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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A new movie is out about swinging

There's a new movie that just came out called, "Swinging With the Finkles", and I just heard about it. I saw the trailer, and I had to run straight to my laptop and tell you all about it! It stars Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore as your typical adorable but bored married couple who decide to spice things up a bit in the bedroom by swinging with another married couple. I have not seen it yet---I merely saw a pop-up ad for it on Facebook this morning.

If I were 20 years younger, I'd probably laugh my head off at this movie, like my teenage son did when he and his teenage friends watched "Hall Pass". The subtext goes right over their immature pre-frontal-cortex brains. I tried to have a conversation about that movie and it was futile--he thought it was insanely funny and for that, Hollywood succeeded.

This appears to me to be another lame Hollywood attempt to broach the subject of what to do when married couples hit that inevitable plateau in their sex lives. The biggest problem with these types of movies is that they are made to be palatable for everyone, because the more people that go to see it, the more money they'll make. And Hollywood is all about the bottom line.

Since I haven't seen the film (and intend to do so ASAP) I will instead offer what I wish Hollywood, or most likely, an Idie film company do. And readers, if you know of such a film exists, I hope you'll let me know.

It seems from the trailer that as this married couple decide to find another couple to swing with, they "interview" prospective couples from the living room couch the way you'd interview a housekeeper or babysitter.  Those of us who are ACTUAL swingers know it doesn't work that way! First of all, how did they end up on their couch? Will Hollywood show the Adult Friend Finder or Craigslist ads of this couple? No, probably not.

What I do like from the trailer, however, is the subject of man-with- man sex is addressed. But, of course, it appears it takes the subject lightly--"this doesn't mean I'm gay does it?" the husband asks the other man. "Of course not", he says. I would like to see a man embracing his bi-sexuality. Why can't he enjoy his gay side? If anyone cares to know this, the Kinsey scale on pure heterosexuality is not the norm.  I get so so tired of it being socially acceptable for women to be tit-on-tit but two penises touching? So scandalous!!! Check it out on Kinsey's official site:

I would like to see, and maybe if it doesn't exist I should write it---the serious, sometimes funny, always sexy and raunchy truth about swinging. Wouldn't you? Is America truly not ready for the truth? After all, "Swinging with the Finkles" is a British movie.

That's it. I'm doing it. I'm going to write it myself.

Who should star in it? How about two completely unknown and talented actors?

Gotta go.

Check out the trailer:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

time for a little contemplation...

Hello readers!!!  I welcome new readers and cherish my daily followers. I love to read your blogs as well and I always welcome your comments.

Since my hubby and I started this lifestyle, one of the things that's been the hardest is the secret factor. We have found we live in a sort of sexy bubble, and that very few people we've allowed inside. Friends we've told are usually in the lifestyle too, which is always a relief to be able to share this part of ourselves. We have told NO family, and honestly, with the exceptions of our lovers, only 5 people know. My two best GF's in the whole world and my hubby's best guy buddy he's known for over 20 years. And one other couple who we aren't intimate with (yet--wink wink). That's it. It's a very small circle.

Keeping this a secret can be challenging, especially with my cell phone. Even if it's on vibrate (ooohh) my kids have a knack for picking it up and saying, "mommy! Whos' Mickey?" and further, "who is 555-1212 and why do they keep calling you?" I have to be VERY careful.

Our worst fear, of course, isn't that the kids find out, it's that they suspect one of us is cheating on the other. We do agree that would be worse.

So--why don't we tell them??

We have been doing our research on that very subject. There is a great book we both just read tackling that subject--it's called "Love You Two" by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli. It's a great work of fiction--the first of its kind actually, about a teenage daughter who stumbles across her mother's diary and finds out she has a male lover who is accepted by the father. It's a story of a teenage daughter's shock and hurt and confusion over this new information and how she deals with it. If affects her relationship with her mother of course. My biggest problem with the book is the father is rarely mentioned. He is just a silent, nodding-in-affirmation character with no voice. He never sits down and talks to her about his involvement or how it feels for him, and she doesn't really show any need to discuss it with him. All her emotion is directed at her mother. It is a good book in the way that I think her reactions are typical of what a teenager would do and feel.

We think our youngest would do fine. She's young enough, and she's actually said some interesting things to me from time to time that make me wonder if she somehow, on some level, already knows. For instance, we were at the beach a few weeks ago, and we were talking about her big brother (who's 16) and all the cute girls on the beach he'd like if he were with us. She said, "You should find a boyfriend Mommy!" I was like, "WTF??" So I said, "I'm married to your daddy sweetheart! I can't have a boyfriend too!" and she said, "Why not? You're hot and I see them stare at you!" OMG this came from my twelve-year-old!! I was perplexed. It would've been a perfect opportunity to tell her....only I was completely unprepared.

