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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Guy steps up

After a two-month lull, New Guy is back and more attentive than ever. Seems he had a lot going on--a new full-time job as well as he and his roommate moved to a new apartment. I have a genuine fondness for him and he is really starting to grow on me. He is SOOOO different from Blondie it makes me realize that Blondie would have to change like 180 degrees for me to ever take him back.

I had driven the 25 min drive to his new place, and he had been messaging me the whole time. He was telling me where to park and also that he wanted to watch "Game of Thrones" with me and his roommate! I should suffice this by saying he and his roommate are childhood friends and he has always wanted me to meet him. (No funny business. He's not that way). What I'm saying is, he is wanting me to be more like a girlfriend. He had wanted me to stay and get food and watch the show with them, he wanted me to spend the night. He didn't want me to leave, and when I explained I couldn't he understood.

And the sex is delicious. We came together! That's never happened to me, as much as everyone always says "oh coming together at the same time is amazing" well in theory it is but I kind of had to stop my orgasm so he could finish his so that kind of didn't really work, but I told him we will try again next time. We are going to keep taking it up a notch. That really excites me. I told him, "we have mad chemistry!" He giggled and agreed.

And afterwards, he asked again if I'd stay, caressing my arm. Later, in front of his roommate, he just gushed, "you're so soft! Your skin is sooo soft!!!" as he caressed my arm. Here's another example of how different he is from Blondie. He'd asked me to take them to the corner market for beer (they were both high, I was sober). So we all got in my car and New Guy just was gushing about me to his roommate. He was telling him about how I'm a singer and about my kid applying for med school. He said more than once, "isn't she gorgeous??" He complimented my car, my hair, everything about me. He reminded me of a little kid who just had his first day of kindergarten and came running home to his mom to tell her all about it. He was soooo excited to share things about me to his roommate, and we all got along great, and it was just, so so good for my soul.

And.....he's asked me several times to come visit him at his new job! He's a bartender. And he got upset when I said I'd come one day and turned out I couldn't.

This is something Blondie would never do. I was an embarrassment to him, he couldn't take me out in public, and New Guy can't wait to show me off. I knew if I just kept looking I'd find someone who would treat me the way I want to be treated. Like a princess.

 I decided right then and there to let him in.


bdenied said...

Wives that do other men, especially wives with kids etc are about as sexy as wives come. I want to thank you for your blog, I am enjoying reading your past adventures, please keep them going. If your husband is anything like I am, he will relish every sexual encounter you have and the vicarious pleasure he gets from them is indescribeable.

NaughtyAnna said...

Thank you for your comment! I'm happy you are enjoying my blog!I look forward to hearing more from you!

Anna XO