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Thursday, June 24, 2010

B Shoots a TV Show AND his Load--and a middle of the night text from you-know-who

The trip to LA didn't work out the way I wanted it to; had to bring the kids. Long story. Suffice it to say I was soooooooooooo disappointed. But not as much as B, apparently, as he called me yet again just now, alone in his mini-mansion, naked and hard for me, just having gotten home from another 18-hour day shooting the TV show he's on, or out on his modeling photo shoots. Oh my my. He's around gorgeous models and yet he still wants me. ---sigh--is that fucking awesome or WHAT? :)

So, of course, I couldn't wait to please him, and myself for that matter. He's got the sexiest voice, and he's all of 26. Rock hard abs, long brown hair, great for grabbing while I climb on top of him and fuck his brains out. FUCK! Will I ever get the chance to? SHIT!! For now, I have to settle for his sexy voice and my own hand.

"I want you", he purrs. I pull up the nasty pic of him I've saved on my computer just for these moments--one of two pics of him naked with his hand on his enormous cock. "Close your eyes", I command him quietly. "Your cock is in my mouth and I'm sucking it just the way you like". He's moaning softly and it's sooo erotic. He's busy stroking himself while he's staring at one of the many pictures I've sent him. "I'm climbing on top of you now", I tell him, while I'm laying naked under the covers, the fingers of my left hand rubbing my wet vagina furiously. "Put your dick in me and rock me hard," I say. "Oh, oh, oh" he moans slowly. "Yeah, I'm gonna grab your big tits and suck 'em!" "You better", I tease. "Now show me that big dick baby!"

He moans louder and louder, each time a little bit breathier and a little bit quicker. He's going to come before me (as usual). I take this as a huge compliment! It just means he's really turned on, SO turned on he can't hold back. Mmmmmm. Yum yum yummy. "Are you ready?" he asks me. "I'm going to shoot my load and I'm gonna make you pregnant!" He has this thing about getting me pregnant too. Always says he wants to make a baby with me. This totally freaks me out and I lose my concentration. Sweet, but no thanks. (When I meet this guy I gotta make sure he keeps the condom on!)

"Are you ready baby? Are you ready?" he ask me all out of breath, as if he'd just run a marathon. He's worked himself up masturbating and he's going to come. "Mmm, B, gimme some of that sweet stuff you got, shoot it in my face" and he says, "No, I wanna make a baby, get you pregnant", and I'm flattered, he's fucking gorgeous and we'd have one helluva cute kid. I try to stay in the moment. "Rub that beautiful cock sweetie. I want you", I tell him. He is back to moaning, which is good cuz it means he'll stop talking. "Are you ready baby? Are you ready?" he asks me again. "I'm ready, let's come together", I tell him, and I glance over at my open laptop to see pics of him and I realize I'm ready to come too. "I'm coming baby, I'm coming, you're so fucking hot, damn I want you so bad", he shouts in short bursts as he's busy spurting his come. I please myself to ecstasy and we both finish fairly close together. "Damn you girl", he scolds me, "you're fucking hot. When you gonna come see me?"

"I dunno", I tell him, and I really don't, unfortunately. "Soon, baby, soon". "I'd come see you baby but I'm on the set every day, I just can't get away till the show wraps, and that's gonna be a few weeks. I'm sorry...." he says painfully. "It's ok love", I tell him, "no worries." We both sigh again, he giggles and says he's made a mess, and I smile and say it's a pleasurable mess, which I could lick it all up. Mmmmm, he says, obviously still wiping himself up. "Goodnight sexy", we both say, and thank each other for the pleasure. Fucking sexy voice he has, not as sexy as Mickey's but different. There's nothing like a young sexy hunk. Mmm yum yum yummy.

Oh, and Mickey texted me in the middle of the night about 4 days ago. Haven't heard a peep from him since, despite several texts from me. He makes me crazy. I just want to leap into my cell phone and strangle him, or fuck him LOL I'd rather fuck him. DAMN that guy's put a spell on me.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I want to fuck you all that it said. A 3:18 am text Mickey sent. The "doodle-do" sound woke me out of a deep sleep, and I immediately had a huge grin. I was instantly aroused and texted him back, "oh yeah". Ok, not very profound, but I was sound asleep a second prior. I didn't hear back from him the rest of the night. Typical Mickey. But I was so horny, thinking about him, wondering if he was stroking his cock, obviously thinking about me, that my fingers found their way to my clit. I fingered myself and moaned thinking about fucking him, and how he wanted me. My pussy was so wet and juicy and it was a shame there was no one there to lick it and give me the release I needed. I rubbed my clit and fantasized about kissing and fucking Mickey. I came so fast, and stretched out on my back, pulled the covers over my hard nipples. I fell asleep quickly too, a smile on my face once again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

uh oh.....

The problem with being a swinger is sometimes your heart gets involved, event though you try hard not to let it. I am crushing hard on B. He just makes me laugh so hard. And he's full of compliments....besides my hubby and my pilot Sean, most guys just don't get that we girls LOVE to be complimented! Damn we work hard on our looks and fuck if you like what you see, tell us assholes! So he's #1 right now with me. I can't fucking wait to meet him Saturday! We are gonna have a fucking great time.