My Internet research has affirmed that the younger they find out, the easier it is for them to accept it. BUT--once they're in their teens, it really can be harmful and destructive. Emphasis on "can be"---all kids are different. It's something we think about all the time. In the meantime, we are just very careful.

When Mickey first came into our lives, our kids were very small. Our oldest was 8 and the youngest was 4. They went to bed at 10 and what we did after hours they didn't think to question. Weekend trips away? Yay! Fun with Grandma! It's so different now that they're older--they ask more questions--where did we go, who did we see? We have a great relationship with our kids--we are more open and honest with sex and we talk about everything--except our own sex lives.

Readers? I'm appealing to you. Those of you in the lifestyle with kids--how do you handle everything? Have you told your children, your parents, siblings, co-workers? Reactions? I'd really love to know.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello dear readers, hope you're all enjoying this wonderful summer. I had a nightmare about snow last night LOL I just don't want this warm weather to end! I like walking around in a cami and Daisy-Dukes and flip-flops. I just can't imagine Uggs and gloves and all. Bleh!

Enough of that.

My phone has been busy as usual--haven't heard a peep outta Mickey for about a week, but B has kept me so busy I haven't missed him. He calls me almost every day, texts me constantly. Hubby and I talked over the weekend and we decided to try for his baby! I knew B was waiting to hear from me, so yesterday I just sent him this text--"Let's make a baby sexy man!" and that got the floodgates going!

O-M-G I can't describe what it feels like to have him call me all the time. This gorgeous, Johnny Depp lookalike actor and model on a very famous TV show. My kids would recognize him immediately. What would it be like to REALLY have his baby?? It would mean that he'd be in my life forever. It would mean getting to know him well, having him around. It's so weird. I remember being at his house, and the guys from his show called and they were getting together for a BBQ. I sooo badly wanted to go. I wanted to be asked. I wasn't. He didn't ask me to go with him. I remember feeling hurt and stupid and so skanky----I was good enough to sleep with but not pretty or famous enough to go to a cast party. It stung but I knew I had just met him and maybe in the future I'd be invited.

Well we moved clear across the country---and even though we're 1800 miles apart, he has apparently never stopped thinking about me. I asked him yesterday, "why me?" I mean, he's around gorgeous models all the time, and other famous actresses. He could get anyone. He just sighed and said he didn't want anyone else (to have his baby). He's not professing his love for me. I said, "you're crazy, you know that? " with a laugh. He told me I was crazy too. I said yeah I am. I really don't get him but whatever. I know I could fall in love with him, he's the most perfect looking guy I've ever seen, hung like a horse, but oh so sweet and tender and actually I sense he's fragile. The big ego hides it.

Darin is still in the picture, writes me on yahoo messenger almost every day. Just waiting till he says he's coming to town and we'll hook up. He's sooo fucking hot. I love his lip ring. Drives me nuts.

Remember Danny, the Abercrombie model?? OMG I was in the mall shopping for back-to-school clothes for my daughter, and there he was, a full-size wall pic of him waist up! I almost shit my pants. I just smiled and thought to myself about our nasty Skype fun and when I had a private moment, looked on my phone of the naked pics of him I took while he was on Skype. Yummmy. Damn! I must text him and see if the compliment hooks him back.

Back to B--he wanted to know when. I told him my band was going on tour and we needed to get together when we get back, that I'd go to the doctor and make sure I was good to go. Truth is, my friends, I doubt I can get pregnant. I went into early menopause (like 10 years too early!) but not sure of my fertility. I told him the truth and we'll see what doctor says. Would I lie just to fuck him again?? Absolutely!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WOW!!!! B is back--full speed ahead!

OMG "B" hasn't stopped texting me, and today he called me 3 times. When I didn't answer, he texted me, "Pick up! Why won't you talk to me??" It was wonderful! I told him, "I'm at work. I can't talk." He said, "Just listen! All you have to do is listen!" I thought he was cute. I told him I'd go for a bathroom break and so I did and I called him back. It was amazing. His voice is smooth as chocolate pudding.

"Hi sexy!" he breathed with that velvet voice of his. "I'm so happy to hear from you!" We chatted for about 5 minutes--I had to get back to work. He told me, "You call me ANYTIME. I will pick up. Text me ANYTIME. I will text you back. You're #1". I was speechless.

