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Friday, July 7, 2017

Someone very special boomerangs!!!!

I apologize to you, my dear readers, for the lack of blog posts. I seriously didn't have much to write about. UNTIL TODAY!!!!!! I promise I'll catch you all up in another blog post. I had a date two nights ago that I am dying to share with you.

I had a date with JORDAN!!! YES JORDAN!! HOT, LONG-HAIRED SEXY GUITARIST JORDAN!! It all came about so quickly too.

I'm horrible at remembering anything, especially my friends' birthdays, and THANK GOD for technology bc I have put as many in my phone calendar as I can remember to do so.

And as of July 1st, it reminded me with a sweet little chime that it was Jordan's birthday.

Hmm, I thought. Do I write him? We aren't FB friends, but we do follow each other on Instagram. Last I checked, he was very much in a serious relationship with a hot redhead (hmmm! Guess he likes redheads!! LOL) and I honestly had not looked him up in ages. Exactly a year to be exact since we're being exact. I went to my Instagram and went to his profile and saw that a year ago to the day, I had wished him a happy birthday. And he had responded ASAP, flirty and sexy as always, but unavailable. And as I was re-reading his messages from back then, I kept scrolling and saw that a few months prior to the birthday messages, he'd messaged me out of the blue, saying "I just saw your picture pop up and it made me horny". We'd chatted briefly and he said he was still with his GF so it didn't go any further.

So of course I messaged him, "happy birthday sexy man!" and he responded right away, Thank you so much! I miss you baby." And that was the beginning of us reuniting Tuesday night.

We exchanged snapchat names and it took off wildly from there. Holy fuck. For a small guy he sure does have a huge cock. AND THAT HAIR!!! It's waist-length and I was surprised it's not blonde anymore, but as he said, it's "back to its natural color." He's still so gorgeous I actually barely noticed it wasn't blonde. 

We'd been trying to get together since his birthday but I had family in from out of town so I wasn't able to go see him. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer, I hated saying no to him repeatedly so I lied to family (extended, not my hubby) and drove the 45 min drive to his apartment.

It is so exciting going to a guys' apartment. I prefer it to hotel rooms or my house. It gives me a glimpse into their private lives, and as a married woman, the truth is, these guys don't really let me in to the extent they would a REAL girlfriend, so any chance I have of getting to know them better I grab and run with. 

He was so cute, messaging me on Snapchat and sending me pics of his smiling face and huge cock while I was getting ready to go see him. He even said he was vacuuming and cleaning for me. How adorable!! And when I got to his place, it was practically spotless. I felt respected. Just like Blondie always cleaned his apartment for me. I always remember that guy Steve who I drove all the way to Kenosha to see and his place looked like the typical frat house. I nearly tripped several times stepping over piles of clothes and shoes, furniture and trash, pizza boxes even. I know these guys are young and broke, but being a slob isn't about income. It's about respect.

On the way over to Jordan's, he messaged me he would be in bed naked waiting for me. I was like, "YIKES!!" I do NOT like that. I am the kind of girl that loves foreplay. Everything leading up to the getting naked part. It's like fast-forwarding to the final scene of a movie, or the last chapter of the book. You already know the ending!! What fun is that??

So I said, "YIKES!"  to him! And I tried to seductively let him know I prefer to unwrap my own Christmas presents thank you! So he did. He put on his black skinny jeans and a shirt. I said thank you! And sure enough, he greeted me at the door fully dressed. I was very relieved! I mean, I have not seen him in almost 3 years??? And he's going to be sitting there waiting for me naked?? I mean I AM A SURE THING bc I've been with him before but still!!! I loves me a little mystery.

And good thing, bc we sat on the couch for about 45 min talking. It was so fun catching up with him. Had we gone straight to sex I'm sure there wouldn't have been any intimacy, and I felt like I could talk to him all night. That's the thing about being married-I don't have all night, I usually am good for just a couple hours then I need to leave and be somewhere else. 

As we talked, he always made eye contact, and I always felt my heart flutter. He told me I was more beautiful than he remembered (oh, btw, did I forget to tell you I got breast implants???) He loved them! But his compliments go beyond the physical. He said something to me I never want to forget. '

We were catching up, and he was asking me all sorts of questions (" what's new? what have you been up to?" "Tell me about that pic on your fb!") oh btw we are now fb friends too!! (happy dance!!) I ended up telling him about how I'm about to become an "empty nester" (he has a 7 year old son himself so he could only imagine!) and I was saying I have dreams of writing a book and maybe starting my podcast up. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, that I have a "soothing, beautiful voice" and that he loves to hear me talk and that a podcast is "perfect for me". That people will love my voice and "flock" to me.


And so of course I got online first thing today to explore how to get this podcast thing going. I've had tech problems and just been too busy to figure it all out. I'm motivated now. WAYYYYYY motivated.

