should've made him prove it but I knew I was worried for nothing. I knew how old he was from his conversation (year he graduated high school, etc.) but idk it was a bit uncomfortable.

I could tell he wasn't very experienced and needed some direction, but I really like a guy to take charge so I didn't want to tell him to do much. He seemed awkward so I said, "whatever piece of clothing I take off, you copy!" He liked that. So the first thing to come off was my top. He didn't comply with the game right away, he seemed distracted, so I said it again playfully and started to take his black t-shirt off. He was skinnier than he appeared with his clothes on. Then I started to take off my leggings. He got the game at this point and was taking off his pants too. I said, "It's cold! I'm leaving my socks on!" and we laughed.

Finally we were down to socks and undies, and I sat down on his mattress. He'd just changed the sheets he said, and put a large dark blue towel down and I moved so he could lay it down. That annoyed me. Next thing I knew he was standing in front of me and I was kneeling, and his large hard cock was in my face. It was a pretty cock and his balls were very nice too so I showed my appreciation. He came so fast, I'd say less than 3 minutes, one and a half maybe. I swallowed it all and he moaned and grabbed by hair hard. I KNOW that was the best BJ he'd ever been given, but he didn't say so. He was not a talkative lover at all. He smiled a lot and made a lot of eye contact which I love.

He had asked about a condom and I'd already gotten it out. I didn't want to fuck him yet bc I wanted him to lick me and make me cum. He said he "didn't do that" and I said, "WHAT??!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??" and he said yeah. I said, "well you need to learn or we won't be doing this again." I don't think he believed me. But I was super horny and needed a real good pounding so I instructed  him, "Sit down". There was a green-sheeted covered futon and I wanted to fuck him. He complied but again, commented about the sheet being clean so I grabbed the blue towel and spread it down atop the green sheet. I climbed on top of him and fucked him hard. It was a great piece of furniture to fuck on! (We must get one!) I grabbed hold of the edge of the back of it and was able to really fuck him hard. I think he was amazed how long and hard I can fuck without getting tired. hehehehe

Then he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. Goddamm it I have never been fucked that hard before. I swear to God. I mean Blondie fucks me hard but never from behind. It was incredible. JL would grab my hair tight and I would like it for a little bit but then it started to hurt so I'd ask him to ease up and he always did. I liked that. Made me feel safer. He would slap my ass too as he fucked me and I loved it. Finally tho my hands would hurt from being on my knees and I wanted him to fuck me face-to-face. I was the one orchestrating our moves. I made him stop and got up from the futon and motioned for the mattress, which of course, at the same time, dragged the blue towel to it. I laid down on my back and he wanted to keep fucking me which he did. At one point he put my panties in my mouth, covering my mouth with his hand. I had never had anyone do that to me before and I felt very scared. I pushed it out right away. He didn't try to stop me, he obviously knew I didn't like it.  He fucked me SO hard and fast. I see where the term "pounding" comes from hahahahha He definitely pounded me. He was sweating and it was dripping on me body and I thought it was so hot. He was so cute. I loved seeing his face while he fucked me.

I was so horny and his fucking made me want to cum SO BAD but I had to tell him it wasn't going to happen with my legs in the air and his dick inside me. He seemed to think that's how women cum so he just kept fucking me harder and harder. He seemed surprised when I told him that. He did pull out and finger me a little but for some reason I felt like I couldn't relax, maybe it felt like he wasn't really trying and wasn't really into pleasing ME so I said, "we can stop". It was getting late anyways, and he had said his mom came home from work at 5:30 and it was already 4:30 and we hadn't even eaten the food he'd spent 3 hours cooking!! So we did, he was sweating and tired and I was too. We got up and got dressed--I didn't like the way he tossed my bra and panties to me onto his mattress instead of sexily handing them to me. I started to feel whorish and I thought, "I don't think I'm coming back here again."

He grabbed his clothes and left the room and went downstairs, and I was left alone. I got dressed and went downstairs, and I saw him in the bathroom drying himself off with a brown towel. I think he must've quick showered....?? He said something about being so sweaty (he wasn't complaining, just explaining). I thought it was odd. He dressed then quickly, came into the kitchen and prepared our plates and we went over to the same counter where I'd stood all afternoon and we devoured his chicken sliders. They were amazing. We were famished. We chatted as we ate and kept an eye on the clock. Finally it was time to leave--I was ready. I offered to do the dishes but he said nah he didn't mind. I thanked him for cooking for me and that it was awesome. He walked me to the door and we kissed a juicy deep kiss goodbye.

He's sweet, and sexy, but idk about the way he treated me. I don't like feeling like a cheap whore. I realized the biggest difference between Blondie and JL is, JL "fucks". Blondie "makes love". World of difference. 

Guess who I'd rather fuck.


The Guy 8 said...

It sounded like this guy was acting out a porn scene - pounding doggy, panties in mouth, real domination stuff. Not bad mind you but since he is so young he may think porn movies are instructional videos. I'm glad you had a nice afternoon but I wish you could orgasm more easily with these guys. Makes me sad. ;(

Mike said...

Anna,seriously...why do you put yourself through these experiences? Obviously there is the appeal of youth from a purely physical perspective, but fuuuck. The immaturity you described is bullshit. The towel? The "clean sheet"??? The "no oral sex for you?" That part in particular is ridiculous.