It has been about 6 months since I last talked to him, so his response really caught me by surprise. He said he had never stopped thinking about me---even though I moved clear across the country. He's still talking about me having his baby! I played along, cuz I just can't understand a guy wanting someone he hardly knows to have his baby. He was all detail. He asked about my cycle and when I ovulate and all. Of course he then had to send me a pic of his 10 inch cock he was stroking thinking about us being together. He shot his cum into a shot glass and said, "Our children are in here!" I giggled, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said, "Aw, how sweet!" hahaha I really couldn't believe it. If I told anyone who this was they'd never believe me. I'd be on every tabloid cover. It's enough to want to just have his baby and I'd be fucking famous.

He said he doesn't really want to be a full-time dad, he knows how I'm such a good mommy and so loving and I'd raise him/her amazing. He said such sweet things to me. He said my hubby would be the "REAL" dad and that he'd of course want to stay in touch and see the child but wouldn't interfere. He said he'd be curious what it would look like and be like, if he/she was musical like him and talented. I just played along cuz it was fun--and I loved the connection with him.

We texted all morning until the phone call. I needed a break from him he was so intense. I said I would think about it. He said talk to hubby and see what he thinks. Believe it or not, I'd do it. It would be awesome. I wanted to have Mickey's baby--I told him that last time we talked--he said too he knew I'd be a great mom cuz I am one--but he's not ready yet. I told him to let me know ;)

I remember when B and I were fucking---me on top, and his phone was on the night stand. It fucking rang constantly. It was either ringing or he was getting texts, it was ridiculous. I remember saying to him, "someone's trying to get ahold of you", it was so distracting and annoying. He said, "oh yeah, it's always like that." Such is the life of a movie star. So--to have him say, "call me anytime, I'll pick up. Text me anytime, I'll text you back", felt amazing. I felt so important to him. Wow, me??? Number one on your list? Ahead of the directors and casting people and managers and everyone?? Wow. I was speechless.

I sent him some of the pics I took for Darin last night--he loved them!! He said I looked better than ever, and, I quote--"Mmmmm u r sexy mommy, sexier than ever. (Anna) your body looks soooo sexy and fertile, let's put a baby in there".  hee hee sooo cute!  

It's almost 2:30 am. I just had to tell you. I am smiling ear-to-ear.

Monday, August 8, 2011

B pops back in the picture and I've got a new hottie!

Hello again dear readers, I just got back late last night and I was so wound up I couldn't sleep. I should've just grabbed my laptop and wrote this post because it was all I could think about!!!

Where do I begin??

Although not much has really happened this week--I went with hubby and kids to a family gathering out of state, it was all fine and good.  BUT----a drum roll please---tonight out of the blue B started texting me! For those of you who are new to my blog, B is an actor in Hollywood (near where I used to live) and a pretty big star. He's an actor and a model and last I was there,  he was on a HUGE billboard right outside the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip. He is the hottest guy I think I've ever known--hmmm, maybe 2nd to Mickey LOL what can I say that guy is hot. B looks like like Johnny Depp. He even got to meet him and had a part in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. (small, no credit) If I wasn't married I'd marry him in a heartbeat.

I met him when hubby and I were in LA a year ago July. We were staying at the Chateau Marmont and actually had a craigslist ad for a 3sum. He answered, and I ended up going to see him alone. He lives in a mansion 3/4 of the way up the top of Mullholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. (Anyway, for full story, check out July 12, 2010)

I hear from him sporadically, and I'm always glad to hear from him. He wants me to fly him out so he can get me pregnant! I don't know what it is about him and getting me pregnant! I'm thinking, jeez, you're the rich one, buy your own ticket dude!! haha we'll see if he does. I can't get pregnant anymore---but suffice it to say I'd never tell him cuz I'd love to keep banging him, that's for sure. So I sent him some of the sexy pics I took for Darin (see below) and he loved them. I love that even after a year, he still thinks of me and wants me to come see him, or better yet, he wants to come here and see ME!!

While he was writing me, my new beau I'll call Darin started texting me. He's fucking hot. He's 22, shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a drummer (I know, another drummer....). What can I say, I've got a thing for musicians!! He's beyond cute. Not mature-cute like B, who's 27 now. Anyway, I'm babbling. I put on a fashion show for him--I tried on a few sexy outfits and took pics of myself and kept sending them to him. He loved them. It was so fun. He was sending me pics of him too at the same time. It was so fun. I love his sense of humor and the fact that he thinks I'm absolutely gorgeous!! yay!!

All is quiet on the Nico and Mickey front. I'm not going to talk about Nico anymore after this. I don't know what his fucking problem is. I have NO FUCKING IDEA. But he's a liar--he said he doesn't play games and hates people who do. Why can't he have the balls to tell me what's wrong?? I honestly don't know what happened. As the days go by and I don't hear from him I just tell myself, he's 21. He's immature. WTF. There are 9 billion people on this planet. And judging from my dating site, there are plenty who want to meet me so I'll just keep searching. Just like Jake, something happened, I'll never know what.