As we were chatting, his hand finally came to rest on my thigh. Oh! I forgot to tell you, I wasn't wearing much hehehehe I had bought a Spandex, super-tight stretchy red dress at a costume store for the 4th of July parade I ended up not going to. And stillettos. And a thong and that's it, and of course, my enormous breasts were spilling out of it. It was getting late--I didn't get there till around 9:30 and had to get home by 11-ish so I kind of abruptly looked at the clock and said I needed to get going. He must've thought I was leaving without fucking him so I said, "let's get busy!" so cliche and stupid but I was a bit nervous. No alcohol in me. That's never good lol

We just leaned towards each other and started making out. He was slow and passionate, and soon I climbed onto his lap. He buried his face in my cleavage and sucked my breasts while his hands cupped them lovingly. He'd alternate that and kissing me. It was so hot. Next thing I knew I said, "let's go to your bedroom", so he took me by the hand and led me there. Now I have to back-track and say that even when we saw each other before, he always came to my house. I never went to his place. I honestly thought it was his way of keeping me at arms' length. He also pretty much refused to talk about his son. And now? He was snapchatting me videos of them having breakfast, playing games, all sorts of intimate things he'd never let me be a part of before. I was soooo loving it.

So by the time we got to his bedroom, I was ready. He was too, and showed me how ready! Yummm. He asked how to take off my dress and pulled it gently over my head. I undid the button at the top of his jeans and he had nothing on under, just that big hard cock tucked into his skinny jeans, and it was bursting out of the zipper. Mmmm I helped him out of them as he pulled his shirt over his head, his beautiful long hair cascading down.

We'd talked earlier about whether or not we'd need condoms; it wasn't lost on either of us that he'd accidentally given me clamydia a few years ago! I told him I was seeing someone (New Guy) and got tested before and after I started fucking him and was 100% clean. He said he hadn't been with anyone in 4 months and only with his GF for 3 years prior. That was good enough for me.

He's a very passionate kisser, and he was delicious. He's not grabby or jerky at all, his movements are gentle and deliberate. I love it. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I remember telling him to relax and lay back, that I'd brought his birthday present with me hehehe and I proceeded to give him the best blow-job he'd ever had-since the last one I gave him LOL He was fully shaved and delicious. I hate a ton of body hair and he remembered. I licked him up and down and sucked that big cock til he almost came. Moaning, he sat up and kissed me, thanked me and said he wanted to fuck me. We fucked in several different positions, most notably, doggy-style, and he fucked me longer and harder doggy-style than any guy ever has. It was cute, after that, we switched positions again ( I really loved sucking his dick!!) he said something about being "nervous". I said, "really? Awww how sweet" or something like that. I was impressed. He said something about how long it had been since he'd been with anyone, and anyone else for that matter. Then he flipped me on my back, and pulled me gently to the edge of the bed, flipped that gorgeous mane of his and inserted that huge cock inside me. I was so wet we didn't need the lube I brought.

Mid-fuck, as he's got my legs in the air and his soft hair is caressing my breasts as he's fucking me, he says, "now I remember what it's like to fuck you!" I bit my tongue from saying, "Is that a good thing???" and hope it was! It must've been, bc right then and there he said, "want me to cum for you baby?" and I said, "please! show me how excited I make you" and he did. He came inside me and I got to see his O-face. He moaned and cooed and kissed me. 

We got to the finish line with no towel, and we giggled about our predicament as he's still holding my legs in the air, looking around for something to mop up the mess if you will. I have a technique I use with my hubby so I thought I'd try it with him. I said, "flip me over!" and he tried to but it was a little clunky, and I blamed it on my shoes I was still wearing. We did it though, a little clumsily, but he flipped me over and in the process, he ends up on his back and most of the cum stays on him instead of the sheets! He seemed a bit bewildered, and I commented that it was a little clunky bc I was still wearing my shoes, and I pointed out to him, "Look!! Hardly any cum on your sheets!" We laughed and he liked it. He grabbed a towel and cleaned me up (I LOVE WHEN A MAN DOES IT FOR ME!! THAT'S SO HOT!!!). We chatted as we got dressed, I wish I could remember what about, probably I said I didn't want to leave so soon but was worried about the drive and needed to get going. 

I went to the bathroom to pee before I left, and we talked at the doorway and kissed and I left. 

That. Was. Fun. I'll def be back.




Anonymous said...

welcome back! Need a picture of your new boobs!

The Guy 8 said...

Hi Naughty, Glad your summer is looking up! Question: Ever consider having a threesome with a few of these guys? Or is it just too complicated to pull off with tender egos and insecurities? It really can be a lot of fun if everybody is into it.

JimmyT said...

Good for you Anna, bagging one of your all time Fav'!! I hope you get more action from him and with out the wait!! I love the little things you mention, about his cleaning up the house for you, about getting turned around so as not to make a mess in the bed. I love the details. Don't stop looking for more!!

Keith said...

Need pictures of your new implants!

NaughtyAnna said...

Thanks guys!!! I DO have a threesome story to share! But to answer your question The Guy 8, so, it could never happen with any of these guys---bc I want them all to myself! they ALL want me to grab another hot MILF and have a WWM threesome but that ain't gonna happen!!

And thank you JimmyT you're so sweet. I love it when my readers let me know they enjoy my stories. Which, again, are ALL TRUE.

Stay tuned. Will post it shortly!