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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Male Model with a pretty face and cock!

OMG this man is BEAUTIFUL!! My LA Craig's List ad is still getting me lots of responses, even tho I pulled it a few days ago! (not sure how that works but oh well). I'm so glad too!! LA boys are SOOO much better looking than the choices I have in this small town I live in! He is truly beautiful. And he thinks I'M beautiful!!! I'll call him B for beautiful. He e-mailed me a face pic that was obviously a professional modeling photo that was breathtakingly gorgeous. Shaggy, stylish brown hair, brown eyes, probably 6'3", a button-down plaid shirt, open to reveal a perfectly cut chest and abs, no hair. A smirk on his face as confident as he should be with that body. He sent a second picture of a close-up of his hand on his at least 10 inch cock! Now usually a cock that big doesn't come with a pretty face. So, I'm intrigued. I'm aroused instantly and wishing I was back in LA. I write him back immediately and give him my yahoo messenger address so we can chat. He's online, and adds me right then and there. My kids are home from school so I can't chat with him and ask him to write me later, after they're in bed. He says he's horny now! But ok will talk to me later.

I get online around midnight, and there's his name. He sees mine too and writes to me instantly. "hey sexy, what are you up to?" he asks me. "Just thinking about you", I write back. We both have webcams and thankfully I haven't washed off my make-up and tell him I'm going to go put on something sexy for him. He waits patiently, and i return in a sexy bra and matching thong. We both click "view webcam" and suddenly, there he is, a real, true-life beautiful man with the same face and dick in the pic he sent (you never know.....lots of posers out there). I was so relieved!!And I was soo excited. I took a sip of the white wine I'd poured myself to relax and texted my hubby. He was asleep in another state, out-of-town on business, but he loves to be awakened for a show!

B and I continued to IM each other as we masturbated, telling each other how excited we were. He poured some lube on his enormous penis and stroked it, faster and faster, and told me how pretty he thought I was and how badly he wanted to fuck me. How we just had to get together soon. I wrote back pretty much the same, teasing him by stopping to sip my wine, add lube to my vibrator, and insert it in my vagina, and then stop. He was stroking himself something crazy, and it was really about 10 minutes and he came. Oh, wow, he came all over himself, I was surprised he didn't shoot it all over his laptop! I came right after him, and he watched as he cleaned himself up with a small towel.

I took another sip of wine and read, "thank you so much! that was fun. Can't wait to do it in person" B wrote me. "me too", I agreed, and we both said goodnight. I was about to close my computer when I saw Mickey's IM---"hey" was all it said. But I know Mickey, and if he's IM'ing me past midnight, he only wants one thing. Who was I to ever say no to Mickey? "Hey", I wrote back, and told him I'd BRB (be right back). I had to go touch up my makeup.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Takes one to know one......

FUCK! I'm so sick of flakes!!! "oh yes, I'll definitely call you"; I'll text you later", then the "I'm sorry, can't make it". After 2 days of textual relations that left us both so hot and horny, he says he's in San Diego and visiting family and won't make it back in time after all. Too bad, so sad for him. My sexy hubby put an ad on CL and OMG I had nearly 50 responses within the first 30 minutes! Sorting them all out while I was showering and getting ready for our dinner date, he picked a guy he thought i'd like and arranged for him to text me at 9, if I liked him, he'd come to our hotel, the very swanky expensive place I told you we were staying at. Well, this time it was me who flaked out. Hubby and I were visiting a friend and it was impossible to text. I wrote a couple things, led him on that we'd be available at midnight, then told him a lie to get out of seeing him. I know! Can you believe I ws so rude? Well, it's the nature of the game I guess, cuz as the night wore on I got tired from all the drinking we did and then stopped cuz our friends are teetotalers so we were yawning that last hour something evil. I should've called it a night and met the cute young 24 year old stud who wanted to do me instead but I didn't. I don't really know why, I really don't. Just lazy I guess, that and I guess I really just wanted to be alone with my hubby instead. It was our last night there and I didn't want to share him.

So guess karma got me back. I felt bad cuz I wasted his night and he really was a hottie. I did apologize, but fuck I hope i didn't ruin his night.....I'm sure he got someone else being such a super hot guy.I had fun with my hubby...i don't regret a thing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Erotic weekend plans!

I got a text from R. yesterday confirming that he definitely wanted to meet me and my husband in LA this weekend! Whoa I was like, a total 360 from the last time I spoke to him about 3 years ago! He was one of those guys who just enjoyed a little freebie over the webcam and nasty texting but chickened out when it came time to actually meet and get naked. Now tho it seems he's more open to the idea and OMG we had some nasty textual conversations yesterday! I was on a walk with my daughter and our dog and he's telling me stuff like, I wish you could pull my pants down right now and give me a BJ and I'm texting back, I wish I could too! Of course I'm texting my hubby at the same time, telling him all about it and we're both getting pretty hot and horny. This goes on for over an hour, back and forth, and I have to stop cuz my phone's going dead. I left him with a suggestion: "stroke that beautiful cock and think of me", to which he replied, "I will, I definitely will. See you Saturday sexy". Several hours later, after getting the kids to bed and FINALLY getting to be alone, my sexy hubby and I couldn't wait to get naked under the covers. As usual, he let me come first, which took all of like 3 minutes, I was soooo horny, and he took like another 3. What a fucking fun day!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

An Interesting Facebook Friend Request!

I thought I'd never hear from R again, after that naughty naughty night we shared watching each other masturbate on our webcams online. We texted now and again but I think he was embarrassed. So, fast-forward 3 years, and lo and behold, guess who sends me a friend request on Facebook??? Yes, R. I was like, shit howdy, I didn't even recognize his name and had to look at the profile pic to see who it was! So now he's in LA and looking good, we've been writing to each other on FB. Me and my hubby will actually be in LA later this month so let's see if he's up for some fun?! I've never even met him--we just know each other from being on Yahoo Messenger (like how I know most of my boys) LOL