OH! I forgot to tell you about my tennis date with my boss!!!

Well, I was nervous. I kept waiting for him to cancel but he didn't! I went to the front desk to check in and they said, "He's waiting on court 8 for you". I was like, wow! He got here early! I knew I looked cute in my pink tennis outfit and had my hair up nice and curly.

I could tell he was nervous too. It was very awkward to be honest--we both clearly have the hots for each other but he assumes since I'm married I'm off-limits, and I haven't ever been alone with him to tell him about our lifestyle. So......we played tennis. We started with just easy rallys and he got bored with that and wanted to compete, so we did. I beat him every game, and then my serves started to get horrible from nerves and he won 3 out of 7 (yay me!) so we played another round of best out of 7. I won again--4/3.  I love competing with a guy, it's so fun, and I always win ;)

We had the whole back court area to ourselves. I honestly didn't know what to talk about. We did chat in-between games and it was polite chat. Mostly work stuff, very little personal, but he did say something about how he can keep partying all the time, he's working on changing.  He loves living alone, said it was great. That was about it.

He texted me like crazy later that day and today. He wants to play again, asap. We made a date for this week again. He said he wants to play with me every week, to set up a regular playing schedule. I wonder what he thinks about me. Does he think I'm that hard up for a tennis opponent?? (cuz I'm not...)
But we're never going to get anywhere until we do something afterward--like go out for a beer or agree to meet at his apartment!!

So, here I am, horny and hoping something will happen. I'm sick of just texting and flirting. It's getting old. I want someone to show up and not just talk about it!!!

Have a good week everyone. Masturbate and think of me.

(Hee hee!!!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Same old shit, different day, different guy

Hello my wonderful readers! I hope you are all staying cool in this unbearable heat we've been having. UGH this California girl hates this humidity! BLEH!

Did I ever tell you about my crush on my BOSS???!! Yes, I have a little crush on my boss. I'm certain he feels the same way. He told me once how he remembers the first time he saw me--it was the dead of winter and my hubby and I had gone into the restaurant he bartends at in the afternoon one day. He remembered everything I was wearing, and said I looked "HOT"!! WOW I was amazed! My girlfriend says his whole face lights up whenever he sees me. He's 32, and just moved out and got his own place--he'd been living with his girlfriend.

We text work stuff all the time, boring, but we had a few little flirts the last couple weeks. We both play tennis, and he's been asking me to play him, and everytime we make a date to play one of us cancels. First it was me, then it was him, then there were no courts available, and now we have a tennis date for today!  I am looking forward to it! I get nervous when I know he's watching me and I want to impress of course--I don't want to play badly--but it should be filled with flirtations on both sides so I am excited. Thankfully tennis is one of those sports with totally cute outfits!! YAY!! And I curl my hair and put it up so I look all cute and athletic hahaha

I'm not going to write about Nico. He won't text me back, and I've put myself out there and told him how much I miss him and wonder what I did wrong. His silence speaks volumes---I just wish I knew what I did or said to turn him off. I really have no clue. Lesson learned I guess--I shouldn't have let him read this blog. At least he should have the decency to tell me what I did, or said. It's cruel, it really is, to just ignore me the way he is. I keep hoping to hear that reassuring tri-tone announcement of a text from him saying something like, "I lost my phone", or "my phone went dead, couldn't find the charger", "nothing's wrong, I've just been crazy busy." etc. but as the days go by all I can do is just forget about him. I've gotten over other guys and I can get over him. I'm just SOOOOOOO disappointed!! He truly seemed different. I'm really hurt this time, and the worst part is, I can't even learn from this, I don't know what I did wrong. I surprised myself how much I began to care for him. So--since i don't have any other information otherwise, I will just keep telling myself he's just another asshole passing through my life. Very sad.

My girlfriend told me, "there are 9 billion people in this world. Keep looking!!" and so I am. My dating website never lets me down--I've got 2 new hotties I'm talking to, always hoping for someone who'll stick around and actually meet me and keep something going. I really felt like Nico was THE ONE who'd replace Mickey in my heart but alas, I guess not.

I said I wasn't going to talk about Nico.

Nico, if you're reading this, you know more about me than 99% of my closest friends. I trusted you; I thought what we had was something special.

I miss you.


P.S. I'm going out of town for the next week so I will post a new blog when I return. Until then, I love you my readers, and keep the comments coming! Remember you can send me a private email at and follow me on Twitter at NawtyAnaHotwife

Have a good weekend everyone!

Anna XO

Monday, August 1, 2011

Margaret Cho on "The Talk"---about her open marriage

Check it out!!!!

Now that you've watched it, let me just add that polyamory is NOT polygamy folks!!! Look it up. Jeez.